World of Tanks Blitz Q&A

Transcript source: FTA VK community

Hello everyone,

recently, a WoT Blitz stream took place on Russian server. Here’s what was said in it (related to Blitz, not classic WoT):

- the recent tests went really fine, resulting in significant FPS increase
- Android version is ready to be taken to next stage of testing, release is planned until the end of the year
- iOS version will have better graphics
- minimum version of Android to run Blitz will be version 4.+
- there will be a second round of Android testing
- there will not be separate servers for Android and iOS
- camouflage and perks will come next year

- in the future, the option to disable “dynamic penetration zones” will be implemented
- it’s possible the tier balance will be reviewed
- in patch 1.4, new branch (ending with Maus) will appear, as well as premium IS-6
- in patch 1.5, the debriefing (post-battle statistics) screen will be reworked
- graphic settings will be implemented, but only for Android
- vehicle characteristics and serverside part are the same on Blitz, as they were in 0.8.6 version of WoT
- RU region server can withstand more than 30k players
- if a player wants, he can run the game on a PC, the developers can’t prevent that
- British branch will come until the end of this year, but it most likely will not be a full branch
- there will be a CW mode, but not in the same way as the PC version has (no details)
- there are more gold ammo users (larger share) in Blitz than in the PC version
- national voiceovers are not planned for now
- the Android version will be able to use mods
- missions will not come this year, but in the first half of 2015
- RU server is located in Munich
- in the new German branch, VK4502B will be the way it was in 0.8.6
- training rooms will not be implemented this year
- several new battle modes are planned, including a clan mode for hightier tanks (9-10)
- voicechat will most likely be implemented, but it’s not known when
- chat as a whole will be completely reworked
- KV-2 will most likely appear in the game
- after the Android release, developers are planning to implement missions, clans, seriously reworked tutorial and camouflage
- something like Hall of Fame is planned
- the best player amongst the developers of Blitz has 78 percent winrate
- gold ammunition will not be reworked anytime soon

36 thoughts on “World of Tanks Blitz Q&A

  1. “- if a player wants, he can run the game on a PC, the developers can’t prevent that”
    Damn… Dont give them ideal.

      • Well… The players playing on PC will be owning with keyboard and mouse the guys playing on their touchscreens. It’s a pretty sick advantage and not fair to the guys who are playing on mobile devices.

        • I see my younger brother play blitz. And I tell you what, if a Med driver play blitz on PC He will butcher the other team.

      • I have a Core i3 2310M laptop with the mighty onboard gpu. And play WoT just fine. If someone has an even weaker PC go play minecraft

      • Wouldn’t help you. Running an android emulator requires a lot more power from your pc than just running old WoT would have.
        It’s very possible that WoT blitz would lag more than current WoT, when played through an emulator on a lower end machine.

        And on the topic of unfair k&m… yeah it would be :/ But you could hook that up to a tablet too, no?

  2. I’ve seen there is the KV-220 beta test in Blitz too, how do you get that? Can I get it somehow on the android version?

  3. SS, when are you going to learn the correct use of “until”?

    “release is planned until the end of the year” means that between now and the end of the year release is happening and after that there will be no release.

    I think you meant “release is not planned until the end of the year” or “release is planned after the end of the year”

    Sorry but it’s starting to grind my gears a bit.

    • Again:

      British branch will come until the end of this year,

      What does that mean, before, after, not until? As it is it makes no sense.

      Still, better than my Russian, :)

      • The correct form is,, by the end of this year “.. There you go, you have the perfect word to describe : from now stretching to the end of a proposed time.

      • You can’t say it like that.

        if you were at work you could say “I will be at work until 7pm”, or “I will not be home until after 7pm”. If you say “I will be home until 7pm” then you are saying you are at home and at 7pm you are going elsewhere.

        The way you are using until is not correct. The word you want with the British is “before”. Sometimes before and until mean the same, in this case they mean the opposite.

        I’m sure most do understand in these cases where it’s so obviously the wrong word but there have been occasions where you have used until which has reversed the meaning of the sentence.

        For instance if you said “consumables will be on discount until the end of the week” then it would mean the opposite to “consumables will be on sale after the end of the week”, yet you seem to think they would be the same.

        Not knocking you, English is a tricky language and I’d hate to have to learn it, and in general your English is better than most adult Brits, just I thought I’d give you a little pointer where you are going wrong.

        • In short you use until when something is staying the same to a certain time/date.

          When something is going to change by a certain time/date you use “before”, or “by”, or “between now and”.

          • Homer, give yourself a break from the grammar police. He does a damn good job translating all this stuff and if one word in a few hundred “grinds your gears” you really need to go outside for a walk. I understand it just fine written in context

            • Let Mother Russia conquer them all so we can have russian as our mother tongue instead! No more learning other languages because there will be no more!!! YOLO YOLO

            • OK, so I didn’t have enough coffee before posting, at least I got the point over this time, it must be about the 5th attempt.

        • What distinguishes English from the language of America?
          What is different from African American English?

          • Its pretty much the same thing. The only difference is probably the accent different countries have (Like a british accent, Jamaican accent,etc.)

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