World of Tanks Amongst 10 Best WW2 Games


Thanks to Ronineter for this one.

Hello everyone,

hmmm, it looks like World of Tanks made it to the PcgamesN’s top ten World War Two themed games (along with War Thunder, Call of Duty: World at War, Company of Heroes, Brothers in Arms, Red Orchestra 2, Hidden and Dangerous 2, Hearts of Iron 3, Silent Hunter 3 and Medal of Honor Allied Assault).

Well… it’s something, I guess.

The description of WoT in the article however is pretty weird however:

The equivalent of the Tiger tank in free-to-play land due to its massive player base and frequent updates, World of Tanks is a multiplayer shooter where everyone – yes, even you – gets to take command of a tank. You to pick a machine from a list as long as a small country of various vehicles from WW2 – from half-tracks to tank hunters – crew it up, and hit the battlefield for swift quick-fire rounds. Modes are broadly split into two camps; the more arcade-feeling games based on territory capture and enemy obliteration, and Historical Battles which recreate actual conflicts.

World of Tanks is fun game to play, throwing out the finicky details and focusing purely on refined mechanics and responsiveness. But despite this you can genuinely feel the passion developer Wargaming has for the stars of its show. From the most obscure little Polish tank to icons like the Sherman and Panzer, World of Tanks is an explosively interactive military hardware museum.

What the fuck? Did they even play the game at all? Or – well, did they at least read the game site?

- I haven’t seen any halftracks in the game! (would be cool though)
- there are no historical battles, they were there for like one patch, this post is a day old! They just made this part up.
- Leopard 1 and T-62A, so WW2, much realism!
- there are no Polish tanks in the game (maybe one day)
- “museum” – WT E-100 says hi

They should have at least played a bit…

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      • I would say FUCK the Company of Heroes. Where is the Men of War???
        CoH is a good game, does its job but when I got to a situation where a JgPanther shot Sherman in the side, I saw that he lost some HP??? WTF??

        In Men of War, that Sherman would had his hull destroyed, get some of the crew dead or he would had his turret fly off. MoW has “realistic” battles, objects except infantry doesn’t have HP ( but about 2 shots from M1, or Thompson will kill a soldier), there is no goddamn insta-repairs, or heal tanks. If you get tracked, your crew has to go outside and fix damn track, and it takes quite long.

        All in all, I’m not trying to undermine CoH, it is a good game, just in my opinion MoW should be in Top 10.

        You simply CANNOT put CoD in Top 10 and leave out MoW. That could be done only by man who is really “special”

        • sounds more frustrating to me. Btw, they still might have HP, it’s just hidden stat.

          Everyone has his own taste… You might enjoy it, I dont. Its a videogame after all, should be fun. Too much realism is a bad thing in my case. But I do understand there are people who enjoy it.

          So it;s a good thing these 2 games are different in this aspect.. everyone can play what he likes :)

        • Couldn’t agree more, MoW is the bestest WW2 game ever IMO. Never ever seen a better compromise between realism and ease-to-play. No doubts, CoH has better graphics, but MoW is much more complex, and satisfying to play, without being frustrating. I’m not a simulator fan either, can’t really enjoy Theatre of War and such, but MoW is far from them, while still being realistic.

  1. Maybe that description is from an another game, and they just changed the game’s name…

    • I wouldn’t be shocked if this game description had been sent to PcgamesN by an actual WG employee :D

      • Aye… perhaps they’ve got a copy of the game a few patches into the future, where they finally have halftracks, an EU tree, and working, non-boring historical battles. We can but hope.

  2. Yea, maybe they got something wrong with WoT, but it would still be in Top 10, no matter what.

    But its sad that the real classics are missing:

    Sudden Strike
    Panzer General

  3. They ranked wot as on of the top tens, but they didn’t even play it, gosh they didn’t even look at the first page of world of tanks, that game description was made by a complete idiot or a lazy ass.

  4. Did they give WoT and Warthunder have the same description, because that actually sounds closer to WT…

  5. No Commandos? Really?
    Just with that the list loses any value.
    First Call of Duty completely outclassed MoH:AA in pretty much every aspect.
    CoD:World at War on the other hand was shit.

    • I actually enjoyed CoD WaW. It was back then when I got new PC after years of having pentium 133MHz :D So it was kinda WOW amazing graphics for me :D
      I liked that game..played only campaign though.

      and yeah, commandos was excellent!

    • Lol, why has wg made a model, texture, and render of a half track, that isnt in the game! Waste of time lol, i guess it could be used as a object for a map, but ive not noticed one of those around ths place, mostly sdkfz 251′s and 88mm flak guns :-/
      Meh, oh well looks good i guess, id like to drive one lol, rocket arty :P

  6. “…of various vehicles from WW2″

    Half of the in game tanks were paper only (prototypes) or never fought in the war

    • Correction old games media sucks.
      In all honesty, who still reads a magazine or website and believes the crap they write there?
      Any half intelligent person usually watches reviews or atleast gameplay on youtube and uses that as a buyer’s guide.

      • Well, there are still some pretty good magazines, free of that kind of bullshit, but they are in minority…

    • Thank you for finally saying “Sudden Strike”.
      The first one was such a gem! I still have the Intro song as Mp3..

  7. “They should have at least played a bit…”

    Well, maybe they tried but were greeted with “siemka” and “kurwa” in first 20 battles that they lost miserably and then they said “fuck this shit, i don’t have a time for this bs! lets write some made up story and ask for money…”

  8. I think that they swapped descriptions with War Thunder… Maybe you could post the other one to, so we can have more laugh :P ?

    And there is “Rudy” inscription, so it counts as Polish tank… Not like Fury, though…

  9. I’m going to basically confirm that either WG bought their way on the list and sent them the description, they provided the description, or they just found the description somewhere.
    A podcast I listen to also advertised WoT, and they said similar things and obviously got paid. They just basically say “state these points, you’ll get paid.” So, I’d have to believe the description and place was paid for, or at the very least provided to them.

  10. Hidden and dangerous was AWESOME! .. 15 years ago. But I remember most of the missions even now :D Oh sweet tear of nostalgia.

    Comapny of heroes is great as well. I loved the campaign in CoH2.

  11. Maybe they confused WoT With WT GF? After all, you do have half-tracks and historical battles there… No Polish tanks, but maybe someday. ;p

  12. Most of SS’s complaints do have a point. WoT is highly unhistorical game and can’t be considered a WW2 game. But… “there are no Polish tanks in the game”? Are you serious? Maybe the developers will eventually add them (when they run out of ideas), but absence of Polish stuff would not make any WW2 game/movie/book a non-WW2 one. Maybe even on the contrary. :3

    • As I see there is a few more faults and they are separate – absence of Polish tanks does not mean that game is unhistorical and vice versa, but they both are mistakes that would not be publicated on any reliable site.

  13. A good WW2 game? I’d check out the “Men of War” series.

    Pretty nice for a WWII game which has both TPS and tactical strategy features…

  14. Why there is so many whiners in Wot EU and NA community, if you don’t like this game,just don’t play it!It just as easy as drinking a glass of water!

  15. so many people call COD or Battlefield that so bullshit FPS. But this was you like so i don’t wan’t to deserve who you made a WW2 fan or other but for me best WW2 game was Heart of Iron game and Darkest Hour game (made by Paradox Interactive and fan). Why and how they made a fu***** awesome strong simulation between lead your country (economy, politic, and army…) , and survive in a chaos of WW2.