Fury Coming to World of Tanks

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/games/61756435/world-of-tanks-game-finds-ally-in-fury-film.html

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Hello everyone,

the movie Fury is hitting the cinemas in a week or so, while the Fury tank is going to hit the game.


The article, linked above, describes the movie and the cooperation between Wargaming and the movie producers:

“It made sense,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of World of Tanks developer Wargaming. “Both audiences are interested in historical accuracy, so why don’t we do something together? We didn’t want to overdo it. We appreciate the opportunity, but our audience wants appropriateness. It’s show business. You never know how it’s going to turn out before the premiere.”

The article basically tells nothing really new, just a description of the Fury story (behind enemy lines bla bla bla OHSHITATIGEWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) and what World of Tanks actually is. Big Boss Kislyi makes an interesting point however at the end: before, whenever there was a game/movie cooperation, it has always been considered as beneficial mostly for the game, not for the movie. But the tide is turning and big game titles (with budgets larger than many movies) are now considered to be on top.

“I believe that this movie could have a significant extra audience because of the millions and millions of World of Tanks gamers,” he said. “The movie is the movie. The game is the game. However, how can you not want to go and watch this movie if you play this game, if you are someone who is hooked on German and American tank combat? You’ll have to see it.”

47 thoughts on “Fury Coming to World of Tanks

  1. So, do we need to buy an Easy 8 on the EU server, or do we get a special edition one for free?

    • Im gonna go see it, but ill tell you right now, it looks like crap to me. Im just going for the Tanks really.

      Pitt hasnt done any good acting since Fight club, “have no idea why he looks so intense in that particular movie, and is crap in the Oceans” and Shia Lebouf, well, need I say more? I don’t know who he’s related to, but he’s been in the 5/7 of the last 20 big budget action movies? Everyone I know could care less about him…….so, why is he even in this one?

      I thought the previews looked like a joke. Plus, I’ve read first hand accounts of what the German Tanks did to the Shermans.

      Ive heard they take over a Tiger, if that happens, well, everything changes then don’t it boys and gurls……….

  2. My only question is…how do we get the Fury, even if it is just a reskinned Ez8? I’d love to have it as a premium floating around in my garage, just for crew training (and because it looks awesome).

    • My guess is, that it will be a slightly nerfed E8, because it’s a premium. Can’t imagine that it does anything better (apart from the looks) than the regular E8.

      • Ever heard of prefered MM ??? This is the main reason why premium tanks are better than regular.

    • Germany: 01.01.2015

      And it’s going to be called “Herz aus Stahl” what means “heart of steel”. *facepalm

      • Gotta love german movie titles… if its not a stupid translation that nobody needed, then its a subtitle where you just want to groan (YES i look at you, german title for Tangled and Big Hero 6!)

      • The same happens with the title in Spanish: “Corazones de Acero” (Hearts of Steel).
        I don’t know WTF the translators are thinking about, when the title could perfectly be translated as “Furia” (Fury).

  3. “The movie is the movie. The game is the game. However, how can you not want to go and watch this movie if you play this game, if you are someone who is hooked on German and American tank combat? You’ll have to see it.”
    hahahahahahaha NO, i want to see in the movie how a jagdtiger bounce of from a 13 90 side or from the is7 ass

  4. Hahaha; . “Both audiences are interested in historical accuracy”…. WT e 100 ect ect; gonna change my underwear…

    • He said audiences, not WG

      Judging by the amount of complaining about the subject, he has a point

  5. So, about this movie, are there no boneheads crying about American bias?

    God forbid if this movie was about a T-34 crew…

    • “So, about this movie, are there no boneheads crying about American bias?”
      They’re busy complaining about how it’s unrealistic because the Tiger isn’t killing every American at 20 km

      “God forbid if this movie was about a T-34 crew…”
      Well there was White Tiger

      • Do not think that White Tiger is taken seriously by anybody except nutjobs. :-) I liked that movie quite a lot.

        • “There is a tank god…That owns a golden T-34.When the gun fires,there is lightning.The noise of the gun is thunder.”

    • Just take a look at the german forums ;) In the newspart all tomatoes are going full retard about “OMG a sherman cant kill a tiger. Never ever. Tiger besteres über tonk ever”

    • If they made a Hollywood movie about a T-34 crew, you would complain about Russians talking English.
      Let the Russian make movies about their part of the war; “Brestskaya krepost” wasn’t too bad.

    • The whole premise of this movie is silly… Come on, 1945, western front… By the end of the war German units were racing towards the allies to surrender to them, and escape the soviet hordes. 1944 Normandy, Africa ealier, Italy, Ardennes offensive – that was heavy fighting for the Americans (plus the Pacific part of course), but not spring of 1945 when the movie will be set I think…

  6. Hope it’s something I can buy for gold – I’m not in a clan and don’t have the time to win one through countless hours of playing :/

    “historical accuracy”… *giggles*

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  8. Ehh… Historical bla bla … And in the trailer DAT tiger bounced of the Sherman … Stronk realism/ historically how often an tiger bounced of an Sherman in reality ? Zero times ?

    • There is a story of a Tiger crew IRL,who fired at a Sherman Jumbo 3 times.All three shots hit,but they observed that the Shermie was still moving….Towards them.At that point the Tiger crew just raised the white flag.

      • well, the Jumbo was uparmored a lot more than the E8, so shooting the front of a Jumbo could result in a bounce a lot more often than shooting the E8

  9. Fury features Brad Pitt fighting a Tiger Panzer with his Sherman tank.

    So either this is a very short movie, or it has little bearing on reality.

    • What’s so unreal in Easy8 fighting a Tiger ? Tiger was not indestructible and its performance up-close was abysmal

      • “The lone heroic tank taking in on the might of the German Wehrmacht”

        “Two tanks – one German – one American – fighting the duel of the century in war-torn Europe – Who will triumph? No surrender! No retreat! Freedom! Glory!”


        It COULD end up like something generic like that.
        Doesn’t sound like it takes either army’s doctrine into consideration much.
        But “its only a movie” right? ;)

        Still, I might see at some point, initially it was a definite watch, since its not that many tank-movies around.

        Also, it has that twat Shia LeBeuf in it :/
        And as for Brad Pitt, judging from the trailes his role reminds me of the one he played in “Inglorious Basterds”. Could be cool you say? Well, this movie takes itself a tad more serious I think, so… Over the top much?

      • I’m mainly talking about the part in the trailer where the 8,8 bounces off the Sherman at close range.

        The biggest problem I may have with this movie is that it’s another ultra-patriotic propaganda movie dehumanizing the enemy as frag-bait, similar to Black Hawk Down…

  10. Why does WG insist on placing national insignias in the oddest places? I’ve seen the occasional strange ones in WW2 photos, but WG seems to totally disregard the standard US Army placement specifications or historical consensus.