Tank Inspector PRO, Sneak Preview (Part 2)

Source: http://tankinspector.sinaapp.com/stipro-sneak-preview-part-ii/

Author: Hillin (Tank Inspector developer)

Part 1: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/10/20/tank-inspector-pro-sneak-preview-part-1/

Hello again everyone,

Here comes the second part of the Tank Inspector PRO Sneak Preview series. This time, we will take a look at the model viewer.

 Model inspection is an important and popular feature of Tank Inspector. Thanks to its advanced deferred rendering engine, Tank Inspector present tank models in a high quality, comparable to those being rendered in the game. In Tank Inspector PRO, we improved the rendering engine to bring an even higher graphics quality. Furthermore, just as we promised and exhibited in recent Tank Inspector releases, we are introducing a really useful Capture function.


Model View

The picture above shows the model viewer in Tank Inspector PRO. An Inspect Model command could be found in the context menu of any tank entry, it will open a tab page to bring out this view.

Turret Controller

On the top-right is the Turret Controller panel, Tank Inspector users should be very familiar with it. You can rotate the turret and elevate or depress the gun with this controller just by moving the pointer(black dot) around. It also gives an intuitionistic idea of the overall elevation/depression level of a tank.

Camera Controller

On the bottom-right is the Camera Controller panel.


Camera Controller Panel

In this panel, you can setup camera parameters precisely so to position it absolutely. Tank Inspector PRO uses a trackball-style camera, just like it is in Tank Inspector and the in-game garage. The pitch rotation is unlocked, so you can see the bottom of tanks.

The Toolbar

The following figure explains the functions of the toolbar, this should give you a basic idea of how powerful the model viewer will be.


Model View Toolbar

As you can see, Tank Inspector PRO will support camouflage and mod assets. More modder-oriented features like UV texture exporting and realtime mod preview are also planned for the model viewer. We will cover these features in the future.

Customization Configurator

Another major improvement is camouflage and inscription support. Here is the customization configuration panel, from which you can pick camouflage and inscriptions.


Customization Configuration Panel


In Tank Inspector 1.3.2, we introduced the Snapshot function, which allows you to take hi-resolution tank photos with transparent background. This feature is quite useful to present new tanks, so it’s instantly favored by many fansites. In Tank Inspector PRO, this feature is also greatly extended.

Static Snapshot

Static Snapshot Capturer

The image above shows the static snapshot capturer. By moving and resizing the cropping rectangle, you can exactly compose your shot. The selected region will be rendered into a lossless hi-resolution picture, which could be as large as 4096*4096. The picture will have a transparent background, so you can blend it into any background. There is also a Shade option to tell the renderer which color of background should it optimize for, making the picture less aliased. The rendering speed is also improved, on my low-end computer (with a Radeon HD4270 level graphics card), it takes less than 3 seconds to take a 4096px width snapshot.

Here is a photo of T-55 A captured with it (1920*1080).


T-55A HD Snapshot

Yaw Animation Capturing

Taking static photo is only a tip of the iceberg. To better present the visual of a tank, Tank Inspector PRO can capture a Yaw Animation – an animation representing a tank rotating along its perpendicular axis infinitely.


Yaw Animation Capturer

In the Yaw Animation Capturer, you can specify the framerate (the higher the smoother) and the rotation speed. The capture process lasts for several seconds and you will get an animated GIF file.

Here is a sample of a rotating Ru 251.


Ru 251 Yaw Animation

Visual Changes Capturing

Fansite editors often make GIF animation to unveil tank’s visual changes between updates. Tank Inspector PRO makes this job as easy as a click.


Visual Change Capturer

Powered by the multi-game-client support, you can create a visual change animation by specifying a rival edition of the current tank. You can also tell the capturer to make watermarks of version information on the animation.

Here the visual change of StuG III Ausf. G between 9.0 and 9.4CT.


Visual Changes of StuG III Ausf G

That’s all for this part of sneak preview. In the next part, we will talk about the armor inspection features.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Where’s the: “GET ALL OF THIS FOR HUNDRED MILION RUBLEZ ONLY!!!!ONE!” that’s so welcomed on this site these days?

    Anyway, at the author: Seems like a nice program, but I doubt it will be used much in its paid version, even by modders. Hope I am mistaken, though, would be good for you and further development =w=

  2. my question is when will we get a model viewer for WoT that shows where are the modules/crew situated inside of the tank, like you can see in the actual game client (!!) of War Thunder

  3. Sexy program is sexy.

    On a side note: can anybody supply me with the torrents for 9.4 (I don’t believe it’s one file only, since those derps probably fixed something after the RU launch)?
    My connection at home barely scrapes the bottom, and I can’t install WoT where I have better internet so… please?

    You can find them in the /updates folder.