63 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: HD FV4202 Model

    • This is the result of what happens after the fucking SU-122-44 and E-25 are introduced, all trash players want premium tanks to perform like regular tanks and even better so they can P2W.

      • Of course we want Premium tanks to perform on the level of normal tanks. Why would we pay 30+ euros for weak tanks while freeloaders get all kinds of OP tanks for free?

    • You just can’t appreciate a good gun on premium tank…

      You make credits by doing damage, mostly.

      Good gun = do good damage(at least more consistently).

      • i bet this guy said “another type 59 copy” to all the mediums that are in the game… even the ones that came before the type XD

      • …..Cause in China, there’s a Type 59 variant looking so much like a modern MBT that you could only recognize the tank by counting its road wheels(go search Type 59 G)

    • rummer is we that have the tier 10 have to do some mission to keep it!!! only just got mine have under 20 games! but i like it

      • I know what the rummer [sic] is and I’ve had mine for a long time now. Not sure I like this mission idea so I might have to buy it and pretend to be a nolifer instead.

    • Enemy doesn’t even need to shoot at the cupola. It’s turret is generally thin and can be penetrated by every almost every gun of same tier without gold ammo needed, same as current tier 10 FV4202.

  1. i want to see the rear of the tank that’s all you ever look at when you drive it.

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  4. This whole tank is a weakspot.

    - entire front
    - turret ring
    - sides, rear

    And i cant wait to see the armor values of that crap angled turret roof facing you.

  5. Are you kidding me! They argued that for “realistic” purposes they couldnt change the cupola size on the tier X….but this gets reduced to the REAL size? DAFAQ Wargaming are you on…Really getting pissed just proves they want all but Russian tanks to have a weak spot ALL of them to hit every time…

    • Turret roof and copula’s on Object 140 strong?
      Turret roof and copula’s on Object 430 strong?
      maybe in tier 6 battles…

      T-62A so good, many game, much play, very popular. not sluggish, good gun depression!

  6. As long as it’s free for me…
    Seriously though, it looks like it traded its stats for its looks.
    It looks good, but will probably be terrible.

  7. Who cares. Nobody plays this shit tank. Way to waste recourses WG. Tanks like this FV, 121 should be last of T10 to get HD models. Where is my HD E100, E50M, Ob 140, Leopard, Batchat?

  8. Can’t wait for the challenge to get it for free for owners of the tier X FV4202! Hope it’s not hard to complete though…