- apparently, Belarusian dictator/president Lukashenko knows about WoT, he mentioned it in recent “discussion” with teachers on teacher’s day (as something the kids do on computer)
- on EU server, the results of the Type 62/KV-220 missions were: cca 15000 new Type 62′s and less than 3000 new KV-220′s (thanks to IRSanchez for this tidbit)
- developers are currently working on camo and spotting system overhaul to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play
- in the following patch (or the one after that), last remnants of the original BigWorld engine code the game started with will be removed from WoT files and the game will then be basically using Wargaming’s very own engine
- in total, there are cca 300k clans all over the world in WoT (SS: previously, I wrote 200k, but that was incorrect)
- in Strongholds, 15 different buildings are planned
- apart from air recon, turrets, air raid and artillery fire mission, Stronghold consumables will also include minefields and smokescreen. They will be usable by the clan leader using something called “tactical pad”
- for Kharkov map alone, over 6500 pieces of walls and 850 buildings have to be reworked under Havok
- WG does not actively work with militaries on promoting the game
- Wargaming considered adding the option of configuring the vehicles in the hangar using the WG Assistant software via API, but this was scrapped for now due to insufficient API security

91 thoughts on “8.10.2014

  1. “- in the following patch (or the one after that), last remnants of the original BigWorld engine code the game started with will be removed from WoT files and the game will then be basically using Wargaming’s very own engine”

    Somehow this makes me scared. It seems to be getting worse :P…

    Why cant WG hire the coding elite to do their engine? F*ck some of them know Russian (Vostok and 4A ) so WG can handle them.

    How can a VIDEO GAME developer not speak English in the first place? My mind has problems understanding that statement.

    • Dude, tons of video game developers don’t speak english. The bloody world doesn’t revolve around english speaking countries…

        V.I.D.E.O. G.A.M.E. DEVELOPER.

        A writer? Ok, perfectly fine. A film Director? Ok. Painter? OK. Architect? Ok.
        But a video game developer not speaking enlgish? That is …. strange as hell.

        You think a man of my name comes from an English-speaking country? Nope.

        But all our developers can speak English.

        • As long as they speak C++ or Visual Basic or Python or Java it’s perfectly fine if they don’t speak english, I don’t see your problem.

          It’s when they release the game to english speaking countries that they need someone who speaks english to translate it.

          • You cant be a freacking VIDEO GAME developer and not know enough to at least UNDERSTAND English or communicate on a low level.

            How do you even become a gamer during the 90s/80s without knowing SOME English or learning it with games???!

            • You make the incorrect assumption that all videogame devs were gamers.
              The 3D model creation is outsorced to a company the modellers of which may never have played a single game, yet are making your HD tank models. They may not speak a word in english, yet can recreate a KV-85 and put it in a game.

              Of course they fucking do speak english (it’s the 21st century), but it isn’t necessary.

            • One perfect example of a development community totally separated from English?


              It has even its own game engines that don’t give a damn about English (or on very low level that 99% of them never see).

              And Russia is very similar in this, sadly.

              • *Looks at Ukrainian devs*


                As for Japan… they are the only real exception I can think of. They and the US were what forced gaming the most in the early days.

            • if you can read in english it doesn’t mean you can write in english. and if you can write in english it doesn’t mean you can speak in english.
              so as developer i can read tech documentation but it doesn’t necessary means i can fluently communicate in english.
              and i guess that biggest problem here is all WG internal documentation is (probably) in russian.

      • “The bloody world doesn’t revolve around english speaking countries…”

        Are you stupid or just… special?

      • I find your statement wrong :) . Majority of programming languages is based on English and you cannot not learn some while learning programming.

        • Not really. You need to know few basic words – that’s not English. You can learn those in a book that’s completely in a different language – except for those few words, explained. And then especially if your computer runs in your environment and you can name variables how you want to, those few words will be the only English the code has. I’ve seen code like that.

          if (!ちょっとまって) {
          } else {

          tells you nothing about English.

  2. 1 KV 220 for 5 Type 62, it’s much better than I thought. The medium mission was extremely difficult and the lights one seemed to have been designed for Sado-maso people. :)

    • I was one of the few little people who grinded both of the tanks, the KV-220 for me was basically free, since the 13 90 is borderline OP.. at least in my eyes, and then I got my Lorraine, and decided to do both of them… not to hard, but fairly grindy and time consuming.

