Impressive Footage from Syria (Tanks Battle Terrorists)

Hello everyone,

when you browse various internet pages and youtube channels looking for footage from fighting in Syria, you will find a lot of very interesting and educational videos, often in their raw form, but also with various commentaries. Possibly my favourite channel is called “Tanks in Space“, posting footage of the fighting from Syrian army tanks, equipped with GoPro cameras with Russian commentary (and subtitles). These tanks are fighting the terrorists in the ruins of Syrian cities – not a good place to be for a tank!

In the following video taken near Jobar, the army was trying to oust the terrorists from their entrenched positions. This dramatic video contains several interesting moments. For one, the tank with the camera gets hit several times (noone of the tankers got hurt) – the reactive armor destroys one warhead, but then the tank is hit from the side by another RPG and is disabled, as its oil piping is cut, immobilizing the armored vehicle. Another tank rushes in protecting it, shelling the terrorists with fire and helping an ARV to hook the disabled tank and tow it away. At the end of the video, you can clearly see the damage done to the vehicle (the signature small “holes” the HEAT projectile cause in the turret).

Say what you want, but the T-72 is a durable beast. Thanks to Looser (I think it was him) who first posted the video.


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    • Yeah. It’s funny how within a year, Assad’s soldiers went from “murderous assholes killing the citizens they’re supposed to protect” to “heroes fighting islamist murderers”.

      • They always where actually, media just portraited them wrongly to get the people to support the war against Assad. In reality, thou being kinda harsh with some people and lazy with human rights, Assad was the only one who actually keept the extremists out of the country and keept it somewhat together. Assad was moderate, not imposing some super weird islamic laws, he was open to western things and somewhat liberal. Then the terrorists came, majority of them from al-quaida splinter groups or other extremist groups, using the rebellion against assad to impose their own ways, the islamistic ways. Now we can all see to what it led. All the extremists united under the black flag and IS formed.

        We should have bombed the “rebells” long ago already.

        • Well he was a moderate muderous bastard, to be accurate. The Assad’s have been perfectly ruthless but less insane that Saddam or Gadaffi.

          Bear in mind where this all started

          It’s a tragedy and of course Assad has been happy to leave ISIS alone as much as possible as it it in his interests to crush the more reasonable of the rebels to ensure the alternative to him is as unpaletable as possible.

          • simple, the capitalists wont help agaist the moderate rebel groups while they will “crusade” against isis, so they will pick their own “trash” while leaving the bigger problem to the big boys.

            At the end usa plan backfired really hard, since the enemy of your enemy may be just a crazy bunch of lunatics.

        • “They always where actually, media just portraited them wrongly to get the people to support the war against Assad.”

          Can we just acknowledge, that there were all kinds of rebel factions. From democratic to extremist. All those “they ALL are freedom fighters” “No, ALL of them are Islamic murderers”, it is silly. The situation is as always grey, not black or white. Sadly we can now all see, that the islamic terrorist groups were pretty successful rallying foreign fighters for their cause.
          And Assad was if anything a useful dictator for the western world like so many of them. Still ruthless in maintaining his power at all cost. Helping Assad in that conflict would have been a moral suicide.

          Anyway it was most likely only a question of time until those arbitrary borders drawn by the british and french after WW1 would implode.

          • Don’t forget good old Woodrow Wilson el presidento of the US of A , he had a lot of say in it all.

      • well you know that for example Saudi Arabia is beheading thieves and gays but nobody in the US government says anything wrong about them…… you know why?…. answer is obvious, MONEY (……

        Assad was no saint but i strongly believe he oppressed these terrorrist groups brutaly because that is the only way to do it….. ordinary people lived a nice lives in stable Syria…. what would you choose?…. quite life under dictator or democracy with every day bombing and killing just like Iraq?

        great video btw…. war is not pretty, hope they would have peace

        • Zoltan1251 well said. I bet if someone presented them their “future democracy” seen now they would’va said : fuck the revolution! let’s go back to our homes!

      • Welcome to the media, who changed an army serving a barbarian savage regime who murdered 300,000+ civilians and displaced 5 million, to “an angle” who is fighting the terrorists.

    • I think there are also real rebels fighting terrorists, there’s such a mess there…
      better wait to see who comes out on top :/

    • This. I’m surprised SS is using the term terrorist as if he were updating the Fox News frontpage. Assad is a monster, plain and simple. We support monsters, and we are surprised when everyone, good and bad people, turn on them and us?

      • Quineloe if you like terrorists so much why don’t you go join them? I’m sure the Syrian army can guarantee your well deserved entrance into hell. Fucking maggot.

  1. And players bitch about the cannon sounds in WOT !!!!
    If the cannons in WOT sounded like this there would be a riot :-)

    • For daily use items like a cellphone or a digital camera, it is very hard to record the sound of a cannon firing. It will always sound distorted, due to the sudden blast of sound waves.

    • Rusakova do you know how much professional recording gear costs and how it looks ?

      You call these sound realistic based on a gopro cam that it’s not even meant at recording tank cannons. What a dumbass.

      • I know how a Leopard II sounds when it fires its cannon. I have been in one several times during live fire. Both inside and outside.

