- developers confirm that this T 55A armor model is correct
- T 55A armor is “almost full copy of elite T-54″, with the differences being in the rear hull and the fact it is missing second the second cupola on the roof
- T-44-85 150mm penetration sufficient for tier 7 premium? “That was with the introduction of fake shells.” (SS: heh I was wondering whether the 150mm magical Soviet shells are fake – and yea, seems so)
- T-44-85 will not be introduced as a light tank (SS: yes, someone is actually asking that)
- KV-5 is doing just fine statistically, it won’t be buffed (Storm adds: “we checked it several times”)
- Storm, reacting on the “Fury underpowered” whine: “It’s generally only a little different from the regular M4A3E8. And M4A3E8 is doing very well statistically.”
- Esc key will not be used to quit the MM queue, because it already opens the menu and the developers don’t want to screw around with existing bindings
- Sixth Sense rework will come neither in 9.4 nor in 9.5
- Storm admits that after the Sixth Sense rework, KV-5 (with its radioman) will have a problem, developers will investigate whether this has to be compensated somehow
- Storm considers Sixth Sense beneficial to game dynamics for example during active scouting and in cases when you peek out from a rock and if the bulb doesn’t light up, you are free to go
- Chinese gun depression buff? “I will not promise anything”
- +/-1 MM will not be introduced (“Definitely not for many reasons”)
- Q: “Can you introduce a mode where only vehicles of the same tier would fight 15vs15?” A: “What would be the point of sucha mode?”
- it’s not possible to “smoothen” the “microrelief” of the map only in physics and to leave it visually the same

131 thoughts on “13.10.2014

    • Sixth Sense for everyone – bulb lights up – CAMP.
      Doesnt light up – still camp.
      People are idiots, dont forget it.

        • well maybe if the spot system would work as it needed, that maybe cause less campers, because in a 410m viewrane tank you can’t see a t57 in the open who pumping you, sixth sense is the biggest problem ehh?

          • Maybe you should learn the camo mechanics? Not necessary the wiki article as it may be too complicated for you, but just take a look at the WoT camo calculator, and you will understand, why some tanks dissapear sometimes…
            But that is too hard to comprehend for most people…
            There should be a simple impovement in the cammo mechanic. It should work as it works now, BUT tanks should not disapperar – the marker should vanish (if let’s say the penalty on that ninja tank after firing ends, and his base camo factor, as well as skills come into effect). The improement would mean, that you could still be able to abserve this tank MANUALLY, as an standing/moving object, but without amarker (so no autoaim, not information about HP, probably no information about a distance etc., but the object is visible…).

            • @wana

              This “improvement” would only mean opening the doors for cheaters with mods adding back the marker.

        • “Woras on October 13, 2014 at 4:11 pm said:

          Sixth Sense for everyone – bulb lights up – CAMP.
          Doesnt light up – still camp.
          People are idiots, dont forget it.”

          bulb or not, arty will still hit the campers

          • ^^^ then they still camp. and if the light tanks on the arties team are pro, the arty will do what it does best, oneshotting some fool campers

      • Low/Mid tiers statpadding nerf I would say. I usually know that I’m spotted, but it helps a lot in end game.

    • “- T 55A armor is “almost full copy of elite T-54″, with the differences being in the rear hull and the fact it is missing second the second cupola on the roof”

      Lol, it wouldn’t be Silentstalker without a fail would it be? This is all the guy does and getting paid to do it by our donations and he messes up a sentence? Fuck are we paying him for?!

      - This post has been brought to you by sarcasm generated by “WG fails again due to a typo” posts that SS likes so much. Who gives a shit?

  1. “- Storm, reacting on the “Fury underpowered” whine: “It’s generally only a little different from the regular M4A3E8. And M4A3E8 is doing very well statistically.””

    I might agree when the “little” changes are about the +4.2 tons, the -20 Horsepowers and reduced speedlimit and the -2 deg in the gun depression, but I don’t wanna call it “little” when the lower hull comes with 51mm only while the regular M4A3E8 has 101mm. In addition the slope front turret armor is weaker than in the regular M4A3E8 and last but not least there is no armor behind the gun mantlet of the Fury. These are significant differences.

    • I have the jumbo, which I like a lot, and I dont see any good reason to get this premium tank. It is a worse version of the jumbo.

