Hall of Shame: Credit Card Thief Edition

Hello everyone,

sometimes, but extremely rarely, an e-mail reaches me and after I read it, I have absolutely no words. I have to close it, open it again and make sure I did read it correctly. In this case, I… well… I’ll just translate it. Incredible.


As you can see, it’s a screenshot from a support ticket. Don’t ask me how I got it.

Patrik343: “Hello, on my way home, I found a credit card lying on the street. I took it and I tried to pay in World of Tanks shop with it. And now, my account is blocked because of stupid 650 CZK. I hope it will get solved soon, my account is blocked and I want to play, I am nervous about it.”

Support: “Hello, thank you for contacting us. Using a credit card without its owner’s permission is a crime in most of the countries. What happened here was that the card owner contacted the bank and requested the cancelling of all operations, that happened after the card was lost. In order to have the access to your account restored, you will have to purchase again the goods, the payment of which was cancelled. The goods were as follows:

1000 gold
1000 gold
500 gold

The total sum is 21,04 EUR. It is possible to purchase a larger bundle (for example 10000 gold), after the payment goes through, the value of the gold owed will be removed from total gold sum and after that, the account will get unblocked. Contact us further after the payment of at least 21,04 EUR goes through, we can continue after that.”

I mean… wow. How dumb and nasty do you have to be to do this kind of stuff? This fucker should get his account permabanned and he should be reported to police for credit card fraud. Incredible.

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  1. lol….just lol

    i found a credit card on the way home the other day and ordered a new laptop and £500 worth of designer clothes…if i dont get them should i complain?

  2. Still, WG’s reply was quite sensible, though an option to cancel his ingame goods should have been provided… unless he actually used that gold.

    • I tried to steal from someone… and now you blocked my account because it got figured out…

      That guy doesn’t get a patt on the back and a warning… The account should be cleaned out and permabanned.

    • Sensible? That original CC owner got robbed 21 euros and instead of telling the robber to fuck himself and ban him they are saying pay them the 21 euro and its all ok….

      • Well, technically noone was robbed because of chargeback, so the only person hurt in that incident is the guy who used the credit card because now he has to actually pay WG.

  3. fraud is fraud, he was knowingly and willingly stealing from someone. Taking his/her money, which he/she has worked hard for. Permabanning him seems to be the most logic punishment. He is never going to learn from his crimes, if they let him get off so easily!

    • Yeah he should get permabanned. How the hell can someone be so stupid to send that as a support ticket its like he dont realize its a crime geez.

  4. “Hello, thank you for contacting us. Using a credit card without its owner’s permission is a crime in most of the countries.


    What happened here was that the card owner contacted the bank and requested the cancelling of all operations, that happened after the card was lost. In order to have the access to your account restored, you will have to purchase again the goods, the payment of which was cancelled.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! What you should have written, you support moron, was:

    What will happen now is we permaban your account. Also, if the law enforcement contacts us about this we will give them all your personal info they need to arrest your sorry fraudulent ass!

    Have a nice day!

    • Some contact at WG support most likely. (Even though that Patrik guy looks stupid enough to provide it to SS alone )

  5. Ppl are dumb beyond believe. You remember the old fraud with the super cheap gold packs… Ppl were honestly conviced that its legit. I saw it on a forum that ppl were advertising this super deals. I was warning them and I got the shit from them of being a wuss and a lier. It was on the CSA forum and among them were also known players in the CZ comunity. Pity I never took screenshots.

  6. Hey SS, I got a warning of inactivity when I played arty very normally on a map, I did not exit beforehand, should I be worried to get banned?

  7. Hey! Look at that! Ive found someone else’s credit card. Better buy some stuff for myself!

    I mean, how can you get even worse than a stock brain? Just, wow.

    • Uhm, yeah, he “found” it. If he got hold of it by accidentally stumbling upon it, im Santa Claus.

  8. Besides the ultimate stupidity of the sender, I wonder whether the support guy name is genuine – Jan Novák is so common that it serves as name placeholder like John Doe.

      • Koudelka? LoL. No wonder that support works as it does. I guess they are “just hammering the rivet thin” all the time :)

        “Já jsem jenom rozklepával nýtek…”

        For those who don’t understand – Koudelka is well-known film character, famed for his kind-hearted and sincere idiocy. Surprising nick(s) for support team, aren’t they.

        • Bože, jak já ten film nenávidím…

          Silentstalker: doufám, že WG kontaktovalo banku okradeného, případně policii…

  9. I am trying my hardest to understand the train of thought that the IDIOT who found the credit card was having???

    I deal with stupid people all day at work and if I was faced with this level of stupid I would just……………I don’t fucking know what I would do!!!!!

    There is going Retard
    There is going Full Retard
    Then there is going to wherever this guy’s Ultra Retarded head is


    • Do you honestly believe that he “found” the card? This is highly likely to be the thief of the card owners walet.

      When his shit got banned he was attempting to get in turned back on with whatever story would work.

      He is either a thief and a liar and should be permabanned and arrested. Or is a high grade retard and should be permabanned.

    • why noob? 47% is not a that bad sore for your random player. He’s around 50% on some tanks (Tiger e.g.), just a typical player, not below average really.
      He was failing hard with KV1S, or KV-85 (but we do not know when he started playing it – 45%).

  10. Hey SS, it’s possible this might be maybe a 10-12 year old kid with no common sense, as of yet. If he’s an actual adult though…

    • If he is able to write, he should be also able to read. On every card there is an information to return it to the bank, if found. Also, even a kid should know, that if you find something, you should give that thing to the police, or search the owner (in case of the wallet- documents, same may go with a telephone etc.)

  11. Hi SS! Thanks for the good work here!

    My oppinion is that it was a kid unaware of its wrongdoing. A 9 to 14 year old might write such a mail in this case.
    The BIG issue in this is the response of support or the individual customer supporter! They put Wargamings financial interest in focus. Not secrurity of online payment and these people work with our credit cards too…
    Ok, the “kid” should be punished by Wargaming with a 30 or better 90 day ban. Just as a lesson and not being able to play seems to be a big issue for him.

    But company policy should not be to let someone go free (and play) if he pays. Legal steps have and had to be taken here. And I hope they did!!!

    Please keep us posted on the developement!?!

  12. WG response is correct and proportionate in the circumstances, although perhaps a tad lenient.

    Personally, I’d have permabanned him and sent the information to the police.


  14. “Found the card?”
    The likelihood is that the card was stolen and the offender details should have been reported to the police, or at least the bank that blocked the transaction, so that they decide if they want to prosecute.

  15. Think about it..

    They are asking him to make another purchase on HIS credit card, probably so they can get his real details then report it to the police.

    Either that OR they just dont give a fuck.

      • Smart thinking pwrkeeper,

        but in that case we must hope pricks like him don’t read threads like this! I had the same thought/hope after a while but didn’t wanna mention it for that reason…

        In latter case, in my country it is a crime to have knowledge of a crime and not involve the authorities…

  16. Oh My God. Just how someone can be so ultimately dumb. I thought that nothing will surprise me after things like suing MacDonald’s for getting burn with a hot coffee and winning. This one beats it by miles! :D Besides, that’s why I scratched out the CVC number on my card. I can remember it and if someone ever gets this card he will be able to do basically nothing with it. Less things to talk about with a bank.