    • A friend unicum told me that it took him 3-4hours per day, every day. I am really surprised that that many people made it. Some guys really have no life :) …

  3. What’s up with the dictator ? ….. you can ask people in Belaruss and they want Lukashenko …. it’s what the nation wants not what YOU think is good or bad ….. So much for the american thinking ,”Got democracy ?! , We will give it to you by FORCE!” Examples where people lived their lives “Iraq,Afgan,Yugoslavia,Korea,Ukraine,Libya,Syria and etc….” and US and co. came along …

    • Last time I checked, South Korea really enjoyed their democracy. The same cannot be said about the Northern part.

      • They enjoy their living standards not political system. Most don’t even give a shit about politics like everywhere.

    • “….democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. ”


      • Democracy fails from its very roots:
        Only individuals are clever.

        And I think Churchill said even more about it:
        The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

          • “better” is a matter of perspective.

            …and you’re a fool if you think anyone in the world lives in a democracy. That ended along with Greece about 3,000 years ago. Most modern governments are capitalist republics. Money votes, businesses are people, and special interests make all the decisions.

    • “you can ask people in Belaruss and they want Lukashenko”

      Sure. Just as much as stupid people here want Ceausescu back (well, there’s quite a lot of idiots here, unfortunately).
      Sheeple will always want a “daddy” to boss them around. (True) Democracy is not for everyone…

      • Russian logic:
        – Russia – GOOD!
        - Everything else – FASCISTS! IMPERIALISTS!


    • In case you didn’t notice, Ukraine is democratic. It wasn’t but now is. I expect you’re Russian which is why a country without a Russian puppet in charge is automatically an American proxy.

      Next you’ll be telling us Poland is also a dictatorship. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      • “Democratic”. Half the country didn’t even vote. The system is supposedly democratic, however due to the political situation it is far from that ATM, and for various reasons it will be far from it in the future. Just like before, with others abusing power. UA does not have the culture necessary for a working democratic system, just like middle-eastern countries. Or Russia. This is what the west does not understand. Democracy never works on its own, unless people care about it. And to make people care, well that took more than a hundred years in the west.

        • Maybe if Russians weren’t rolling through Europe with their tanks, occupying half of the continent under dictatorships and calling it “liberation” there wouldn’t be as many problems with democracy nowadays. Sod off.

  4. “developers are currently working on camo and spotting system overhaul to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play”
    - Funny, since scouts benefit from effective TDs, arty and campers. Whats the point to scout if doom cannons can keep shooting on XP pinatas and hence give the scout alot of spotting damage? I remember when scout players complained that they got obsolete because of less effective arties. I just wonder how thos rework will affect regular mediums and heavys which in some way alreaddy are cannon fodder to most clickers (td, arty, scouts/lt).

    • Probably so TDs can’t just spot everything themselves…very frustrating to be out spotted by your allies in a scout and get no rewards.

        • Yes and this “change” will also affect mediums and heavys not only TDs. But as I said, scouts benefit from campers (td and arty) who make damage by shoting enemies that the scout spots. To be honest, there is a close link between the effetiveness of tds, arty and scouts, and general campers. Why do you think so many scout players were complaining when artys got fucked in 8.6? Well because they could no longer make massive spotting damage because prior to 8.6 artys had that potential.

          No matter how you look upon this, the whole idea to “shoot what others spot” is destructive and prevent dynamic gampley (tanks who move and battle, rather than expect others to spot).

    • Funny, like it isn’t hard enough to plays TDs on these reworked maps without vegetation.

  5. - on EU server, the results of the Type 62/KV-220 missions were: cca 15000 new Type 62′s and less than 3000 new KV-220′s

    i wasn’t expecting this many lifeless dweebs!

  6. “to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play”

    OMG, will they compensate on some TDs ?
    I mean, some TDs are so fragile they are already dead once spotted.
    StuG, for example, has 350hp, it can be oneshot by 50% of tanks it can meet.
    On the other hand, yes, those extremely well armored, hard hitting, 2000hp tough monsters should be somehow taken care of. But why nerfing all TD’s ?

    • To make them more reliant on other classes to spot for them. E.g., Rhm. B WT has .5% worse camo on the move than T71, better camo stationary, and same view range and MM. Probably a view range nerf.

      • Yes, I find it ridiculous that T-71 doesn’t have more camo than it actually has.
        For example AMX 13-75/13-90 has more (?) and its has a bigger profile.

        OP-Borsig might be low profile and sleek, but at least for balancing purposes, it should not have more camo than a light tank (I avoided writing “scout tank”, because of the “any tank can scout!” argument…)

        • Still doesn’t make any sense to nerf all TDs as a class because of some broken piece of shit TDs such as RHM for example.