        • It can have some reduced stats, no question.But I have a problem with a lot non told things that come on top. For me it is a way too much.

          To reduce the lower hull from 101mm to 51mm is a lot. Also to play around with the slope front turret armor what isnt 64mm but 45mm only. And dont forget the missing armor behind the gun mantlet.

    • Fury Sherman should indeed have something special in comparision to the M4A3E8, like more HP, better ROF or even less weight for more HP/ton ratio. Heck, give it extra spaced armor for the logs or something, but try making it special in stats too.

      Of course if you want the REAL premium idea, make the logs spaced armor, keep the HP the same, give it the stock engine. Mobility gone, logs added, premium idea (worse than real tank).

      If it will be for sale, I won’t buy it, simply because I can get one for free and install a remodel or something.

      • I forget the -45m Signalrange. ;)

        Btw. when I mention the slope frontal turret armor, I don’t mean the told 76mm against the 63mm.

        The regular M4A3E8 has 76mm while the Fury doenst come with 63mm like the frontal turret armor, but with 45mm only.

        Ups, the hatch is also more vulnerable.

      • It has something special. For example:

        - it makes more silver.
        - you can train any US medium crew on it.

        You guys forget it’s a frikkin’ premium, it’s not supposed to be on par with E8. Better than stock, worse than top.

        • Its not all about “more silver” and “crew training”. It doesnt justify to make it that bad, especially with non told armor changes. And these are not just little tweaks anymore as “Storm” mentioned.

          -50% lower front hull armor is not a little different. -100% behind the gun mantlet (what is a big hitzone) is not a little different.

    • but you have the top gun, and its rof… As well as the massive view range – 370 meters, stock turret has 330 if I am not mistaken… Fury is a good tank, to strong in my opinion even (for a premium).

      • for those who say the e8 armor is weak, explain to me why i saw an e8 get a steel wall after bouncing a tiger hsot, some kv85 100 mms, around 5 chiri shots, and a hellcat 90 mm shot. please explain

      • In my opinion its not all about the gun and the viewrange what makes the difference between a Premium or Non-Premium Tank. And the Fury has enough downs already:

        Mobility, Signalrange, Gundepression and Turret Armor.

        But, I dont like playing around with other stats like the missing armor behind the gun mantlet and -50% reduced lower front hull armor what is a big zone at the E8/Fury.

        E8/Fury are pretty the same tank with the same hull and they should not change such things without letting people know before they might buy a “Fury”.

  2. - +/-1 MM will not be introduced (“Definitely not for many reasons”)
    fuck you WG….its stupid how games are sorted by tiers, I recently got the Chi To and it sucks when i am up against t8s like Is3 and t28 prot (even with top gun) its just BS -_-

    • Ah and I bet you say the same once you’re in your IS-3 and have to face a 1kbattles stock Chi-To, am I right?.

      MM spread is fine, it was bs back in the days.

      • The Chi-Nu was just horrid. The Chi-To was like a breath of fresh air. Aced so many times in a week and was just having the most fun with it.

    • The don’t need to implement +/1 Tier MM. Nor do they have to add Skilled based MM.

      What they need to do is rebalance the whole game. There is too much Hit Point Bloat as you go up in tiers and too much Alpha damage bloat to go with it. I mean, why does an M4 Sherman have 480 HP and an Easy Eight have 750? There shouldn’t even bee that much gap between the M3 and Easy Eight. The reason is so when bad players get to play as Top Tier they feel like they can pwned/rekt lower tier players simply because they can take more hits. So yeah, decrease the bloat overall will help.

      Second thing is add additional tiers. Go up to Tier 12 to 14, not by adding tanks to the back end, but by adding tanks to the middle. Either by splitting existing vehicles (like they did with the StuG and PzIV) or add ones not in the game. Need two extra tanks for the American Medium line? How about the M4(75) (making current M4 the M4(76)) and the M47?

      That’s how you actually FIX the game, not stupid bandaids like limited tier MM and skilled MM. I mean, they admitted this was a problem when Historical Mode was going on because they said they might have to give tanks their own stats for Historical. One of the things desperately needed was less of a gap in HPs between tanks that fought in the same battles, but were several (or even one) tiers apart in the game.

