Meanwhile in Russia…


In the south of the Krasnoyarsk region, a farmer by the name of Ivan Ivanov is using an old T-62 tank (or so they claim, I think it’s just a T-54/55) to plow fields (he gets hired by other companies to do it for them). The vehicle is capable of reaching speeds of 20-22 km/h on the field. It was actually the dream of his father to rebuild a tank to farming equipment, the conversion was home-made by the farmer himself (by removing the turret and installign a Kirovets tractor superstructure) and proved to be an excellent piece of farming equipment, exceeding a regular tractor several times. It consumes 70 liters of fuel per hour, which is, according to Ivan Ivanov’s customers, economical, because a regular tractor would take 8 hours to plow the same field a tank can plow in one. Ivanov got the tank after the 90′s army reduction as surplus.

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    • Considering a modern Leopard 2 eats 6-7 Liters per 1KM, its actually quite good if he plows around 20kM of land with only 70 Liters of gas.

  1. More economical? What… I…. Don’t even.

    In post-Sovjet Russia, tank plow field (see what I did there?).

    • Well, doing a bit of quick research, it’s not that hard to consider, I mean a T-62 (T-55 as well) is like 600 HP, and price-wise Russian tanks are rather cheap. ( here’s a t-55 for 40k) You aren’t going to get a tractor in same horsepower range as one of these tanks anywhere near as cheap, so I mean if you were willing to put in the effort I could easily see you coming out ahead. Especially when you factor in that you are farming with a MOTHERFUCKING TANK.

  2. “Meanwhile” in Australia… People have been using tanks for agricultural work 70 years ago. I guess Russia need this much time to catch up even with most primitive stuff.

    • Indeed, my Uncle used to plow his fields with a Bren gun carrier during the 50′s and 60′s. When there were farms at Leppington (near Sydney).

      • Well a Bren GC would be quite puny compared to the T here….

        but as usual, proof or not happenin

        also, ozzies are one of the last people i’d associate with a tank. unles they have a ‘roo or koala init

        • Since there was a slight shortage of T-54/55s in Australia at the end of WWII (could not afford to buy gold and convert free XP i guess) they used surplus Valentines and Shermans. Unlike Universal Carriers, those were proper tanks. Few of them survived in their “agricultural” state to this day.

  3. Hahaha. :-) Nice!

    Still a agricultural tractor is a multi purpose tool mainly designed to drag some apparatus. Anywhere where the apparatus sinks into the earth the traction provided by this tank makes it more efficient. Anywhere else though… it is just a waste of fuel. I am making an educated guess that he has a second vehicule for all the other stuff. Makes economical sense if the tank was bought cheaply as it propably was.

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  5. He He He. Farming those Credits :)
    It consumes 70 liters of fuel per hour, which is, according to Ivan Ivanov’s customers, economical,
    It is economical because it’s fuel is Vodka all Russian’s and Russian Vehicles are running off Vodka
    there Nukes had Depleted Vodka as a fuel
    Russian Farmers are just Vodka Farmers they Live and Breath the stuff :)

  6. as a farmer myself, I really can’t see what these guys are thinking. yes it’s nice to get your work done quickly, but doing tillage at such high speeds is tough on your soil and your digger…

  7. Definately a T-54/55, you can tell by the sizeable gap between the first and second roadwheels

  8. smart guy but he should have kept the turret and gun on and found some ammo and had some fun with it :D