9.4 Supertest Patchnotes

As usual, these are only preliminary and possibly partial. No HD models.

- M56 Scorpion, Panzer II Ausf.D, Object 260, T-55A, Panther 88, T28 Concept, StuG IV added for supertesters only
- T-34-3 and AT-15A recieved a buff (unspecified)
- camo coefficient of T-54 Light fixed
- fixed bugs in visual models of SU-100, IS-7, Jagdpanther, M24 Chaffee
- fixed bugs in collision models of M-24 Chaffee, KV-85
- fixed the names of the T67 turrets

- changes in maps Komarin, Malinovka, Airport, Arctic
- improved the performance (FPS) on Windstorm map
- some maps recieved the effect of artillery fire barrage during the 30 second countdown

Bug fixes
- fixed the bug where the render of some HD tank models reduced the performance of the game
- changed the damage model of the damage done by a turret ripped off by ammo rack explosion
- improved the quality and optimized the performance of shadow render
- optimized the performance of some UI elements
- more surnames added to the crew name list
- returned the option to disable or enable triple buffering to graphic settings
- removed the “Historical battles” option from the battle selection menu
- reworked some effects of shells hitting surfaces
- fixed the inconsistencies between visual and collision models of some evnironmental objects
- fixed some cases of tanks being “catapulted” by driving over certain evinronmental objects
- fixed some UI and game bugs in Strongholds mode
- fixed the conditions to recieve certain medals
- fixed the marker scaling on the minimap to be proportional to minimap size
- fixed the issue of platoon channel being blocked when the platoon is created
- fixed the bug where you get the “desertion” window when you quit a replay early
- fixed the bug where artefacts appear on your screen after you change the display mode
- fixed the company chat channel
- fixed the “freezing” of the company search window during the creation of a platoon
- fixed the bug where you got stuck on “reloading tank crew status” wheel in the hangar when exiting the battle
- fixed the fifth perk icon display
- fixed some “freezes” and crashes of the game client
- fixed the conditions of the “Hunter” medal
- fixed the bug where the server selection is resetted during an unsuccessful attempt to log in (for example by entering wrong password)
- fixed some replay recording issues
- fixed the clan logo appearance in hangar on resolutions of 1280 (horizontal) and higher

46 thoughts on “9.4 Supertest Patchnotes

    • Honestly, the AT-15A has the easiest buff ever- give it preferential matchmaking like the E-25. From a firepower standpoint (which is generally determines whether a tank gets Preferential matchmaking or not) they are very similar- high DPM, low Alpha, low-Penetration guns. The AT-15A using a 17pdr against Tier IX’s is a joke- the gun is completely useless against most Tier 9′s frontally, its armor is generally vulnerable to even Tier VIII guns even ignoring its well-known weakspots, and with its abysmal mobility and camo rating it can’t use normal low-tier tactics to flank or snipe from bushes like the E-25 can.

      • That’s why I dont buy the AT-15A. Hell, I did buy a lot of prem tanks, a lot of them are very silly! But not the AT-15A! Even I have the 183 with 4 skills crews.

      • I agree with this, I have it, sadly, but it is the only tank in the game that I have 0 standard rounds on. It has full APCR, because it sees tier 9 tanks, that all have guns that will go right through it, and kill it in about two hits.

      • I agree, I have both these tanks, and the at-15a is very challenging to play at tier 9. The gun just doesn’t give it a chance at that level, let alone any of it’s other well known weaknesses.

        At tier 7 it does ok, at 8 we start to really see those combined weaknesses show, and tier 9 … forget it.

        I hope they do fix the MM on this. And/Or maybe a HP buff as well. AT-7 gets 1250 HP whilst the 15a gets 850 seems odd.

  1. - some maps recieved the effect of artillery fire barrage during the 30 second countdown

    that sounds cool ^^

    • …all 9.3 new light tanks won’t be nerfed yet …. WG hasn’t sold enough gold to convert exp for people wanting them yet… by 9.5 though…. hammer down.

    • actually, there should be less birds, because they would rather not hang around an area that was hit by an artillery barge :-) (and that eye candy is just stupid anyway)

  2. Wondering what they will buff in T-34-3.
    I prefer aim time and turret armour buff though.
    Buff aim time to 3 seconds
    Buff turret armour to 210 mm(better than Type 59 but still not as good as 112)

  3. - fixed the inconsistencies between visual and collision models of some evnironmental objects

    No more hitting invisible parts of rocks and buildings?

  4. Komarin changed again… LOL

    How many times is that; 4 or 5? Just delete the fucking thing already.

  5. Have you gus seen changes in the last War Thunder patch? Check from the 4:00 minute, by Jingles:

    they have integrated something like a tank inspector – you are able to check the details of the armour in your garage, as well as check the modules/crew placement too… Cool stuff, I wonder how many years wil it take Wargaming to implement :-). Do not get me wrong, WoT is superior in tanks (fun factor), inferior in planes to WT, however one has to be just sad seeing how the other game looks like…

    • Problem with that is, that now you wouldnt even need to do much work to make an aimbot that even targets the interior modules.

      • Its not the game about aiming, its about strategic positioning, aimbot cant help you there ;-)

      • This is always a possibility, but one of the things that I do not like in WoT is the fact that you have to rely so much on the third party sources, for seeing armour models, for seeing all of the stats (terrain, dispersion etc.), tanks winrates, tank net verage earnings, tanks occurence, modules and crew placement, and something that is really lacking – test drive. We should be able to test any tank we have researched. Not in game, but even on that turtorial map. The list could go on and on, like why there are some options in WoT Tweaker, but not in the WoT in game settings, that allow you to disable more things, and increase performance?

  6. Is the M56 still a tier 6 tank they’re trying to sell as a tier 8 with regular matchmaking?

      • 9.4 is rare meat. 9.5 is well done steak! At least I hope so… The “well” part

  7. And when will reduce the 25% random factor in penetrate and damage??? WG should reduce it to 10% at least…
    Sometimes the game looks like a gambling game..