      • Very true. The biggest problem with WoT as I see it is the fact that average alpha damage to average hitpoints ratio fluctuates from tier 1 to tier 10 haphazardly, making each tier have a sort of “differing meta” and the entire game feel very inconsistent with itself as you go up the tiers. I didn’t use to feel it when I played mostly low tiers or got stuck grinding at tiers 7 or 8 for a long long time, but now when I both have AND am forced to grind through vehicles from tiers 4 to 9, the change in metagame because of this wildly fluctuating hp-to-alpha ratio across battle tiers becomes very apparent and it just screws with your game sense.

    • Hey, nab, a free tip. You should suit your gameplay to your position in the team (tier), as well as the composure of the enemy team, and abuse the areas, where your tank excels. Same goes with the path selection on map, because my dear friend, if your are e.g. going brawling with IS-3s in that shitty paper japanese tank, then you are just doing it wrong…

  3. - Storm, reacting on the “Fury underpowered” whine: “It’s generally only a little different from the regular M4A3E8. And M4A3E8 is doing very well statistically.”

    yea … but FURY is not M4A3E8 … it looks like but is not the same …. probably they should make it with special MM no more than tier 7

    • if it would have a limited MM, then it should not have the top gun, and probably view range reduced to 350…

  4. - T-44-85 150mm penetration sufficient for tier 7 premium? “That was with the introduction of fake shells.” (SS: heh I was wondering whether the 150mm magical Soviet shells are fake – and yea, seems so)

    The T-44/85 could of course also use premium (APCR) shells as standard ammunition and use new premium ammo like (for example) HEAT to replace it. HE shells can stay the same. I mean, this idea is already in the game with higher tier tanks that would have horrific pen with AP ammo. It could be quite an OK solution.

    • man the problem is not the question … the problem is the new tanks with no armor who can’t fight against +2 tier tanks … the Japanese tanks are the WORST in the game they have the same guns like other tanks from same tier but they are not better on other things that could be compensate with LOWEST ARMOR that they have

      • Bullshit, Chi-nu and Chi-to have best guns on the tier, and don’t forget about the insane gun depression that lets you abuse terrain like crazy.

          • the only bad thing about the japenese tanks 4-7 is that theyre like the biggest tanks for their tier. i think that the chiri is actually as big as a tiger…other than that, theyre fine tanks, capable of putting out nice dpm

      • Chi-Nu & Chi-To have surprisingly good camo (with a 100% camo crew, of course) and the Chi-To at least has absolutely BEAST-like DPM.

        Oh, and most of the Jap tanks are brilliant at firing on the move.

        Chi-Ri is a huge pain, though.

  5. Q: “Can you introduce a mode where only vehicles of the same tier would fight 15vs15?” A: “What would be the point of sucha mode?”
    This mode is already in place, play in Clans or team battles and you get it.

  6. - Storm admits that after the Sixth Sense rework, KV-5 (with its radioman) will have a problem, developers will investigate whether this has to be compensated somehow

    Giving KV-5 gun its historical pen?

  7. - Q: “Can you introduce a mode where only vehicles of the same tier would fight 15vs15?” A: “What would be the point of sucha mode?”

    Well, I believe that such a mode is good to try out vehicles against vehicles of their own tier. I believe that a tank should be able to fight vehicles of its own tier. So, it is also a way to test game-balance. Heck, maybe add it as a super-test function or something, but it is useful. Because tanks should be able to fight tanks of their own tier *COUGH* Excelsior *COUGH*

      • Same tier battles are the BEST carrying opportunity with HUGE xp potential, thanks to the same-leveled playing field.

        Some of the best games I had were in Tier 7 vs Tier 7 90% Heavy Tank fights (and you all know those happen quite often).

        Since you mainly shoot tanks of the same tier as you, there is no XP penalty (as when you’re nailing a poor Tier 5 sod that happened to come up in front of your gun) and a 3-4k damage game will result in a metric buttload of XP

  8. “- Storm admits that after the Sixth Sense rework, KV-5 (with its radioman) will have a problem, developers will investigate whether this has to be compensated somehow”

    Commander with Jack of all trades skill at 100% should be able to overtake wounded radioman’s task including reworked sixth sense. This would be simple and elegant solution.

    • I would make this a regular feature for all tanks and not limited to KV-5. Btw. nice idea.

      However ..

