Straight Outta Supertest: ISU-130


Hello everyone,

here’s the summary of upcoming tier 8 Soviet premium/reward tank destroyer, ISU-130. Basically, it’s ISU-152 with SU-100Y’s gun.



Heavy SPG based on ISU-122S. It was developed in 1944 and a prototype was built in October of the same year. It was created by installing a 130mm S-26 gun, which was developed from the naval B-13 gun on the ISU-122S platform. Driving and shooting trials were conducted until June 1945. Because of the end of WW2 and the fact that the gun was inferior in penetration to 122 guns, ISU-130 was not accepted in service.

Tier 8 Soviet TD

Hitpoints: 1000
Max weight: 52.6 tons
View range: 370m
Radio range: 440m

Armor: 90/75/60

Engine: V-2-10, 520 hp
Power-to-weight: 11.10 hp/t
Max speed: 34/12
Traverse: 24 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1.1/1.3/2.1

Hull armor: 90/90/60

Gun traverse: -2/+9,72 (left/right)
Elevation: -1.12/+14,23 (yes, -1 and yes, this is historical, I checked)

Gun: 130 mm S-26
Damage: 490/570/640
Penetration: 215/187/65
Module damage: 180
Reload time: 13.9
Accuracy: 0.4
Aiming time: 3
Ammo: 25







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    • Lel, this thing is a steaming piece of useless crap. -1 gun depression will make you weep in despair every time you won’t be able to aim a shit due to a tiny bump in the ground, 11 hp/t means it will be nearly as slow as Maus… but with no armor at all. -2/9 gun traverse means you will have a hard time shooting leftists… Penetration is awful for a tier 8 TD and reload isn’t a saving grace either. I just laughed out hard when I saw this thing was labelled tier 8.

      • Still everything can change, penetration is not bad for me, it’s better than Jagtier 8.8. I don’t think they can make anything worse than SP.

        • Tanks with -3 or -4 depression are still playable… But in case of this abomination, even learning the whole Kamasutra won’t help you find a position from which you can point your gun at the enemy. 200 pen doesn’t help either.

      • Same penetration as the non-premium TD SU-101 without the retarded (unbalanced) ammo costs in exchange for manoeuvrability doesn’t sound too horrid for me.

        Granted, the SU-101 is an over-expensive piece of shit to drive. Who the bloody hell thought it was a good idea to give it costly ammo when it’s already that bad?

        Either way, probably will be decent enough to play with that alpha damage. Pretty much a tier 8 SU100Y in terms of handling I bet.

        • SU-101 has more than twice as much depression as ISU-130. It’s a colossal difference. And who cares about ammo cost anyway?

          • People who play vehicles for profit or do not have infinite amounts of cash. People who can make profit on most tier 8 vehicles that don’t have poorly balanced expenses. People that enjoy tier 8 matchmaking and play it almost exclusively. So, basically people who play premium vehicles to grind silver and people who aren’t loaded.

          • Gun depression sucks on both,though. This vehicle obviously is a camping wagon not a highly mobile gun platform like the SU-101, I doubt this will do much repositioning. It will be frustrating to use for sure, but just because it has a learning curve with positioning doesn’t really mean it will be unplayable.

            It certainly isn’t a great tier 8 TD, but neither is the SU-101. This however thing will actually not be losing tons of silver due to poor alpha/silver and it won’t be as costly to repair I bet. This will be played more than the SU-101 if only because it’s a premium. I just hope it has limited matchmaking. 0.4 accuracy is not good enough for hitting weakspots.

            • I’ve never noticed my 101 to bleed credits and This coming from someone who has 5 gold rounds and regularly uses them… The only big fault i have found is the poor alpha and small ammo cap makes running out of ammo a real worry if you need to carry hard

              • It has the same ammo pricing as the T-54 a tier higher and while having over 25% less repair cost that still makes it one of the more expensive tier 8′s to run for no good reason, since it’s generally underperforming and underplayed in it’s tier compared to it’s competitors. Since the object 416 was introduced it serves practically no point to play it
                ( While it does have slightly better penetration, it has worse camo… and worse matchmaking weight.)

  1. Wait.. if this is the same gun as on SU-100Y… why is the penetration buffed up by around 30mm(looking at the non premium AP shell)..
    Plus, whats with the double armor values?

  2. -1 depression? I see people quitting games just waiting for the bloody Ensk to come up)))

    • -1 depression in general means, that you will have hard time hitting things even on level ground, not talking about any smallest bump or uphill. It will be the biggest frustration you will ever encounter.
      If you want to try this out even now, play some high tier artilery pieces and try to hit something which is close to you in TD mode.

      All that historical accuracy and stuff is fine up until a moment.. and I think this is too much and WG will probably see it.

      • This thing reminds me a bit of the Churchill GC (the TD)… except the Churchill can actually point the gun down (-10/+12) and more left (-5/+5) then this.

  3. Good grief. As if the Russian tree didn’t have enough premium TDs, now they’re thinking about a fourth, while the US tree doesn’t even have its first?

    Still, this does look like an interesting premium TD, though if one already has the first three, would you want to spring for the fourth?

