Free 1000 Gold (EU, US Server)


Hello everyone,

want free 1000 gold? Well, I guess so, but you know everything comes with a price tag. Basically, you have to download random crap you don’t need Overwolf software to your computer.

Here’s how to do it, courtesy of Vonnis (EU forums):

- Go to , download the program and register (you can use a Mailinator address for this if you want), and start up Overwolf.
- Open WoT and log into your account.
- Move your mouse to the left to open the Overwolf overlay, click the colourful icon that says Appstore, then go to Games => Giveaways => WoT giveaway.
- A countdown will now start. Leave WoT running for an hour, and you’ll get a bonus code. Redeem it on WoT portal.

The fact this is legit was confirmed by WG staff. I think I’ll pass, but if you want “free” 1k gold, go ahead.

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      • Eh? How can you login without client open?
        Or you meant to minimise Wot.exe and proceed to watch lolz, movies or do sexy time?

        • mebe you should read it again :) Overwolf only sees that the client is running and starts counting. Same way Xfire works. It counts as long as the .exe file is running. Regardless of if you log in or not. As the gold is not tied to your account. You only get a code for it. I guess its only valid 1 time pr account. As it would be to easy to create multiple fake overwolf accounts for more gold. Nice if you have an alt account tho.

                • Giveaway tab not loading up on the games page

                  I was having the same problem with the giveaway tab not loading up. i found that updating Overwolf solved the problem for me.

                  go to settings (small wench)->support and click on check for updates.
                  after Overwolf updates (it should) relaunch and the giveaway tab should be there on the games page.

    • Hi to all,
      an italian player report problems:
      At the end of download,he had to format the HD….
      Strange message appeared on his monitor:
      Who eat the mouse?
      Who catch the fox?
      Please download Vercingetorix theme
      Dont go around alone
      I jump you up
      Any other player have had problems?
      Sorry for my poor english.

      • o.0

        Here, while waiting for the countdown, I though I might as well play some game. When battle started, the ONLY single thing I could od was click to shot and aim, could’nt move, could’nt even bring up the chat to explain the situation. Looks like overwolf took over my keyboard wot control. Anyway, thx SS, +1000 gold in my account, -overwolf installation. Interesting statistics: needed 60 minutes to get the code and overwolf existed on my pc for about…let’s say 64 minutes :D 2 min to install, 2 min to uninstall. What a crap.

          • Sorry guys….some stupid italian player was pulling my leg…seems that the procedure is working.Have a nice day

        • you just had to minimalise the countdown :D it even said you can hide it and it will pop up again in 60 mins.

        • Ahhh yes, that what happens to idiots who can’t read.
          Yes, Overwolf (OW for short) took over your keyboard. Which it said it will do. And you have to press Shift-F1 (default) do focus on OW and then Shift-F1 again to re-focus on WOT. And you should disable hover/click focusing of OW, leave the key combination only.

          The OW itself is kind of a bloatware, drops my FPS by too much (well not really FPS per se, but it makes WOT kind of jitter and stutter), I only use it during CW and I wish there was a Lite version without all that crap, just TS3 overlay functionality. The other TS3 overlay I tried (the one that works as a plugin) was utter crap :(

      • the countdown timer to know how much time left before getting that 1000 free gold? Just go to overwolf, click the appstore, then click the games above then click the world of tanks on the list then you will see the timer pops out..

    • I have been waiting all day for the code for the gold as all my clan has been waiting too

    • If you have teamspeak. Launch it and look for the red image of a wolfs head and click it. Then it will install it form there.

    • Every FTR user who redeems 1000 Gold donates 1$ to Silentstalker, the least we can do to thank him for this hint!

  1. Last step missing:
    - after bonus code redeem uninstall overwolf :D

    anyway overwolf website is heavily overloaded atm.

    • Every FTR user who redeems 1000 Gold donates 1$ to Silentstalker, the least we can do to thank him for this hint!

      • FTR is a real contributor to WoT community. Unlike some faggots that are totally useless yet promoted by WG.

  2. I already use Overwolf on Teamspeak. I like it, it’s simple and it works good. Can i get the gold 2? Or do u need to be a new user?

    And for the peeps who can’t get it trough the overwolf site, try it trough the Teamspeak site ;-)

  3. free 1k gold? It’s like free tier 5 premium tank :D (ok, wait for 50% discount special)

          • Screw that. Buy a T-15 and troll even in tier 10 games. More radio range then most tier X’s. Insane camo rating and fast and agile. Gotten many an Ace badge in that thing camping next to the enemy base in a tier X game and gotten 10K spotting and was never spotted :) ultimate troll tank.