        But since I’m a dumbass I will let you tell me what professional recording gear costs.

  2. Just wondering. Was the tank blind? No infrared and stuff like that?

    Amazing shit, this video was great.

    • No, the Tank has Thermal/IR Sights, hence it can aim and shoot through the smoke and dust easily.

    • It has FLIR stuff. There is another video where the tank was standing still against a 2floor building with like 40 windows suspecting a terrorist is in there.

      The little rat inside finally decided to shoot it’s RPG and by the time it hit the tank, he was already turned to pieces by T-72 cannon.

      • “the little rat”

        wow, look at this internet tough guy. What a piece of work you are.

  3. I always wondered while watching those videos, what type of shell are the tanks firing against soft targets? is it standard ap, or a kind of HE?

    • Probably HEAT-MP, or multi purpose. Its a kind of HEAT shell with a secondary HE-FRAG warhead. Its mostly used against “soft” targets like trucks, light APC or personel groups and is one of the most common munition types for modern soviet mbt’s.

    • Most likely HEF (HE Fragmentation). At least that’d be the best choice of the rounds of the 2A46 can use (According to wiki that’d be: HEAT, APFSDS, HEF and ATGMs).

  4. Thanks for this video (others can be found near it).
    It’s interesting, I always assumed that modern weapon wins with armor, and a tank hit by an AT grenade would be disabled. It seems t-72 frontal armor+ERA actually holds. I wonder what do they use against it – rpg-7 or something?

      • Thanks, I just wonder if perhaps they use something older. RBR-120 M90 was designed in 90′s I believe – I would be surprised if a t-72 could survive something like this. But perhaps it can – I don’t know.

        • From the pictures I’ve seen, they have both RPG-7 RBR-120 and some of the old american recoilless rifles, they probably have a lot more than that…

    • Probably a legit shitty export tank. An old mate used to say: you need to babysit tanks and you never, ever send them in first. I think this video rather proves his point. Lucky for the crew they survived this.

    • These are T-72M (Russians called them monkey tanks) but i heard somewhere that they received “regular” T-72 from Russia……

  5. >Tanks Battle Terrorists

    But wait, the USA considers these terrorists to be “legitimate representatives of people of Syria”, and Bashar al-Assad is accused of being a dictator, who’s been fighting democratic activists of Free Syrian Army and Islamic State for two years. And the USA wants to continue supporting of these rebels, the ones tanks were engaging on the footage.

  6. Anyone has a doubts whenever it is ethical to post or even watch such movie? It is very hard don’t treat one as curiosity or entertainment. Yet we all know real people were being killed there.

    But maybe it is just me.


    • I don’t consider it unethical to watch videos with real people dying,since it does not harm anyone.

    • It’s much more educational than entertaining, at least for me. Thankfully most people wont be anywhere near such a warzone but then they’re at risk of romanticizing something they only think they know about. It’s harder to be flippant about conflict when you see the grim reality of it.

    • We know real people are being terribly harmed by trying dumb stunts, but we still enjoy watching people failing at them.

  7. “when you browse various internet pages and youtube channels looking for footage from fighting in Syria”

    Hey,SS,this channel is awesome,could you please tell us about any other similar channels/websites that you would recommend,maybe not strictly to Syria but with real life fighting situations?

    Thank You

  8. Say what you want, but the T-72 is a durable beast.

    It helps when thier are no other tanks in the vicinity.

    • Also depends on whatever ancient RPGs are shooting at it. There are also videos when these T-72′s start spewing fire from every hatch after first hit. (accompanied by obligatory aloha snackbar chanting). AFAIK its scum killing scum with scum-made equipment, why do people get so butthurt about videos capturing the whole thing?

      • The video that you are referring to was of a T-72 getting shot from behind, possibly into the ammo rack, with an rpg 29 “vampir”. The same weapon that managed to penetrate the M1 Abrams, the Challanger II, and the Merkava. Shit head.

        • Depends where it hits,

          The Challenger II was penned when it penetrated the lower front plate injuring the driver, tank was not destroyed and has now been up-armoured there.

          So weak lower hull against strong turret with bad ammo placement.

          Big difference as well between a Merkava and Merkava IV

          Politeness is not a sin by the way old chap.

  9. It’s funny to see same scenario over and over again and people are still dumb enough and believe what mass media says.
    First, West wants something on you territory, gives the means to fight to those lazy fucks who hate current government (and they will hate every government because none is giving something for free – you still have to be useful but they are too stupid to realize that and will fight the next one and next one…). They start the war, destroy the current country and then they “have” 3 options:
    - impose some rule that still doesn’t suit the West so they now have to fight against new government, (Afghanistan, Syria,…)
    - give them everything so they can put their people on crucial positions so they can oppress people that are opposed to West (former Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine…)
    - your land would be the place for further war operations (forever-in-war African countries) because West (and most notably USA) can’t live economically without war. Lets face it, if USA would stop its war machine they wouldn’t have money for food!

    • And this exactly what Russia does in Ukraine now, so you look quite idiotic with your classical blaming of the West.

