Fury Heads and Names in WoT

Hello everyone,

the micropatch today (apart from the Fury garage) brought us new faces for the “Fury” crew, along with the names from the movie (these are marked as “unavailable” for now). So now you can stare at wannabe Shia LeBoeuf and Brad Pitt in your garage as well. Although… is it just me, or do these faces look nothing like the actors?






29 thoughts on “Fury Heads and Names in WoT

  1. Like I care how a crew could look…

    Did this micropatch fucked up any other mods like the other one(70MB one) did?

      • I’m usually updating mods 2-3 times in a patch without having problems.
        In 9.3 it’s already the 4th time when I update them because something got fucked up.

    • It makes me laugh when players bitch about UNOFFICIAL THIRD PARTY mods breaking when WG patch THEIR OWN GAME. Seriously, are you that bad that you have to use mods as a crutch?
      Now, don’t get me wrong, I use quite a few mods myself, but I don’t cry like a baby when they stop working. Because I can play the game without them…

  2. They are actualy a bit similar to actors. I think they didn’t give permission to use their faces.

    • I am always paying that additional 25k silver when the randomizer throws a black guy into my crew… In the case of M3 Lee it was the other way around though :-).

  3. Seriously, SS?
    Those faces have been there for ages since the introduction of American tree! The first one used to be the commander on my T29 for a long time….
    If I remember correctly, there is one face, much more similar to Brad Pitt.

    • Yup they’re from the regular “pool” of faces available since the dawn of mank…World of Tanks.
      SS probably don’t play US tanks much :P

  4. The first guy looks kinda/a little bit like Brad Pitt, but of course, its just the same old faces, nothing special about them.
    I for one don’t care, but if WG say that will make “Fury crew” then do it. Perhaps they will have their names?

  5. If the heads would look like the actors, WG would have to pay their a$$ off in license fees, what do you think? I don’t really need Brad Pitt’s face in my garage anyway. I’m totally straight. Angelina Jolie would be a different story. That would be one hot tank commander. :P

  6. Poeple. Those crewmen are already in the game from the beginning. These are no new faces.
    Sorry but SS has his information wrong.

  7. I’ll have no crew members named after movie characters or the “actors” who played them. I shall remove them and have them executed for treason and impersonating a soldier. Then I’ll have them poisoned, hanged, shot, drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, shot again, then deleted from the barracks. In my opinion, to give a tank crew the names of actors or the characters they portrayed would be a shameful disrespect to those who actually served in the tanks during the war. If they used the names of REAL tankers who fought in this tank, then that would be different.

  8. They are so good that i can’t recognize any of the actors and what face should represent what actor.