9.4 Feedback – Sounds And All That

Hello everyone,

I downloaded the 9.4 test server today to test… well, nothing. There is not a single thing to test, because the patch is kinda full of fixes. There were some minor changes to maps and I just ran Arctic to see if I would spot them, but I didn’t, so I guess it’s the “we added a bush here” and “we moved this rock a bit to the left” level. If anyone has a list of map changes or something, I’d be grateful.

The patch comes with two things:

- first, the shadow render is supposed to be optimized and there are supposed to be more optimizations as well. Hm… I don’t know. I tested the patch on two computers actually (specifically because of the performance) – my old PC (with shadows disabled): no real FPS increase, but no noticeable drop. The new PC, that can run shadows – the shadows look the same (not sure what exactly got “optimized”) and there seems to be a tiny FPS increase, but it might be a placebo. On the other hand, other players report FPS increases, so there’s that at least, hopefully the patch helps you as well.

- second, MANY players report a nasty bug, where shells disappear or fly through tanks. Again, hard to say, I haven’t noticed it, but as I said, more players report it. Either way, it’s just the first iteration, I guess they’ll get any such nasty bugs fixed.

Oh yea and then thery’s the new gun sound. I made a video of the sounds – you be the judge, but personally, the high caliber “pop” is… not so cool. I don’t know how the hell they recorded it and where from, but there’s no way a high caliber cannon, capable of blasting buildings to bits, sounds like an airgun. See separate post for that.

Anyway… no HD models, no new tanks, no Stalingrad (what happened to it anyway, if you don’t want to release it, why put it in ASAP video?)… nothing to really write about. At least the FPS didn’t drop.

55 thoughts on “9.4 Feedback – Sounds And All That

  1. Well, the small guns up to 75mm sound really nice imo, but the bigger ones sound way too tame. I know it is more realistic that way, but… nope.

  2. When I heared the Jgp E100 sound I laugh so hard, like, you expect something like a huge blast or something as such but NOPE sounds like a toy gun.

    C’mon WG you can do better.

  3. 20mm autocannon sounds like a fucking AK-47, rest is meh, not that terrible, but fucking JgpzE100 sounds literally like shit. Biggest cannon, smallest boom.

  4. The thing with guns is that the hit (and explosion in case of HE) usually sounds bigger than the shooting itself, which confuses lots of people. Everyone wants huge spectacular booms they know from Private Ryan and other movies, but those are vastly overblown for dramatic effect.

    If WG gets completely recorded sounds, many people will still whine that it’s unhistorical – you’d have to take them to said gun and show it to them to persuade them.

    Even shows that try to have many parts historical suffer from this. Like models and all being precise in Girls und Panzer but the sounds are hugely bassed and echoed out of proportion to sound better.

  5. Did they fix the really nasty bug that means you cant see tank outlines? it a really bad bug and it makes it impossible to shot through bushes because you cant see what way the enemy tanks are facing so you are effectively firing blind. you also have no idea whether an ally tank is in your line of fire or not until you fire and see what happens.

    • I had the same problem, Deanogto. I wrote a ticket into WG, and they replied with “its a known issue, we’ll fix it when we get around to it.”

      In the meantime, I found a little temporary fix. Its annoying, but sure beats the hell out of having to play without the silhouettes.

      If you are running windows, go to C/*username*. Once there, make sure you have “view hidden items” checked off under the view settings. If you have done this successfully, you should see a new folder called “AppData”. Click on that, and follow this path: “C/*username*/AppData/Roaming/WorldOfTanks. Now delete everything in the WorldOfTanks folder (should be the following files ” tutorial_cache,” “dossier_cache,” “account_cache,” “battle_results,” “custom_data,” and the .XML file called “preferences.xml”. Delete them all)

      You will have to do this every time before you start WoT, and unfortunately you will have to reset all of your personalized settings each time, but you will have the silhouettes!

      I would recommend making a shortcut to that folder, so you don’t have to go hunting it down every time you play tanks.

      Hope it works for you like it does for me!

      • I am pretty sure this error has something to do with the preferences.xml file in particular, if not this entire cache folder, but I am no programmer and have no idea how to really find out.

        Also, don’t worry about deleting these files. All of them will be replaced (without any errors) once you start WoT. It’s only after you close out WoT and then restart it that these errors show up again. That is why you unfortunately have to go through the whole deleting process over again each time you want to play.

  6. Should this be noted?: in quite a few games I get bombardier even if I am in a tank that I never fire HE in (AMX 50B, AT-15A). I just had a game where in total there were 16 kills between my team and I got bombardier in the AT-15A even though I never fire HE (same game). I have a screenshot if you need one and of the tanks I don’t have on the live server but have player on the test server and gotten bombardier in even though I never fire HE.

  7. The new guns sounds are like “cap guns” you shoot in ur backyard. It is embarrassing. Leave it to WG to screw it up.

  8. I fired a dozen shots at extreme ranges from an E50M at the side of a MAUS but also at the turret of a Waffle across the lake on Lakeview and none of them penned even though the shots flew true and hit the targets. I did not have any problem with short range shots, just long range shots, so it’s a pretty damn big bug.

  9. Nothing? I see at least half a dozen new tanks!

    M56 Scorpion arty in HD
    T28 Concept TD in HD
    T95E2 MT in SD

    StugG IV TD in HD
    T 55A MT in HD
    Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 MT in HD
    Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. D LT in HD

    Object 260 mod. 1945 HT in HD

    And some changes in some models, even in T-50-2 which could mean it will return.

  10. I prefer the older sounds, after the last patch i copied the old version audio files over the latest version, the hundo in 9.3 sounded shit, i prefer the big boom, just copy the ones u like over any patch they release!