- Veider on some of the comments regarding supertest vehicle stats: “stats of unfinished leaked tanks can be very different from their release version. It’s pointless to discuss those stats. Discuss only the look of the vehicle. Although it too can change in the final version.”
- apparently, the Object 260 will not be a CW/SH reward tank
- Storm states that the “1mm” armor of the Scorpion is historical, it was just a metal sheet on the frame to protect the crew from the elements, like a car
- Storm states that this picture, showing the Object 260, is incorrect. Developers used this drawing as reference instead.
- Q: “If Object 260 will be available for random players, I’ll sell my kidney to get it and then I’ll wank over it” A: “You don’t have to sell your kindey to wank :)”
- details about how to get Object 260 will come later but it will NOT be a CW vehicle
- German T55A? Storm: “It’s more like trolling of germanlovers than oppressing the sovietlovers.”
- Evilly on FV4202 switch: “If there is a mission to get the FV4202, it will be activated by the presence of FV4202 in the hangar”
- new sounds will come very soon

64 thoughts on “10.10.2014

  1. - details about how to get Object 260 will come later but it will NOT be a CW vehicle


    • Sure they could, and if the mission required playing tier 10s to get, who could even complain about it? After all, the main complaint about high tier premiums is that inexperienced players can buy their way into tier 8 and then ruin game play. If the mission requires tech tree tier tens to complete, then no one who isn’t already playing in tier 10 anyway can complete it.

  2. “It’s more like trolling of germanlovers than oppressing the sovietlovers.”

    Where’s the troll? Anyone with even a passing knowledge of tank history, knows the T-55 was actually used by East Germany as their main tank for a few years before they got the T-62 and T-72 later on.

  3. If there is a mission for the FV4202 “premium” I sure as hell hope it wont be some impossible feat that only teenagers will be able to do due to having no life and tons of time to sit on their computers all day for a month to get it.

  4. “- new sounds will come very soon”

    those beautiful engine sounds or those terrible gun sounds ?

    before you bash me to death.. I know they were realistic, but I prefer KA-BOOOOOOM with echo on my 15cm gun over “pof” that sounds exactly like m3lee, is-3, sherman and anything else…

  5. i did like those gun sounds but they needed to be reworked little bit..just to be more distingueshd and deeper..but i liked them more then these now

  6. i don’t get it..is everyone going to just get fv4202 even if they don’t have it in garage but finish the mission or what??if i buy it i should just get the replacement cuz what if some of us don’t have time to do this missions??yeap again WG logic

    • It’s probably going to be one of their ridiculous “play 2 hours a day every day for the whole month to get this” missions that you can only do if you already own the current tier 10 FV4202. The individual mission’s test is prob part of this.

      • although I dont have it neither am I interested in it, I feel really sorry for those who do.

        As you said… one of those missions… get ** xp, kill ** tanks, deal ** critical hits, set ** enemies on fire, be in top 3, win the match. Once per day, complete this 25 times.

        missions for nolifers…

        I’m all for challenge and hard missions, I loved Superpershing and IS-6 missions.. but the once per day is a deal breaker… I can play 10 hours on Saturday, but hardly one during business days…

      • Or it could be something as easy as the TOG II mission, we don’t know so there’s no point speculating.

    • If there is a mission to get the FV4202 (tier 8 premium) it will be activated by the presence of the FV4202 (tier 10 regular) in the hangar

    • “If there is a mission to get the FV4202, it will be activated by the presence of FV4202 in the hangar” <– !!!!

      Do you even read?
      No FV4202 in the garage = no mission. FV4202 in the garage = mission. Not everyone will be able to do the mission.
      But yeah. Mission for it is a stupid thing. My only hope is an easy mission but I am afraid it's just a dream.

  7. Look at the second drawing. It looks like an autoloader system or semi auto for setting up the propellant and warhead. The view from the rear of the turret section top left looks like an automated ready rack at least to ease handling of ammo or at best an autoloader that needs to be stocked by hand rather than a proper magazine. I looks like a seven shell burst system. Or it could be hybrid autoloader manual system where if you want to start with a burst the opt for normal hand loading or retire for a full load of the mag.

  8. Evilly on FV4202 switch: “If there is a mission to get the FV4202, it will be activated by the presence of FV4202 in the hangar”

    Better start saving silver for that FV4202 then.

    • well this makes it not A mission but 2 missions:
      – grind fv4202
      – make the 2nd mission

      WG as always

  9. So T95E6 CW tank….OBJ 260 not….makes sense WG….FREAKING PIECE OF SHIT! Thanks for having no regard for the majority who wanted the E6! Make both the same to get. You are just giving the American tank players a big middle finger and turning away laughing at our frustration and disappointment. After seeing this I am almost certain to stop spending the large amount of money I usually do on this game…such bias to Russians players and Russian tanks….I will no take this tank I will sell it if I earn one, unless you give me an option to exchange it for the E6, hell even the M60 res-kin….GIVE US AMERICAN MED PLAYERS SOMETHING INSTEAD OF A BIG PILE OF STEAMY SHIT…..end rant -.-

    • If you have at least green stats you should be able to get into a decent clan. They need some nice exclusive incentives for playing CW.

  10. IS-7 will be a CW reward and Obj 260 will be the new t10 taking IS-7′s place

    you heard it here 1st – if it happens … maybe

      • It may make no sense but would that be any reason for WG not to do it? What about three T10 heavies at the top of the two lines. Do you think that would not go down well in RU land.

  11. If Object 260 will not be CW/SH tank, then replace IS-7. Sure, people will go apeshit about it, but hey, at least we can get a historically accurate IS-7 and not an overnerfed one. And yes, about those American tanks now…