Chaffee Sport Crew Retrain (again)

Thanks to Nicolafaraone92 for this one.

Hello everyone,

WG EU support (specifically, Mr. Jorge Castro) confirmed that on EU server, the M24 Chaffee Sport crew, left over from the Chaffee races, will be retrained automatically to regular M24 Chaffee crew in patch 9.4.

Other servers’ status on this issue is unknown (and different), although according to another support ticket, on ASIA server, the crew will allegedly not be retrained automatically at all.

29 thoughts on “Chaffee Sport Crew Retrain (again)

  1. in the 9.4 test server they retrain my chaffeesport crews to regular chaffee but, my all crew was reached their 1th skill nearly 97-98% (for example 6th snense 98%) when they in the sportchaffee. Right now, retrained crew has %50 xp on their 1th skills!

    looks like they retrain them just for 50% base skill then fill the base skill to 100% from their 1.skill xp.

    stupid crap!

    • Can anyone confirm this? I have my Chaffee S crew with undistributed crew skills reaching 70% on their second. If they retrain 50% it costs almost 100k XP to get back 100% on main skill. I prefer to spend 100k credits to retrain them manually if they only do 50% main. I honestly thought it will be 100% retrain for free, just like it was with previous commanders from Karl and T-54S.

      • Yes i can confirm it, i had 2 skills on the chaffee sport crew the second was 4 % and now i have only 1 skill at 69 %

        Fucking Wargaming, we have to retrain them ourselves if we want the full skills

        • Hold on few days, it might be changed until it goes live. It appears to me it may only be some sort of bug as you lost over 160k XP there, and 50-100% on main skill needs just less than 100k XP. Or am I missing something?
          Training manually for credits will cost 40k XP loss and 100k credits.

    • You guys, didn’t imagine, that Test server progress state was taken earlier than Chaffee Sport was removed from the Live server, so at that moment you simply had not all the XP gained?
      So hold your horses and just wait, when real 9.4 will hit the Live server and then enjoy your Chaffee crew with full earned XP.

    • Their skills wont be 100% and if u had 2 skills u will lose 1, i had 2 skills the second at 4% and teh driver or radio man with 35% at the second skill, now i have 1 skill at 69% for all

      I saw this on the test server

      • remember that the Test-Server ist a copy of your Account from a further date.
        All the stats of your Tanks/Crew on Test-Server (that you played last time) are not equal to these on your Account.

        • It could be answer but, i don’t have chaffeesport tank in the garage for 9.4 test server . So its mean, this copy is belong to when they remove chaffeesport tank moment. That moment i have 98% skill crew but now not.

          • No, it doesn’t mean that..
            When you first loggen in the Test server, there was a message that Chaffee Sport is removed from the garrage, because on Test server there is no Chaffee Race event, but on live server at that time there was, probably progressed to about half of it.

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  3. Has anyone an issue with Chaffee Sport crew that it does not occupy any space in the barracks? For example my barracks states that “Available Bunks: 0 of 16″ but in fact I have 21 tankers sitting in it. Doesn’t use any mods.
    Earlier I filled the barracks to the maximum in attempt to get 5 free slots before the Chaffee Sport was withdrawn by WG.

    • if the Chaffe S -Crew or an other Crew leave the barracks you will lose the Slots from Number 17 to 21

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  5. My Chaffee S crew is happily retrained and currently grinding their 3rd skill in T49. (cost for reset was the same as from any other US light! + we had crew XP x2 last few days)Thanks to this i could keep Bulldog with old 4skill t71 crew. I just hope WG doesn’t mess up the retraining patch and reset them back to Chaffee

  6. I’ve had a chaffee waiting crewless in my garage since the day we were supposed to get it back! GIVE ME MY CREW ALREADY!

  7. I still have the Chaffee Sport in the garage on the US server, aren’t they supposed to be gone now?