      I dont think they gonna mess around with that stuff. They might tweak some stats for the tank to compensate this issue. But to be honest, this heavy armored tank has not a lot benefits of the sixth sense. So tweaking something else, like penetration, will make him just a more powerfu heavy tank.

    • Yeh, thats a really nice idea. Commander could overtake with lets say a little bit higher delay (becasue jack only boosts to 75%) and voila :)

    • Perks don’t really work that way and IMO shouldn’t. It’s something as a long-time proficiency, makes no sense commander would be able to do it, even with said perk (because he’s still improvising!)

  9. Make the T4485 a tier 8 light with 25 more pen and make the T54L a tier 8 premium medium tank which we all want!

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  11. - Q: “Can you introduce a mode where only vehicles of the same tier would fight 15vs15?” A: “What would be the point of sucha mode?”

    i would even go as far as to say a game mode of 15 vs 15 in practice mode where you select your enemy and team-mates tanks on your own!!! a game mode where you are the only actual player and the other ones are bots because you don’t always have other 29 people to do that for you in training, and even if you do most of them never listen to what they have to do and just randomly go on their own path so fuck this shit!!! training noobs or medium players has become something like “beg for a clan to start training you well and play with you” or even worse, pay someone douche “unicum” to teach you and this is bullshit!!! Wg isn’t giving a single fuck about noob player training and at the same time ruining good players gameplay too because if your team doesn’t know what they have to do you will fail on and on!!! and one more thing, some tanks DO NEED preferential MM by default (+/- 1) because not every tank can perform like the IS-3 , KV-85, etc etc so yes whining can be justified indeed!

    seriously, how come no one else if complaining about not having the option (like LOL) to play and train vs bots!!! why the hell not?!? you could learn weak-spots, distance penetration, what enemy bots do and after hours of training go to the real battle and at least be a bit better than average.

    • P.S. this would also keep noobs and bad players away from public servers for a longer time because they will be busy training and this could also solve the MM imbalance problem as well in public games.

      • german

        Douche Wagon II

        vk 30.01H

        Vk 30.01P

        Jg.Pz. IV




        churchill I


        medium III

        japanese line
        everything except tier VIII , IX and X.

        • Clearly, you fail. B1 and DW2 already have limited MM, and they’re the only ones who need it.

          • @CyberMaroon i didn’t knew non-premium vehicles have preferential mm. except test server i never dare to play such… “tenks”. all you have to do is check the initial configuration .
            on the other hand, why is everyone else dodging the main topic of my post? do you really want to keep on having noobs coming in the game untrained and unskilled?!? this matter should be taken in consideration by the devs themselves who don’t seem to give a single fuck about newcomers training!!! + of that it would also even benefit the older players who would go single player style after too many consecutive defeats to “own bots” . and yes i do believe everyone would be happier that way!!! you could make your own setups and play the game at your heart desire without complaining about what the devs are doing all the time. you could even create your own historical battles so who hasn’t thought about this option already and why?

            • It was already considered – but creating the maps is too expensive and if everyone did so, the server would crash. the map system (or tutorial system) has to be redone first, so it has a bit low priority.

              100 000 players / 30 players per battle = 3k maps at the same time
              The same with 1 player per battle = 100k battles at the same time running on server.

              • what a pathetic excuse for a game that calls itself “game of the year” . seriously? 2014 and it’s too hard to add 29 bots and a decent training system? ofc this is not too dificult for WT but i don’t know why i’m even wasting my time anymore with this piece of crap game, i quited my clan today, uninstalled the game and will never return!!! the worse piece of garbage excuse and the excuse is only there because the devs themselves don’t even want people to learn the game.

        • vk3001h and churchill 1? 150 pen in t5 need pref mm?

          seriously the only reason for +1/-1 mm, is gameplay, isnt really fun carry a +2 game where your top tiers are braindead.

        • DW2: Haven’t played yet, IIRC (or not enough)
          3001H: Nope.
          3001P: Nope, that tank is GREAT if you can use its mobility
          JgPz IV: Great sniping TD, continuing from StuG

          B1: Has limited MM, they say, and I did well against T6 even when it did not. Don’t show sides, preferably hulldown (small target).

          Churchill I: Nah, Churchill I to Black Prince are awesome if used right.
          Covenanter: Move, hulldown, circle enemy. Good to go.
          Medium III: DOn’t remember this one, too low and probably got through it with blazing speed.