          • Matilda IV is majorly OP actually .. KV1 Armor, 1/3 the size, pretty mobile and phew phew gun :)

            • Besides the crap gold pen. As 99% of the tanks you face have more AP pen then your gold pen…. then yeah. Its a sweet little tank.

  4. So far so good, the counter is running. I already had Overwolf, all I had to do was register and the 60min timer started.

    • Not sure if my ISP is messing with me again or if I can visit every page on their site except the download page.

    • Every FTR user who redeems 1000 Gold donates 1$ to Silentstalker, the least we can do to thank him for this hint!

    • They’ve probably made it so the promotion can only be completed once per account, as with other codes in the past (Alienware stuff comes to mind).

      But by all means, go ahead and try to abuse it. Maybe you and a few thousand others will succeed, they’ll pull the promotion, and it’ll be ruined for the people who didn’t immediately jump on it.

      Couldn’t hurt, right?

      • What about if I install it on my computer, then let my brother get the code on his account but my comp?

        • Overwolf is a gametime-tracking program. It’s like Steam, only slightly creepier because it sends in more tracking information than is strictly necessary (last I checked, which admittedly wasn’t recently).

          It doesn’t *care* who is logged in, as long as gametime is accrued. WoT accounts are completely separate; you redeem a code on your account, it marks the promotion as complete on that account (if they were smart about it and remembered to safeguard against player greed), further codes you try to redeem on *that* account will fail.

          So to answer simply: computer doesn’t matter, account logged in while the time counts down doesn’t even matter, in any case you can complete the promotion (by redeeming a code via the WoT site) exactly once per WoT account.

          edit: you would need a different Overwolf account to do the promotion again anyway, so the only thing in common is the computer being used. So with your example, yes, it (should) be perfectly fine.

          • all you needed to say was that you get a code to use on the WOT portal. If he logs his brother in and redem it on his profile page. He will get the code. As the 1 hour starts when you launch the .exe file. Not when you login.

            And its more like Xfire then Steam tbh.

      • I remember a promotion made by Gamestar while in open beta 2011. Not many knew about the game. It was easy to get the codes. And you could register infinite number of codes.

        Then i got a slowe, type 59, kv5, and 1 year premium account. Used aprox 100codes if not more. I think they were worth 750gold and 3days prem.

        My account was 1month old then. Hehe that was the best start in WoT for me.

    • This is why I have my very old computer with the latest version of wot installed on it, when crap like this shows up I do it on that, since I dont care if it dies.

  5. Best timing for 1k free gold.
    From the leaked November missions:

    8.11.-11.11. “Fury weekend”

    - premium account discount (3 days for 350, 7 days for 680)

  6. clicking giveaways shows no result – page is loading still. perhaps overloaded like hell now :)

    • I had the same problem.I restarted Overwolf or however it’s called and I clicked on the loading icon a few times and it worked,at least for me.

  7. I tried Overwolf some months ago but it used to crash my WoT client. Hopefully they have fixed this problem meanwhile…

  8. Thanks for this. Was already using Overwolf.
    Counter at 53 minutes …

    My clan will also be grateful, i’m posting this on the forum.

  9. Everyone, if you can’t find the giveaways tab, you need to update your game. Go to settings and find the option. Then it should work.

      • Agreed, the effort to get this is already pretty damn near nothing. If you can’t muster that, you shouldn’t get anything.

  10. so i went to appstore> games> but there is no giveaway section….dafaq?
    also…update doesnt work (for overwolf)

    • nope, got it to work…but when i played a few games of WoT i lagged so hard i couldnt see any enemy tank even though i could see team mates shooting at something…bad overwolf, now gtfo my pc

    • THAT. I closed that screen so I could play my game.
      Then a popup came up during a game. Another friend said that it said something about “click here or click the app store”.
      I went back to the app store. Nothing. Nothing anywhere. Where is my code supposed to be? I don’t have one. I get the impression that you guys just ate lunch without playing the game and waited, or what? I can’t get the popup window to show any code.
      sux2Bme, I guess.