      • It seems you’re missing few years of you life, mate, because it was West who pushed Ukraine to join EU and by doing so open a door for NATO to install rocket launchers only few km from Russian border! Did you really think Russia would allow it? Open your eyes you fucking idiot, before it’s too late or you are just another whiner child who believes everything CNN tells you!

        • Yes, because Americans need another base to deter the defunct Soviet Union with, get this, an MLRS.

          Be sure to warn me when the USSR shows up in the Bahamas with a BM-24 Grad or 4. I’ll be worried about that strategic threat.

        • You see, I don’t watch CNN, I live in Ukraine not that far from the front line and have military helicopters transporting wounded over my head every day. I don’t know what sources of information are popular among ignorant Serbian peasants, but definitely you have no idea what is going here. I doubt you ever visited Russia, Ukraine, or, say, Iraq, so the best thing you can do is to stick your opinion on world conflicts up your ass.

          • uh-oh – Oh, you live in Ukraine?! Please tell me, poor Serbian peasant, how is it to be in a war! You are just butthurt hillbilly losing the war you started by showing your kitten teeth to a full grown bear! Now deal with the consequences! You at least had a choice, you made the wrong one. We never even had one… Well, don’t worry, in 10-20 years from now, you will have freedom and democracy but will weep for “Russian boot” just like Iraqis, Libyans, Afghans already forgot how it was, even some of the Serbs, Muslims and Croats miss “the good old days”!

  10. I like your blog about the game but we’re talking of real people dying over there. I’d appreciate you do not add any comment the next time you publish a testimony of real events. Regards.

  11. This is what i call real fight. Unlike that faggotory so called war in Iraq and Afghanistan shooting randomly at 1 taliban in some random mountain and looking for imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

      • There where plenty of WOMD in Iraq. Saddam didnt gas the kurds with soap water your know. There are still massive stockpiles of Cyclon B, Mustard Gas, and other chemical/biological agents, just the production seized long ago. Iraq never had the capability to dispose of them so they stored them somewhere in the desert. IS is finding those stockpiles but they have a hard time utilising them since most of them are in form of 122mm or 152mm artillery shells. There where reports from kobane where kurdish fighters have shown symptoms of mustar gas exposure too.

        • Yeah, we knew Saddam had WMDs. All we had to do was look at the shipping manifests, because WE GAVE THEM TO HIM!

          What took the Americans by surprise was the fact that he had already used them all as he was instructed to by the Americans in the first Gulf War!

    • Hide behind anonymity – lots of people died in Iraq and Afghanistan they were and are hardly ‘faggotory’ (as if any conflict can be called that) maybe you should go and sit in one some time and see what it is like.

      Ask the kurds and Marsh Arabs if the chemical weapons used on them by Saddams regime were just imaginary

  12. I worked with a guy from Syria just as things started to go really bad. He would skype his cousins over there and get the scoop. They would go out in the streets to protest Assad, and then the gov’t-run media would say things like “a group of Damascas men went out to celebrate the fact that it finally rained today”… truth is the first casualty of war.

  13. im no expert in warfare….but this looks bloody stupid to me….I mean, the tank is shooting at random bits of building which i assume is because the gunner is paranoid Obama bin laden is hiding behind a pillar or something…and other times you see the tank shoot when he has a huge dust cloud around him….wtf are you shooting at????

    • you’re aware we’re just seeing what a turret-top mounted $400 camera recorderd while the crew had very expensive military grade equipment available to them to see far more than that?

      • i haven’t heard or any equipment that allows you to see through rubble and dust of such magnitude…

        • Thermal imaging works pretty good for seeing through dust and rubbish.

          You did read the blurb where they said the tanks were there to shoot any potential building overlooking the highway area for the infantry. They were given targets to hit by the accompanying troops.

          Memory works as well, clear image target part of building fire, dusty view aim 30 mils to right fire again (still on building)

  14. Terrorists?
    Oh yeah, because we Syrians must bend over backwards for dictators. We must listen to our masters who don’t give us jack shit, and if we rebel, we’re called terrorists.
    SS, never post about something you don’t know about, or politics in general.

    • Please tell us more about how ISIS was formed. Or how the FSA are so kind and totally don’t fight like terrorists, look like terrorists and are even Syrian. Any real rebel that opposes the government is now ironically sided with the government because what the FSA and every other criminal-filled group do is terrorism, and that isn’t something any sane Syrian wants in their home land. Rape, torture, kidnapping and bombing of schools, hospitals, homes, etc. are things done by terrorists. Not legitimate or moderate rebels.

  15. Murderous dictator’s forces kill people. Who knew.
    Gaddafi kept the country together. So did Saddam. They were both brutal, near genocidal assholes and Syria’s no different.

    Syria crap like this is not black and white and it’s what lost SS any respect I had for him.
    Supporting Asaad or the jihadis is just sick.

    • Well, you know, not all “Jihadis” are bad. There’s this third group of people called the rebels, that everyone seems to forget about: the Free Syrian Army and the Islamic Front. They both are moderates, but no one seems to understand that – everyone thinks it’s either ISIS or Assad, which is quite idiotic.