Wargaming-sponsored 3D Competition

Hello everyone,

Wargaming (in cooperation with Render.ru) started a new competition – for Russian-speaking players only, of course (no competitions for you, capitalists!).


Basically, if I understand correctly, players are tasked with creating a 3D scene from your own map (as seen on the picture above). The map should feature environment from the 40′s-50′s and should be original and all that. The winner will be rewarded with 100k rubles (cca 1850 EUR), second place with 60k rubles and third place with 40k rubles.

The interesting part about the competition is not really the prizes, it’s the fact that this way, Wargaming is buying map and art ideas pretty much “for free”. They will just have to sort out the submissions. A pretty good idea on their side.

42 thoughts on “Wargaming-sponsored 3D Competition

  1. Before all the WG bashing, remember that many Valve games have been allowing the creation of custom maps, there are many community made maps and Valve never paid anyone.

    This is an opportunity for a community made map, and the guy even gets paid. That’s pretty fair.

  2. Bit like supertest application was ..

    “Choose one of these maps, redesign/alter them and explain why…”

    New El Halluf is almost identical to my submission… yep.. blame me!!!

  3. SS, don’t be a liar. There is nothing said about russian-speaking contestants.
    It is said
    “- Гражданство – без ограничений”, which means “citizenship – no limitations”

  4. “100k rubles (cca 1850 EUR)”

    Gonna be 100 euros next week if the russian economy will keep on collapsing so fast. So long, Adolf Putin. :D

    • Probably not, both the EU and Russia stagnates (1,43% and 0,47% GDP growth this year).
      On the other hand China and South-America made a brutal profit thanks to the Russian resources and the new food market.
      And don’t forget USA, who got a share from the Russian oil industry when EU sanctioned it (funny thing is that they made the same thing in Iran, EU sanctions, USA brings in equipment and technology with extra profit).

    • If WoT did create your own tank, they would get entries that are less crazy shit than WT E100s