  11. “Dont go around alone”

    that reminds me of a certain kitten pictures saying :” it’s dangerous to go alone take this”

    I would’nt hesitate to run some scan on that pc :)

  12. Works thanks alot SS can’t complain about 1000 free gold the software itself is sort of useful for me as well but will probably just uninstall.

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  14. It can’t be completed on the same device more than once I guess..
    I got my 1k gold without a problem, but then I wanted to get the code for another account. I’ve logged the second WoT and Overwolf account. I left it 1 hour and after the countdown went to 0:00, this appeared:

    One user too many…
    The World of Tanks giveaway has already been
    unlocked by a previous user.
    Sign out and change user to get the giveaway key

    When I’ve signed up the first account, there was the code I had already used before.
    So for anyone trying to get the code from the same computer: It won’t work anyway, it doesn’t matter if you want to use a different WoT account

  15. You dont have to play. Just run one Hout the Client (in Garage) and you get the Code. Works fine.

  16. My roomate cant get activation code, becose overwolf say “one user too many… The World of Tanks giveaway has already been unlocked by a previous user. Sing out and change user to get the giveaway” I tried to sing out of his wot acount and log in to mine, buth its still the same, then I tried to swich overwolf acount to new acount and he is still geting the same message. What the hell we need to do so he would get that gold???
    We are using 2 seperate laptops

    • I guess it refuses to give a code if the Overwolf acc that already got this code was ever logged in.
      That means that if you ever logged an account that used code, you can never get 1000 gold..
      That’s kinda harsh.
      It would be possible to use multiple devices with WoT installed and generate a code multiple times using different Overwolf account on every IP (WoT account doesn’t matter since you don’t even need to be logged in to start the countdown). Maybe it would be possible to use these codes on the same WoT account? But I guess that’s cheating

  17. You can use these codes only once per account. I have tried it. So it’s not worth it trying to get more codes.

  18. Malware for gold, I’m surprised Russian internet criminals didn’t think of this earlier.


    This is one of the key, I am not used it yet. Cuz I am on Asia Server. just want to try but failed :v

  20. This is a message i found on wotlabs forum:

    Hey everyone!

    Name’s Raif and I’m the Overwolf Community Manager. I’ve seen some issues you’ve had reported here and would like to lend you all a hand.

    First, if you’re getting the message that “One user too many… The World of Tanks giveaway code has already been unlocked by a previous user”, please send your Overwolf ID name to as well as if you’re located on a network or there are multiple computers/users who are playing WoT and already claimed a code.

    Second, for all the SEA users, we’re very very sorry. There was a misunderstanding between us and Wargaming regarding the codes and it turns out that the codes they gave us are US/EU only. We’ll be updating the promotion with this information immediately and are very very sorry about it.

    Third, if you have a timer that has huge amounts of time (more than it’s supposed to) please send your logs to as that is a bug and we want to fix it.

    Also, if you are having trouble downloading/installing Overwolf due to not being able to reach the servers, please try this link here – it bypasses the site and downloads the installer straight away: http://download.over…lfInstaller.exe

    If you are encountering any issues such as crashing, timer resetting or Overwolf not showing up in World of Tanks, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll gladly help each and every one of you privately.

    Keep on gaming!

  21. Running overwulf and WoT at the same time? The last time I did that Overwulf made Wot Unplayable. So install, Play or afk wot, Claim the goldz and uninstall that piece of crap.

    I just hope Raptr does something similar, since that actually does work properly.

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  23. servers are not responding anymore :)
    actually i have waited for 1 hour and my code is not given.

  24. I think that you can only do it once.That must be why all the codes start with NBT

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  26. I got a problem my giveaway cant open :( but the rest i owerwolf i can open only giveaways dont work so i cant get 1000 gold :(

  27. i had that loading issue too
    i solve it – click Apps button on top
    then go to some category (i click for games)
    then i installed one of them (battle log in my case)
    after that i go to Games -> giveaways and everything works

    But – i had 43min not 60 – so maybe that timer counting all time

    • i can instal apps, but that doesn’t change anything to the give away page.
      It just doesn’t load…….

      • try to close that window, ope, double click on that giveaways button etc
        my friends solve that problem that way:)

        oh and i get that 1000gold – thanks SS

  28. I’ve got the overlay up and running with the timer counting down (it only appareas as if it can be open or closed not minimized) and I had no controls in-game.

    I had to close it to be bale to do anything but when I went back into it the timer had continued.

    • Probably just all the players trying to get some free gold… I guess it happens quite often when any freebie is on offer.