          Japanese line: You can’t play support snipers (as seen before: B1, JgPz), clearly, because this whole line up to STA is exactly that and they can excel in outputted damage, thanks to enemy underestimating them way too often.

          Really, from your list I’d say there is maybe 1 or 2 vehicles that I consider a bit harder to play – but that is probably more my playstyle than them being too weak and needing +/-1

          • I know one: the SAu40. It’s a downright awful vehicle. I NEVER manage to get a good tier 6 match. Tier 5 matches can be OK. But killing something in the SAu 40 when you are in a tier 6 match is impossible. Anything out-dpms or oneshots you. 280 HP is nothing, by getting 1 kill I get a medal because I dealt more damage than I have HP. Which is just sad.

            The SAu 40 can DEFINATELY use pref. MM or a buff in any form of mobility, HP, DPM or a removed stock gun.

            • I think I might kinda agree, that’s one of the weaker tanks. Though I remember a few very good battles in it too – it’s just awful for a hulldown play because of that miniturret (kinda like ARL V39, but the issue is smaller there).

      • Maybe, just maybe, tanks should be given battle tier based on the actual stats of the the modules on the tank rather than just the tank’s name. A stock centurion is very very much different from a fully upgraded one. So is a stock Tiger versus a fully upgraded Tiger. Maybe it’s not the tanks that are the problem, but the STUFF on the tanks.

        • As far as i remember all stock tank have limited MM for a couple first battle
          Enough for lower tier, but not much for higher tier.
          BTW, why people complain so much on Jap tanks? i found they playable, just not noob friendly tanks. you need some skill to play them.
          Strangely, i doing fine with Chi-ri, manage 55% WR before move to STA-1. Maybe becaue its unique 3-shell auto-loader gun?

  12. when i heard that the 6th sense rework was going to mean that the radioman was going to get that perk i was excited until i realized how boned the kv-5 (my favorite tank not because its strong but because when you do well in it theres nothing more satisfying) will be because 1 in 2 shots the kv-5 receives hits and pen the radiomans gun turret from my personal experience which may vary from player to player. in my opinion either an armour buff of the radiomans turret to maybe 140mm to 150mms (not going to far because i dont want my favorite tank to become a gold shell magnet at least not more than it is now) thick all round or a hit point buff to 1900-2000 would work because losing the radio man (and losing 6th sense as a result) is HUGE disadvantage because as soon as someone sees the r2d2 it gets shot immediately.

  13. So, this fury stuff (tank and hangar) has already found its way to the game? :(
    As I’m currently banned for some reason…

      • Nah, “chargeback issue”, something went wrong with that payment system.

        The downside of not using PayPal…well, got an account there now, once I got my WoT unlocked again, I will definitely only use PayPal, that’s for sure.

  14. “- T-44-85 150mm penetration sufficient for tier 7 premium? “That was with the introduction of fake shells.” (SS: heh I was wondering whether the 150mm magical Soviet shells are fake – and yea, seems so)”

    Panther M10 says hello.

    “- Storm admits that after the Sixth Sense rework, KV-5 (with its radioman) will have a problem, developers will investigate whether this has to be compensated somehow”

    The fuck ? It’s a heavy! Why are people using 6th sence on a heavy tanks ? you are supposed to push the line, of course they see you.
    In that case, I want some compensation on my E100 because camo skill doesnt provide much bonus…

    • ehem…. remember, KV-5 is a PREMIUM tank, meaning you’re taking the crew from your other heavies. Say an IS-3, which is used in e-sports a lot and you need sixth sense to be competitive.

      • well thats fine, but anyway… who cares if he dies… you will lose 6th sense on a front line heavy tank… losing loader, driver, gunner hurts more….

    • 6th sence is freaking usefull either it is small like an elc or as big as a Maus
      and it gives you better awareness of the situation

      most people say 6th sence is one of the most important perks that you must have

      • imho it depends on a tank… yes, on some of them its crucial, on the others, its “situational” …

    • t23 says f**k u all, 128 pen in t7 and no extra dpm.

      t-34-85 with the same pen of the t-43 or the kv-13 is ok.