          • But there are too many of them, and knowing WG they will fuck it up any way (see 8.6)

            • Well I can hardly imagine ARL V39 or JpzIV nerfed even more…
              They could as well implement built-in autodestruction after spotted

    • overnerfed is an overstatement

      most likely there will be viewrange changes, cant live without scouts now

      • thats cool!
        So now when I enter random battle, I will “see” for the first 15 seconds. After those 15 seconds our suiciding/rushing/whatever scouts are back in garage and I’m stuck with even less than current 310m view range… great…

      • Understatment! Ha, that would mean you can still play them. Between the map changes so you are never more than 300m from your target and the destruction of all the td spots, tds that dont have good amour are screwed everytime. Played a non t10 waffle in a while? You either have to camp base and wait for your team to die, or go forward and die. Nothing you can do tp help your team. If you loose one flank, your practically dead anyway, and it you try to be usefull for the first ten min, you die in about 1 min. Wg listened to the noobs moaning, and now tds are dead.

        • TDs are not dead now, and many of them TDs dont have worse armor than same tier mediums and heavys. But to be fair, TDs are still overly populated compared to prior 8.6. Stealthy TD gameplay as we were used to is not valid anymore because back then you saw 1-2 TDs most of the times, after 8.6 it was like 5-10 per side. And hence a real fucking rebalance had to be done. Old maps with current meta simply didnt work.

          I stopped playing TDs, not because they were weak, but because I was sick of seeing 5-10 TDs every fucking game, I didnt want to be a part of that clicker community since to be honest TDs prey on moving targets because they get spotted easier. I also played arty after 8.6 a couple of thousand games and I had fairly okay hit ratios and stats, but I stopped because I took a stand. These vehicles prey on tanks moving and hence prevent dynamic gameplay. It was fun making alot of one time damage, but totaly broken mechanic to sid and wait like a pedo bear for victims. At least with mediums and heavys you take the “heat” to the enemy rather than sitting and waiting to rape. That is why I think that mediums and heavys have to work harder for their damage and take more risks.

          As TD player I was totally againt medium and heavys I hated them and I hated everybody that was againt them because I was delusional. Only after I started playing mediums and heavys I realised how broken arty and TDs actually were in terms of preventing dynamic gameplay and fun for other players.Only some TDs are okay in my opinion though.

    • Awww, the sweet tears of clickers always warm my heart.
      There are too many TDs in WoT, and they’re stupidly easy to play (90% of them)

      • TDs are easy to play? I believe that you have no clue on what you’re talking about. Either that or you only play at tiers 2-5.
        First of all, it takes tons of effort and tears to train a 100% camo crew. Even then, it takes twice as much effort to manage to remain hidden while still shooting the enemy. Also, there is the matter of always having an escape route in mind if you do get spotted, which is a pain to plan because the enemy does not always act like you think they will. Furthermore, if you get spotted you usually die because of enemy focus fire, so there’s that – you must remember that TDs usually are made out of paper – and the ones that are not are usually turretless or have the traverse of the Titanic (T28 Proto., anyone?).

        It’s not my fault if you, in a heavy or a medium, rush the center of a map and get killed by invisitanks. Learn to be a team player and rely on the scouts more and you’ll no longer fear invisitanks at all.

        P.S. – I play TDs and i only camp when the enemy is rushing at me and i have targets to shoot at. Otherwise i like to support the heavies and be where the action is, as it’s no use to camp when all of your team is dead or dying. Only braindead people do that.

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  8. developers are currently working on camo and spotting system overhaul to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play

    Great, fuck up the entire TD class

    • Devs said they will nerf view range on ALL vehicles and I think they mean this. Remember, not only TDs will suffer all tanks will, just like when they removed camo bonus after shooting. All tanks had such a bonus, but TDs had a bigger one. The new spotting system devs are talking about, once againt it will affect ALL tanks. And yeah, some speak about corridor maps and it benefit heavys, which is kinda funny since many heavys dont even have the armor to withstand 2 tier lower mediums frontaly. Not to mention gold ammo for credits. Look at the type 59 for example, it has better frontal armor than 90% of all regular tier 8 heavys…..says alot.

      Its apparen WG will in one way or another nerf all classes but LT, because that is their goal, to make people grind LT and old player start playing them again. At the 8.6 erra time, WG wanted to attract TD players since TDs were a rare sight. And now when people have grinded them and get bored, they buff another class to start a hype. As I have said, WG buff and nerf vehicles/classes to make people spend money on free XP and retrain of crew skills and buy premium game time.

