Hello everyone,

today, a new 70 Mb micropatch was applied to EU server (and other servers as well). While the official content of this micropatch was not published anywhere, it is confirmed that this patch contains the Fury-related things (the Fury model itself and the garage). This is likely the only content of the micropatch.

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  1. SS your wrong, does not exist,the patch is not,it’s from 0.9.3 build 4778 to 0.9.3 build 4826; the current game version is 0.9.3 build 757.

  2. Gnomefathers gun sounds got fucked up too… Why didn’t they just put this stupid model in game in 9.3?

    • Open the patch package (70mb one) with something like WinRar. Go to the res/packages/hangar_premium_fury.pkg and copy its content to res_mods/0.9.3. Then go to the spaces folder and rename “hangar_premium_Fury” to “hangar_premium_v2″ (If you have premium account) or “hangar_v2″ (If you don’t have premium). I only tested it by going to the hangar for 10sec so I don’t know if it won’t crash later. Use at your own risk (and make a backup of any mods you have and wot itself).

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  4. Fury still staring at you SS, from patcher to tank inspector, are you sure you still don’t want to open than can of tuna?