  15. TBH the +-1MM is needed with one limit which is Tier’s bellow 7 get it all (excluded arty and scouts). The difference between 6-8 Tiers is so great that playing with for instance Tier6 Heavy in a Tier 8 game is complete waste of time with the current system. So many times I got into games where there were 5+5+5 MM by tier and when Tier6 there is nothing you can do if your top tiers are under skilled. From this perspective it is a complete waste of time for me to play this MM games since I could not contribute to the game at all. You can have a killer game and still you will not be able to win at the end… and that is my goal when I start the game. So many times I ended up in a game with doing top damage with T6 on a T8 MM and still it was a lost since of this bloody MM. I am sure if the same would happen in a T7 MAX game I could change a LOST to a WIN by doing great. For the moment that is not possible and that is the sad about it. Pure waste of time nothing more….

    And as a plus to that when finishing on top with a low Tier and lose the game makes everybody even more pissed of.

    The second restriction would be simple and would ban the bad bad bad players to them selves. And it is reflecting the skilled MM. Simply do the two groups MM split top 50% players online do not meet bottom 50% players. When bellow certain number of players online this rule does not apply any more.

    At least I will not have in my team those 42% vegetables any more for the most of the time

    • you do realize this cannot work…

      lets say your WR is 55% – you are palying in the 50+% group… cool! no tomatoes…
      Now, in this match, where both teams are 50+%, STILL ONE HAS TO LOSE! After some time playing in 50+% games, your WR will go down to 50%… from this moment, if you lose one game, you will drop to the other group <50% … if you win, you will go back up to 50+% …

      What I'm trying to say… even if your WR is good.. making you play against same or better players will lower your WR at some point..

      Same for those in <50% group.. at some point they will get up to 50+% group to play against much better players..

      Its NOT like your WR is now XY and from now on you will play in that group FOREVER…
      When there are 2 good teams, one of them WILL LOSE, same for 2 bad teams, one will WIN!

      Furthermore… how do you wanna get Pools medal or even better in such games ? getting 13+ kills is impossible if you cannot have a chance to get 29 tomatoes in the match…

        • with the MM as it is now, I can play for both :)
          With split/skill MM it will be only one of those.

          • statistics where people have 50+% are irrelevant apart from showing off. The problem is players(boooots) who destroy the games. And that is the reality. I know some in person and when I see them play it gives me the creeps because I know if they will be in my team one day as top tiers we will never win. That is how it is… and that the problem gets worse they don’t learn anything. All they see is a tank and a screen before them. They drive in shot once maybe twice before they are wrecked……

            If you prefer to play to kill go to LOL and boost your libido playing against bots. You will have a spot on statistics….but at the end of the day you will not learn anything at all…..

            • because WG and greedy mother fuckers (i can’t call them anything else) don’t give a fuck about these players!!! you constantly blame red players when the real problem are the ones who don’t even create or invent a freaking TRAINING system so that a noob new player could know what the fuck should a certain class even do!!! i have 52% win rate and WN8 @1500 and only i know how frustrating it was for the first 4000 battles to figure out on my own every single little thing! this game is shit because it treats people like shit and forces you to beg or have friends in order to evolve , so fuck you all for blaming the red players.

              • not to mention how pathetic some of you fuckers are to even complain that the only class nobs can be good at is arty. seriously, “friendly” community and “good people” my ass!!! just a bunch of hungry wolves with their packs that want to brag about the length of their dicks and when sometimes it gets cut off by arty you cry OP and blame red tomatoes.

              • All this game requires is some common sense and ability to learn from mistakes you make….. There are some people that play this and don’t learn at all and they do not show the desire to do so. Tested on people I know.

                And Alex,
                try to behave a bit since being a dick to others does only one. They treat you the same way back. So the natural thing which will occur eventually is that you will get one inserted up you anus or should I write this in past tens?… :) no soap required.

                • @Kmecl
                  give me a break, your comment only proves i’m right. who the hell wants to play a game where you’re constantly cheated by invented unicums that constantly get 10-15 people to press random-battle at the same time so they can manipulate the game in their favor. WOT is a sick joke made to keep good players and very good players from wining the game! Basicly, if you love to go solo this is not the game you’re looking for since cheating has only evolved , not removed. needless to say this happens during the night all the time and it’s become something like “suck up to the best and maybe they will pitty you and give you a spot if you pay them enough”. bullshit game, i am sorry to say but War Thunder it is in this case. the reason they don’t implement good training and bots vs humans is because they want you to suck and get frustrated and in the end just end up paying for a so called “free game” only to get fair treatment, not preferential. not everyone is a douchebag but some douchebags have made their own mini-companies within this game and it’s so obvious that any above average player can tell, not that WG cares anyway, they even encourage it. personally i refuse to pay for anything except my own tanks in this game. ofc red players will always take the blame so this cycle will go on and on and on because naive players will fall for it each time. goodluck in the long run WG, maybe you will get enough stupid people to remain in your ranks. and Kmecl yeah,you have special web-sites for what you’re looking for.