      I am not saying LT didnt need a overhaul, what I am saying is that its apparent that all changes that have been made lately is done from a economic standpoint and not from a game balance standpoint (hurr durr gold ammo for credits and 6th sense for 200 gold).

      LTs are the new hype, just like TDs were one upon a time, and heavys and mediums. The cycle never stops, because devs dont want it to stop. Artys can very well be buffed again, who knows, no matter how cancerous it is for the gameplay.

      Also if im not wrong devs said something about “not making tanks dissapear” wich tells me that instead of one tank beeing spotted for 10 sec like it is now, even if it moves away from your spotting range. It will be spotted all time unless it goes behind cover, then it restealth. This is a major nerf for dynamic gameplay, because it means a tank will get spotted for infinite time as long as it is in your render range/radio range, unless it restealths behind soild cover. This means that a TD behind a bush will be spotted for infinite time once its get spotted the first time and it cant restealth unless it pulls back behind a rock or a slope or what ever. Imo, yes this will be a issue for ALL tank classes, not only for camping TDs.

      • Oh hey, someone figured out the truth about WGs design decisions!
        And I am not even being sarcastic. It’s pretty obvious, yet people don’t seem to realize why all new tanks are always somewhat OP and get nerfed 5 patches later (aka when the free-XP-conversion-rates go down). Or why the meta will relatively often change (heavies -> mediums -> TDs and SPGs -> light tanks -> … maybe heavies again?) since it makes people spend gold and credits to buy tanks, unmount certain equipment and (re)train their crews.

        I you regularly rebuy and resell tanks, it might actually be cheaper to just buy another garage slot and just keep all tanks…

  9. - developers are currently working on camo and spotting system overhaul to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play
    WG developers are cancerous morons who have no clue what they are doing. Just because there are certain broken piece of shit TDs out there it doesn’t mean they should nerf all the TDs. Current World of Corridors is already retarded enough to make people stop playing TDs in general, with those camo/spotting system reworks they will be dead as a class. What the fuck is some glass cannon turetless TD supposed to do on maps where there is 3 fucking paths to take and fight enemy tanks head on without any sniping lanes where you could shot enemies further than 200m distance?! Btw if this whole reworks is with a goal to make LTs more significant it just proves again how retarded devs are. They so desperately want LTs to matter more and at the same time they are making shit maps where LTs are completely useless.

    • I totally agree with you, and that was exactly what went throuht my head when i read that. Its compleatly stupid, before 9.1 i loved tds, they were my best class of vehicle, but now ive sold pretymuch all of them as they are useless. Thx wg, you broke my favorite tanks.

    • A) Scouts do not need to be easier to play.
      B) TDs as a whole need no camo nerf.
      C) Being able to outspot scouts with the help of just one bush is the problem.

      • C) Being able to outspot scouts with the help of just one bush is the problem.
        - True, but whats the point having bushes if they cant give you any beneficial cammo bonus? That is also a issue that one needs to think about. A easy solutions is to minimize the bushes which was been done alreaddy, and whats next?

  10. - developers are currently working on camo and spotting system overhaul to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play

    Wait, so people still play turretless TDs in world of corridors? masochists.

    • Its a constant balance…too open maps and everything but arty and TDs suffer. To have open maps and allow for “flanking”, artys and TDs have to go. Theres no such thing as dynamic gameplay when arty and TDs are in pley, because these tools ironicly enough are meant to stop tanks which are moving (dynamic gameplay and the fact that tanks moving are spotted easier). Corridors is the only way to make arty and TDs less strongu.

      Maps for a long while didnt follow the change of vehilces on the battlefield, so to claim the old maps was better when 90% of everything else has changed since the early days is moronic.

  11. “- developers are currently working on camo and spotting system overhaul to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play”

    Buff to scouts: warranted.

    FURTHER nerf to TD’s? Snipers are trash in the meta already! You cannot be serious.

  12. Would be interesting to get stats on how many people missed the 62/220 by only 1 or 2 completions.

    I have a feeling the chaffee change pushed some people who were doing the 220 mission away from it.

  13. - developers are currently working on camo and spotting system overhaul to make scouts easier and TD’s harder to play
    :| Why the fuck would they make scouts easier to play? They’re already taking over medium tanks jobs.

    - for Kharkov map alone, over 6500 pieces of walls and 850 buildings have to be reworked under Havok
    Better remove that abomination :D