Leopard 2 and Challenger 2 Training in Poland

Source: http://www.dom1n.com/galerie/challenger-2-poligonie-zaganiu/

Hello everyone,

Polish armored forces (specifically the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade) participate/will participate in a training called Black Eagle-14 in Żagań (Poland) with their Leopard 2′s along with their British counterparts with Challenger 2 tanks and Dom1n’s blog published a set of very nice photos from the preparations for it. I’m going to “borrow” them :) Enjoy.



















38 thoughts on “Leopard 2 and Challenger 2 Training in Poland

  1. When will they come in the game :-D

    Seriosly, it could be a fun “fun-mode” like the chaffee race etc, 3 vs 3 in leo 2′s or Challenger. Or 1 modern tank vs X nummer of tanks from the game.

        • @apolloF117: AW is not officially released and you already know it’s broken?

          Seems you are another brainless WOT-Fanboy?

          • nope i just saw the videos, “mr.fanboy”fobe. same HPs like in wot just more accurate guns ,missiles,accurate artys etc etc, and the same bullshit like in wot aka you’re shooting the cupola, kills the tank, shooting the infra panel on the tank and dmg it there, no sorry no need, even wot aplha had less bullshit like that

            • Honestly ? If AW will be a WoT clone running smoother on my laptop then it’s all I need to switch from WoT to AW.

              Really, with all my love for SerB, I really don’t appreciate the fact they can’t optimize the game properly for 3 years.

            • Yeah you saw videos… actualy there is only one gameplay footage from PAX PRIME.
              Second you saw alfa footage which is not a final release mongrel.
              Third read this one http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/10/31/learning-from-competition-aw/

              WoT alfa had less bullshits? when it came out it has even pay to win factors and OP Types driving along GG mr. experienced.
              Now pls slap yourself and get your facts sorted out or go play some “simulator” games like Warthunder, where I believe optics shot can damage crew/tank too.

            • Devs actually said that shooting parts like cupolas and other peripheral parts will deal significantly less damage than penetrating vital parts of the tank. That along with no premium ammo, better spotting system, arty being about collateral support damage, less performance gap between tiers and MM including progress in researching modules on a tank, skills of the crew etc. will make sure WoT will be BTFO … if they manage to deliver.

  2. Meanwhile on Russia and Belarus…

    “T-90 awesome”

    “T-90 stronk destroy two Challenger 2 in one shot!”

    “T-90 crash britons tank with superior autoloader”

    • I hope they will not meet in battle – showing guns and using them is two different things.

  3. I used to live less than 1000 meters from that training area, inside closed military zone. It was when the Russian forces were still stationed in nearby Świętoszów. One of the most vivid memories of my childhood was when a tank drove up next to our house and fired a round along the road, towards the open area. I remember I was carrying a bowl of salad and dropped it when the loud boom scared me. Dad had a lot of window panes to replace that day. Also, flash rounds on New Year’s Eve, a helicopter knocking down our chimney and a mortar round landing in our orchard. Fun times.

    • Żagań, my city :) i still live there my entire life :) (i born here), every day now i can hear the flying heli and jets and shooting tanks ;)