  4. Because of the end of WW2 and the fact that the gun was inferior in penetration to 122 guns

    Penetration: 215/187/65

    Okay WG. It makes sense.

    • 1 degree gun depression. Also, Lowe + FCM 50T both have better penetration than this, and the FCM gets premium MM, so no not OP.

      • FCM has no camo, no armor, less DPM and is matched as a heavy but really is a medium, hence messing with team-composition.
        Löwe is slower, has no camo, similar armor, but only 1.6k DPM.

        THis thing is going to be right next to the SU-122-44 in terms of annoyance.

        • that didn’t really make much sense.

          The ISU cannot have similar armor to the lowe since the frontal is 90mm thickest at the front…and most of it is flat.

          the FCM has MORE effective frontal armor than this

          and has WORSE gun depression than the 122-44

          and, to be honest, it makes no sense why you would compare 2 heavies to a TD

          • Flametz brought them up, not me. Also, armor is mostly useless on Löwe, FCM and the ISU, but has similar levels of effectiveness compared to each other. I rate them Löwe ~ ISU > FCM (the turret makes up a large part of the “strongest” side of armor and the turret is weak on the FCM, really weak). With the ISU, it’s the large mantlet that makes it surprisingly sturdy unless you are in CQC and if you are in CQC, all three have essentially the exact same armor: None.

          • Also, lack of gun depression is not an issue if you stay at range and in camo. It only becomes a problem if you have to expopse yourself to the enemy, which, given sufficient range and camo, is not a problem. This being a TD, go figure what camo stats it will have and where it will usually be on the battlefield. It’s CQC where it will be an issue, but you’d be screwed in CQC with -30° gun depression just as much as with the -1° anyways. So a non-issue again.

            Also, given this thing will only have a 215 pen and a 0.4 accuracy, it will definitly get limited matchmaking.

            • Screwed in CQC with 30 degree depression? That’d be amazing, just aim down and negate a huge amount of sloped UFP.

  5. -Power-to-weight: 11.10 hp/t
    -Traverse: 24 deg/s
    -Terrain resistance: 1.1/1.3/2.1
    -Gun traverse: -2/+9,72 (left/right)
    -Elevation: -1.12/+14,23

    lol nope.

  6. Right, so that means there is now a premium Soviet TD potentially at tier IV, V, VI, VII, and now VIII. And to be frank, this is the most boring of them all. Just a downgraded ISU-152, and the BL-10 is what makes the machine.

  7. I really dislike premium tanks that are already in the tech tree as regular vehicles. JT 8.8 and now this… not to mention their new ideas of premium Panther and premium T-34-85 and the old idea of premium T-44.

  8. Commence the hoard of reward tier 8-10′s that are variant/clones of Russian vehicles!


  9. Guessing this is the tier 8 tank for individual missions. We have the T28C at tier 7, this tank at 8, T-55 at 9, and the IS-7 prototype at 10. And out of all of them I’d say only the T-55 is worth whatever insane hard grindy mission WG will cook up for them.

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  11. Perhap moving this thing to tier7?

    We have a 490-alpha TD, Sturer Emil
    This ISU-130 will be more easier to balance at that tier

    less hit point, less DPM…
    with an abyssmal -1 gun depression

    It MAY work…

  12. This tank is ridiculous.
    -Poor gun depression (1degree, seriously? )
    -poor hp/ton (cant go anywhere quick)
    -bloody long aim time (BL-10 reloads for only 15sec with rammer and vents, this thing gets 14sec with half the damage?)
    I dont care it has insane camo or what stalin juice in it, I won’t buy it.

      • Wut?It’s clearly listed at 14 secs with 100% crew alone.

        Also, you forgot radio range. It may seem insignificant past tier4, but not for this thing!
        That’s right, if you camp at the back, chances are you might not see all of your allies! And there is no way your little 11hp/ton will save you.

        Epic trash tank is epic trash D:

  13. Ouch. The 130mm on this thing is actually significantly worse than the one on the SU-100Y.

    Penetration 215/187/65 vs 198/171/65 is pretty weak and means that whereas the SU-100Y can get away with using it’s SPrem ammo for a significant DPM boost this thing won’t have the same choice.

    Accuracy is also worse, 0.4 vs 0.38 on the SU-100Y and the aim-time also suffers with 3s vs 2.9s.

    I’m also guessing the because this is based on the ISU it will move like a slug whereas the SU-100Y is actually pretty mobile for such a huge heavy tank.

    Do not want.

  14. 215 penetration and 490 damage is more than suitable for a tier 8 premium TD without giving it special MM. You can always give hope for it if you want to drive it, but even noobs in a tier 10 battle is likely to score 500-1000 damage before being spotted and killed…

  15. It looks like utter crap on paper and I believe it will behave like one in real game too… Awful!

  16. Elevation: -1.12/+14,23 (yes, -1 and yes, this is historical, I checked)

    Yes it is. However i think it does Need some Buffing.

    Look at object 704, that one had IRL with the howitzer 1,6 Depression with the howitzer! Ingame we have 6 degree on bl-10 :troll:

  17. I believe these are again only some very early supertest stats and they will go to better side, when real testing on that vehicle will be done. So I believe crying about anything other than gun depression is way to early.

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