Havok? 9.6

Thanks to André (and one other reader) for his info.

Hello everyone,

during the recent community meeting in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil, a Wargaming community manager I know only as “Steve” specifically confirmed the following:

- Havok will come in patch 9.6
- patch 9.6 is scheduled for January at this moment

So, thanks, Steve!


44 thoughts on “Havok? 9.6

  1. So sad my computer will be too weak (4Gb Ram) for havok ^^
    If I want to run at 40 fps, I can’t even activate dust from tracks.. :(

    • 4GB of RAM is more then enough for most games even today (no matter how much they lie on system requirements).
      And it will be enough for WoT too.

      What you mean is here though is your CPU. The CPU handles Havok.

      • 4GB is not bad but I would ideally push for 6 or 8 gig.
        WOT doesn’t ever seem to use anything near this, but having more lets me keep other things running without any worry.
        Personally I have 16 gig, but I purchased it when DDR3 (my speed) hit the low price point. The question should be that once Havok comes in how much extra ram will you need if your CPU is driving Havok (I am under the perhaps wrong belief that Havok is also supported on some GPU lines).

    • and since when 4GB of RAM is not enough for WoT? Other that it will hardly influence Havoc…

        • My pc is a laptop, thus quite old. It has a Intel I5 and has no problem running oher games. :/

          I don’t think buying Ram for a 3 y-o tired laptop worth the price. (It will probably die soon so I’ll wait for a new one)

  2. GIVE THAT MAN A COOKIE, as it seems he likes them :-).
    Anyway I’m not going to enable it anyway, as knowing Wargaming stronk programming skills it will fuck up the performance, however – the sooner they will implement it the better, as maybe they will move to actually important stuff…

  3. if true, this would imply the new British line will come in 9.5 around late November early December?

    • Should be around December, if I remember correctly in one of the posts on here it stated that the firefly branch to come around December.

  4. I don’t really care what the numbers in the game are, as long as the real world deadline is met.

  5. Can someone please explain how Havok will work? I have heard that the effects will only be visible if you turn them on, and yet there achievements for surviving rubble from a destroyed building falling on you. That would be really confusing personally as you would suddenly die from rubble falling on you but you can’t see it. :(