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  30. Hello … i hawe a problem with NET framework initalization error.. cant instal Overwolf , some help with this???

      • thanks for your reply … first
        when I want to install the new .NET Framework this is a problem ” Blocking Issues: The .NET Framework 4.5.1 is not supported on this operating system.
        ” other:

        Setup may not run properly, because the Windows Modules Installer Service is not available on this computer.
        So I do not know what the ff problem is here?! :D

  31. I don’t understand, what’s the catch? Why can’t you just keep making new accounts on Overwolf and waiting the 60 minutes for the count down so that you can get another 1000 gold? What’s stopping you from repeating the process?

    • even if you were to enter 2 code they would not work on the same account. but yes you could theorically make tons of WOT account with 1k gold on them.

        • Because they know what code are from the giveaway. Once one is entered they make it so the next one won’t work… it’s a simple matter to do for them really. The razer giveaway was the same thing too.

  32. i dont see a count down anywhere ? did i do something wrong? its been over an hour so maybe i just didnt see it but even if its that wheres the code?

  33. A lot of people going thru a lot of trouble to get tracking software on their computer in exchange for Euro 3.00 (THREE, as in 1 lousy Euro and another lousy Euro and a 3rd lousy Euro) worth of gold……..

      • LOL! Keyboard Warrior at work? Free tip (no code needed): don’t write shit to people on the internet you wouldn’t have to stones to tell them to their face kid…..

        • Kid, lissen. If you dont want to install and than uninstall crap for 1000 Gold, so just go away, dont blame other people. Your opinion about 3 euro is your opinion and no one cares.

  34. Thanks SS for the Tip (especially that we don’t have any electronic way of payment in my country :/ ) really appreciated.

  35. This is great, just got 1000 gold on both my EU and my NA account, all u need is 2 e-mails so u can register, and overwolf required 2 computers, I couldnt use the same computer for both giveaway codes, but I could use the same computer to run WoT for one hour per account i made on overwolf.
    when I tried to get the second code while still on computer 1, i got the message: “too many users”. So I installed overwolf on another computer that didnt even have WoT installed, checked the giveaway tab, and taddah!!! code number 2 recieved :D

  36. I downloaded Overwolf, installed, launched, clicked on Appstore, the giveaways, shitty page just won’t load. And this wonderful program turned my high-end PC to a slow pile of junk. Will uninstall it ASAP.

    OK, restarted the damn thing, now it loaded like a charm. Waiting for my gold.

  37. “This giveaway is expired
    Check out the appstore for more cool giveaways”

    I get this after for my second account(WoT and overwolf ofc) my code is ready…
    any ideas, why this?

  38. It should be available till the end of November right? I hope it is just some kind of a bug :(

  39. Expired my a**…… it was working 5 hours ago then electricity went down for few minutes so i turned it back on and it says “Expired”….. wrote to support….. otherwise im gonna badmouth the product :D

    • Is a bit “bad”(was an insult here) that they say event is until 30th of november, then expire in not even 48h.

      • yea, cuz i wanted additional 1000gold, but it expired ten mins until code was ready, so i see a label which says code is unlocked, but giveaway is grayned and expires( i have two WoT accounts on different emails, so i wanted put 2nd gold to 1st acc, cuz i dont play 2nd acc much).
        It is rly bad

  40. Hello, if there is someone here who has more of those codes and does not necessarily need them, please send me one of them on It would be a nice gift for my gfs father. Thanks in advance :)

  41. ahhhhhhhh…….. why so bad/>?/?
    at least they could use, now expired status with green label which says “unlocked”/…….:(

  42. Доброго времени суток.
    Объясните по подробнее, как это сделать (получить 1000 Gold (EU,US)).
    Как я понял и сделал:
    1. скачал Overwolf;
    2. установил Overwolf;
    3. запустил Overwolf;
    4. зарегистрировался на Appstore;
    5. зашел под учетной записи Appstore;
    6. запустил модифицированный клиент для игр на EU, US и т.д. под моей старой учетной записью;
    7. подождал 3 часа(программа Overwolf отображалось в клиенте);
    8. проследовал по пути “Games => Giveaways => WoT giveaway”, а пункт WoT неактивен.
    Может кто подскажет что Я делаю неправильно. Предполагаю что “Overwolf” смотрит на IP-адрес региона, как его сменить на EU, US и т.д.
    P.S. Sorry, I badly I know English (