                • you and WG supporters are all the same, MM IS FINE, No training for noobs is fine, having 10 tomatoes vs 10 unicums is fine, everything is fine for these guys. but who can blame them? they can’t even balance the tanks properly in the first place no to mention the player base. no one will care anyway, they will even give away free type-59 just to keep players playing this game but they will never fix the real issues this game has. perhaps 10 more buffs for the soviets and 10 more nerfs for the germans and a free garage slot so you shut up and keep playing. this game is history, uninstalled it tonight, good riddance. will reconsider the option to play it when the single player version is up (probably never) . till then War Thunder ftw! they are doing everything right and 10 times faster.

                • imagine a game Bots VS Bots :) and greens vs greens, i would like very much
                  or lets say +-1color

                  RED and ORANGE \\ VS // RED and ORANGE

  16. Every tank will have a problem with radioman tied to the Sixth Sense… Seriosuly, they are dying like flies those radiomans on most of the tanks, and there is no point in healing them 9 times out of 10… With a radioman sixth sense you will have to wast your med kit on his sorry ass, as well as probably 70% of the teams in the popular tiers will have SS enabled, so there shall be camping…

    • not every tank.
      there are tanks where I simply dont care if Im spoted. Not using 6th sense even though I got 3x 100% skills on commander…

    • I dont see a problem either… how about E25 or panther M10… these 2 have 150mm pen and they are perfectly fine..

      • Not to mention that German T7 prototype medium, VK3002 needs to use “puny” gun with 150 penetration or “alpha gun, “short 88″ with only 132 pen.

        Then somehow even for WG 150 pen for premium Russian T7 medium is not enough? Russian 88mm gun already have better alpha (180) than “so much famous 75mm L70 gun (135)

        Sure, WG is definitely trolling the community. Even Russian one!

  17. - T 55A armor is “almost full copy of elite T-54″, with the differences being in the rear hull and the fact it is missing second the second cupola on the roof

    Doesn’t the T-55 have 100mm frontal armour, not the 120mm of the T-54?

  18. If the sixth sense perk will go to radioman,what will happen to those vehicles,that have no radioman ?

  19. Those wargaming people are idiots. This game has such shitty balance that it seems its been designed with that in mind. I guess it must be part of their strategy to make a game where the shit players never feel the skill gap. Hence, easymode and OP soviet tanks.

      • Really ? So the hordest of Batchats, T62′s and IS7′s are american now ? And those IS8 and AMX 13 on Tier 8 CW are apparently american now too ..

        You learn something new every day …

        Dunno what cw’s you play ..

    • Skill in WoT is mostly moderated and influenced with RNG.

      Good luck fighting +2 tier armored vehicle of any classification unless it is a SPG or light tank with a normal gun. Against autoloader Light you already stand no chance unless you caught him while he is reloading

      The effect of RNG is just too big anyway and against +2 tier “tank” even RNG is on his side in 90%+ of cases. By using “premium ammo” you only reduce that effect by around 20%

      In a sense RNG protects +2 tiers that it is just total BS when you consider that those tanks have 2x times more HP, armor that counts and firepower to “destroy you in one, two or in the worst cases three shots!

      The above statement is valid for a vast majority of 2 tier highers tanks!

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  21. ” +/-1 MM will not be introduced (“Definitely not for many reasons”) ”

    What kind of reasons do u have? Why dont you make this game more balanced and more fair?

      • Hence why we prefer tier 10s, I’d rather not be handicapped by some random MM and have some pubbie in a tank 2 tiers higher suicide me. I’d be interested to see how the game plays if the hit point gap between tiers was almost eliminated.

  22. ” +/-1 MM will not be introduced (“Definitely not for many reasons”) ”

    Because tomatoes would leave the game faster when being stomped over and over in a fair environment and they don’t want to lose their biggest part of playerbase.