M24 Chaffee Sport Still In Garage

Hello everyone,

today in the morning, the Chaffee was supposed to be removed from the garage, as the racing event ended. It was not (even though the missions allowing you to make money on it did in fact end), just checked – it’s still in my garage. You cannot use it either, it just throws an error.

The reason why that happen I suspect was the fail on RU server from today, where the crew was not retrained to regular Chaffee (as initially promised). I also suspect they have to fix this before the tank gets actually removed. According to RU forums, the RU server crews will be fixed later on, so I guess they are trying to avoid this situation.

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  1. I went to check back on the US WoT Portal and “due to popular demand”, the Chaffee racing is still on until November 6th, even though the missions did end today. This means I’ll have to wait another 3 weeks before I can get my free 100% chaffee crew …

    • Yeah it’s staying around on NA for quite a while. I gave up and just 90%ed the crew to the Chaffee since crew retraining is 50% right now (or was on the weekend). Figure they’d get up to 100% by the time I’m done with the Chaffee, which won’t take 3 weeks.

    • i really dont care about the crew, already moved it anyway… but damn, i want my equipment now. And what’s the point of prolonging the races when you don’t actually get anything out of it, when they remove the missions? btw, you can’t even start a game right now with the sport…

    • Yeah, that was listed on the original news item – 3 pages back.

      You would think they would make a new announcement so it would be on the first page.

  2. Uff, I missed this one all together; yesterday I was thinking to move the crew to the T37 using gold !!! — Lucky me I did not do so, now instead I will move the normal Chaffee crew to the T37, that crew has 3 skills.

    • So you have to have a crew with 3 skills on Chaffe, while on tier V (is it?) you are mostly facing crews 50-75%? How pathetic…

      • You are right, that crew was the one in the ‘king’ Chaffee when it could play Tier 11 matches. Time to move on …

      • He probably had that crew before the light tanks were rebalanced, so he was facing tier 9s and 10s most of the time… if anybody plays tier 10 with a 50% crew, they deserve to be outplayed by a tier V scout.

      • If you think most players have 50-75% crews at any level then you have a lot to learn.

        The only time you should have any reason to have crew below 75% are your first ever tier 2 and 3 tanks. Even then you should have the tier 1 crew to move up which in most cases will retrain to 80% for free so the whole crew shouldn’t be fresh.

        • A of the lot new players don’t know this. Maybe until at tier 5, but still many play with 75% or less crews

          • And if you think most of the players below tier 5 are new to the game then you are sadly mistaken.

            Mostly seal clubbers and rerolls.

            • Nope, you’re totally wrong. Rarely even fifth of the team are seal clubbers. Most of the players of that tier are 0-5k games players who suck. There are seal clubbers, but it’s not filled with them only few players are them. Just install XVM and go play 10 battles in tier 4 and you see that most are red noobies/newbs.

  3. Aye its still there on my account. But for one of my mates that just got back form abroad after a month and started to play again today “he missed the chaffee race completely” Its not even there at all for him.

  4. Will the equipmend be removed for free?? Also why not move the crew right now. I got 6th sense on the chaffe and just moved the crew to my m4. no probs

  5. >missions allowing you to make money on it did in fact end.

    Do I understand correctly – now racing is only for fun – without any gain of EXP(tank/crew)?

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  7. M24 Sport is now gone (EU server), crew is still there. And I mean there as in not retrained to regular chaffee like announced