So, Who Wants to Buy a Tiger?

Thanks to Duarte H. for this one.

Would you want to buy a Tiger? Or a replica, anyway. Here’s your chance! These gentlemen have made a replica and are selling it for “meager” sum of 380k Euros. The vehicle is powered by a Russian YaMZ-238 240hp engine (alternatively, a more powerful V-2 can be built in), has a working electrically-driven turret and comes with spare part. The gun can fire pyrotechnics to simulate real gunfire. It took 9 months to build.


19 thoughts on “So, Who Wants to Buy a Tiger?

    • Well, I’m pretty amused. Sitting here, watching the vid and smiling :D They did a good job, I must admit. Well, bored russians, beside drinking home-made vodka, can do miracles :)

    • Exactly what I’m thinking. But unlike a real Tiger this replica doesn’t seem to be able to pivot though, which looks a little odd when turning on point.

      Other than that – nice looking replica. Even the suspension looks pretty good. The wheels are not 100% identical, but still very believable.

      • According to the website it has the transmission from an AT-T artillery tractor (or rather the bulldozer version), which is built on a T-54 chassis, so no neutral steer/pivot.
        If used in a movie it could probably be argued that neutral steer should be avoided due to stress on transmission/running gear on the real tanks, anyway.

      • Looks like a Mid production version (commanders cupola, road wheels). Early production look like Tiger 131, Late production look like the game version without the L/71.

        Quite a few things aren’t quite right. It seems to be higher off the ground than real Tigers, outside road wheels aren’t dished (watch the 131 vids), doesn’t neutral turn (looks like a T-34 transmission), doesn’t ride like a Tiger and doesn’t sound like one, has a foot rung on the front, missing feifel air cleaners.

        I could go on…and on

    • That’s what it was intended for if I’m not mistaken.
      This was supposed to be used in the russian “White Tiger” movie, but they couldn’t get it ready in time. Whether or not it was supposed to actually represent the White Tiger instead of the glass-fibered IS-2 they used or as another tank entirely I’m not sure of.

  1. this tank must have negative camo values when it moves. its so loud, no one can not spot it – even through walls.

  2. Very cool…Would be nice to have sitting in my lawn. “Get out of here you damn kids! BOOM!”

  3. I wonder what’s the weight? It must be much lighter to be powered by 240HP engine. I bet it weighs no more than 20 tonnes.

    • For one it does not have armour per se. Also, no actual 88 mm gun, ammunition and (most likely) radio equipment. So yes, it is much lighter than a real Tiger.

  4. It looks pretty good IMO. Shame it wasnt used in the movie. They prefered the Tiger P.

  5. ohhh, this is the moving tank sound I really miss from the game :( all the scraping and creaking