Object 260 Errata

Hello everyone,

about the last post with the statitics of the IS-7 prototype, Object 260. As you might have figured out, the pictures are not leaks, they come straight from Wargaming. Unfortunately, Wargaming released that wrong, the Object 260 characteristics are placeholders.

The vehicle characteristics were changed as such:

Penetration from 225/265/68 to 260/340/68

The frontal turret plate is 350mm (as the post says), but that’s just a really small part. The mantlet is 250mm thick. And so, the vehicle has following characteristics:

Tier 10 HT
Hitpoints: 2100
Engine: 1200 hp
Weight: 61,3 tons
Power-to-weight: 19,57 hp/t
Maximum speed: 60 km/h
Hull traverse: 28 deg/s

Hull armor: 150/150/70
Turret armor: 350/240/100

Gun: 122mm BL-13-1
Damage: 390/390/465
Penetration: 260/340/68
DPM: 1903
ROF: 4,88
Accuracy: 0,37
Aimtime: 2,8s
Turret traverse: 26 deg/s

Viewrange: 400
Radiorange: 720

59 thoughts on “Object 260 Errata

    • Lol!! At first I thought it will be like tier 10 IS-6.(low pen good armor, but always be on top of the food chain thank to it’s tier)
      But now… lol just LOL

      • Is it correct that it’s “just” the penetration that changed (increased)?

        So now it’s basically a more mobile IS-7 with identical (bouncy) hull and even better armored turret but a worse gun?

        Better turret…the regular IS-7 turret is far from being easy to penetrate. And 390dmg isnt less than the tier 10 mediums have, but a little bit to low for a tier 10 heavy…

  1. Heart attack: avoided. 260 AP and 340 APCR penetration is actually pretty good.
    The alpha and DPM are still pretty poor though.

      • What???! It’s normal shell will be APCR??? @@ My god! That’s insane!

      • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, pls no HEAT shit!!! I would be more pleased with 260pen with APCR than “350″ pen with HEAT. I just stick with AP and few HEATs for special situations, I hate HEAT is acting unpredictably :(

        • HT with HEAT is fine! All you need to do is aim at enemy’s font, so you wont fire your HEAT shell at tracks by accident :-/
          Meds in the other hand hate HEAT because They must maneuver a lot and must try to attack enemy’s flank all the time.

        • Dude, it has 260 APCR pen… so where is your problem? You will never need anything else than the standart ammo besides maybe a hull down E100. MAYBE for a Maus but even that could be penned flat from the front.

          • You can even pen E-100 turret by normal Shell! Aim for the… Uhmmm Damn! I dont know how to say… But you can pen E-100 turret. :)
            (Sorry my eng is kinda bad)

            Anyway what I’m trying to say here is: With 260 APCR pen. This tank will be OP as fuck. I imagine It’ll be like the current IS with the 100mm gun. STRONK STRONK STRONK :-P

            • Being able to reliably penetrate things doesn’t change the fact that it’s DPM and alpha are garbage. The speed boost is nice but it hardly makes up for the downsides.

              Don’t be fooled – this tank is significantly weaker overall than the IS-7.

              • Significantly weaker? Meh.

                I’d take better mobility of obj 260 (if it really is the case as we don’t know terrain passability yet) over dpm of is-7.

      • Standard round is APCR? Now that’s interesting. Should result in some impressive shell speeds.
        This gun is very quickly starting to remind me of the gun on the M60/M48. Only with a longer aim time and much lower firing rate.

        • after 25k+ games I know what to do with my guns, I just dont like HEAT ammo in general, that is all…

    • I suppose the same reason the T55 has such a ridiculous DPM higher than 10s and its t54 counterpart: wargaming

    • less alpha. less dpm, apcr as standard(So same pen as is-7 thx to normalization) and turret is paper (Just overpenetrate its roof).

  2. Was looking at the first gun stats and was like, wtf, even LOWER DPM than regular IS-7 and same pen as IS-3? Would have been the worst T10 prem/reward heavy…but now, 260 penetration sounds good enough to make up for that atrocious DPM.

    Not that I’d want to play the tank either way, it’s a russian heavy after all.

    • well lets wait for ground resistance… as we know wg at the end it will be slower than current IS-7 although lighter and better engine ^^

  3. I think it’s way too good. It’s infinitely better than the IS-7.
    Gun: Obj. 260 Wins at ALL categories. And 260(!)APCR+340 HEAT as well.
    Armour: Same if not worse by a bit only due to the Turrent shape.
    Mobility: 19.57 PTT Ratio? It better have 2 terrain resistance on Roads.

    IS-7 had 50 HP more and possibly Slightly better armour. Whats the point of it anyway?
    I am not saying OMGSOVIETBIAS WGSUX, but at it current state, it will be one of the best T10 Heavy Tank.

    • Medium tank max. speed and hp/t
      Heavy tank armor
      and goddamn REGULAR pen.

      God bless IS-7 users.

      • Next fake shit gun, what gun shoot apcr as standard ammo, those russian lovers are more stupid that they all looks. World of Fakes come to u.

        Give more love to CW folks. Kiss ass Wg , u doing gj on that

      • IS-7 users? what users? this thing is going to be exclusive to good clans. What’s that? 5000players max? fuck this shit.

        It will be one of the best CW EXCLUSIVE LIMITED edition T10 Heavy Tank. No wonder it has those stats. The impact on WoT random battles gameplay will be like 1%. So WG can make it OP with no worries at all for gameplay since not many will get this tank.

