EU Top of the Tree, November

Hello everyone,

in November, the tier 10 “Top of the Tree” discounts on EU server will be as such:

- 1.11.-15.11.2014: Object 140 (30 percent credit discount and 15 percent income bonus to T-44, T-54 Light, Object 416, T-54, Object 140)
- 15.11.-1.12.2014: Object 261 (30 percent credit discount and 15 percent income bonus to SU-14-2, 212A, Object 261)

33 thoughts on “EU Top of the Tree, November

  1. Cool, i might be able to finally buy the Obj. 140. I’ll probably still need to sell a tank or two considering i currently have less than 200k credits ( :-( )

  2. If i remember correctly when it was 121 “Top of the Tree” there was discount only for WZ-132 missing the T-34-2. Now when it comes to russian, they have all VIII tiers discount… russian bias.

    • if you would look at it objectively for a second, you could theorize that they listened to the community and didnt do that mistake for this top of the tree.

      or just be ignorant and keep believing in russian bias

        • I don’t think there are many lines where you have multiple tier 8s leading to a single tier 10…

          • In the Jagdpanzer E 100 “Top of the Tree”, Ferdinand didn’t get a discount even thought its the only top tier it leads to.

        • I noticed they did this on the NA server, but it was for two tanks in the lower tiers. Could be a new trend. Can’t say anything but good about that, unless the NA server misses out on that trend.

  3. Now this makes the choice of which T10 to unlock from T54 first so much easier and then little income bonus for my 261, yay!

    • Fuck you and your 261. Sell 261, get credits, buy 140 for it. Be a fucking man and ditch cancer.

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  5. 2 tier 8′s and 1 tier x is not top of the tree..t62 should be there and not obj416 but hey who cares…

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  7. Here we go, it’s about time for my little favourite SPG, sure waited a looong time. We will have fun clicking and spamming gold rounds. Too sad they reduced income bonus to 15% after T92. It sure was great to have a Tier X premium SPG…