        • That.

          Besides, if it’s meant to be a REWARD it has to have some combat value after all. What would be the point of competing if you’d end up with some useless crap tank to “decorate” the garage?

  4. Okey….so devs are reviewing the penetration inflation and role of armor……yet do this “225/265/68 to 260/340/68″. From 225 to 260mm pen is like fucking 35mm pen increase. Why not give this OP reward premium tank like 240 or 245mm max?

    How the fuck are devs going to review the role of armor, yet making penetration increases like this? 260mm is too much thats even more pen than any tier 10 heavy has, give it 240-245mm MAX pen.

    • I dont fucking get how WG thinks and acts some times. 260mm pen is too much period, didnt all guns on tier 10 heavys got nerfed to 258 pen max some patches ago? A premium tank should have less pen than regular heavys, specialy since the devs was thinking about giving this 225mm pen from the beginning. How can just just increase the standard pen by 35mm and the gold ammo pen by 100mm? Stupid ideots.

          • If you don’t even know what normalization is nor know the difference between shell types in WoT, your opinion is ridiculous and should be considered spam.

          • APCR has only 2 degree of shell normalization while AP has 5. That’s why 268 pen on tier 10 meds is comparable to 258 pen on tier 10 HT in general performance.

            Because of that, 260mm of penetration on APCR is below average.

            In case you don’t what is the role of shell normalisation, head over WOT wiki and educate yourself. Give up the nickname “Ferdinand Porsche”, you don’t deserve that nick name with your IQ.

            • Difference between 5 and 2 degrees of normalisation is about 11% in extreme (70 deg) cases… So 260 APCR is equivalent to anything between 235 – 260 AP pen, depending on targeted angle – but in reality for angles smaller than 60 degrees difference is small:
              - 8,2% difference for 60 degrees (most common angle of UFPs, Obj. gun is equal to 240 pen AP)
              - 5,6% difference for 50 degrees (Obj. gun = 246 AP pen)
              - 4% difference for 40 degrees (Obj. gun = IS-7 gun)

              So average tier 10 gun in terms of penetration.
              Still APCR vs AP normalistation loss is not that a big issue, premium APCR is always superior to AP even on sloped armor (OK, there is also penetration loss at distance but it only matters on lower tiers), as premium APCRs have always more than 11% difference in penetration (25 – 30% more mostly, 70 – 90% more in extreme cases).

              So consider it having Maus-113 pen average.

              • Not only higher tier APCR loses less pen over the distance, but if APCR is standard ammo for a given tank it loses less pen over the distance regardless (T71 for example).

                Still, even if pen-wise obj 260 will stand in line with other heavines, I reckon it will be more comfortable to engage distant targets due to shell speed, which it should be above AP speeds, for what speeds other APCR shells have it the game.

    • >Wanting the shitty Mausturm on the E-100, into the trash your opinion goes.
      >Wanting the JT 12.8 L/66 on the E-100, opinion pulled out of the trash.

  5. Oh yes, let’s have a much faster IS-7 with better armor and better gun too, and let’s make it a premium tank, so it can meet T8-T9 tanks EVERY SINGLE GAME !!!

    God, I’m SOOOO glad I don’t play high tiers anymore. SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING GLAD !!!

    • Every tier 10 tank is always top tier and meets tier 8 and 9 on regular basis. Reward tier 10 tanks are no different to regular ones when it comes to match making.

      Also, looking at what you posted, I am also glad you do not play high tiers. Thank you very much.

  6. i’m starting to be fed up with special reward for 0.001% of the player base. CW is way too time consuming , they should give more then one way to get to them , like give the right to buy one cw reward for 10 million credits everytime you get a hard medal in a tier 8 to 10, like koblanov or harder one.

    • its not a cw or sh reward tank. you can buy it on the shop or something else. its again NOT a clanwar reward

    • after 2 years WG started to care about their endgame content. hell, it was about a time. till first campaign, it was nada, still the same thing in CWs every day, only motivation was fighting clan vs clan or alliance vs alliance. only two things were added: tank freezing and fog of war…

      those hard/rare rewards from CW are motivation to become better teamplayer and to be better clan. they should be unique and rare. if you commit your playtime to CWs. you must have big set of tanks T6,T8,T10 by request of Field commanders, mostly premium acc, some premium tanks, to be ready at set time. you should get some reward, for doin that…

      btw, it is not very hard to get on tanks at least 10-25 most active players from any clan on map. so you dont have to be in best clan, or to be unicum. only exception is M60. that was hard, only like 10-20 clans did get them. how come that, noob like me has complete collection of reward tanks?

    • So WG makes a reward tank as an incentive to participate and compete in clan wars.

      And then you show up, saying that you don’t have the time for cw, but want a tank anyways.

      Would you also like a “win now” button instead of “battle” in your client, so you can have thousands of battles with 100% win rate without actually playing the game … because, you know, it’s way too time consuming?

  7. Weapon performance is lacking, if standard ammo is APCR that may make this an interesting tank. What is the gun depression?

    • If it’s reward tank for cw it won’t equal money though. As a tier 10 it won’t be in the shop.

      Unless you count your time in the game as money spent/lost/not-earned. Then, spending a lot of time on cw campaign really means money. It would hardly make any sense to play the game with such mindset however.