Straight Outta Supertest: AMX Chasseur de Chars

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Upcoming tier 8 French premium medium tank (oddly enough, in real life it was a tank destroyer, but whatever). It is currently not known whether it’s a reward tank, regular premium or whatever.



Early project for a new tank destroyer was introduced by the company AMX in 1946. Powerful engine and low weight were to ensure good mobility and 90mm gun with a mechanized ammo rack was to ensure good rate of fire. However, large size and quite thin armor and very complex and expensive design caused this vehicle not to be approved. Existed only in drawings.

Stats are for 100 percent crew.

Tier 8 MT
Hitpoints: 1400
Engine: 1200hp
Weight: 34 tons
Power-to-weight: 35,29 hp/t
Maximum speed: 57/13 km/h
Hull traverse: 34 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,863/1,726

Hull armor: 30/20/?
Turret armor: 30/20/?

Gun: 90mm
Damage: 240
Penetration: 212
DPM: 2087,5
ROF: 8,69
Accuracy: 0,336
Aimtime: 2,01s
Depression: -10
Turret traverse: 33,4

Viewrange: 390
Radiorange: 750



126 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: AMX Chasseur de Chars

    • I guess the gun is the same 90mm from the ARL 44 (212mm avg pen), it’s a good gun but it’s possible they will buff it a bit to be able to fight tier 9 heavies

      P.S: I guess Silentstalker is the happiest player about the introduction of this “MT” because of his article and the render that was specially made for him

      • Why buff it? 212mm of penetration with a high rate of fire and good accuracy is entirely workable.

        • More than workable, the FCM 50t has comparable (if not the same) pen and it’s amazing

      • The Lorraine did quite well with the 90mm DCA. The cannon is pretty good on the ARL and ‘meh’ on the M4, but the mobility of the Lorraine allowed for the cannon to shine. I believe that the mobility of the AMX CDC will allow it to make good use of the gun.

        And before anyone tries to correct me, the Lorraine & the BatChat had the 90mm DCA removed in patch 0.7.5.

  1. So
    -very fast (35hp/t ??? lol)
    -high pen
    - very accurate
    -great depression
    -doesnt seem too big

    Only problem i can see is the 13km/h reverse speed… i srsly doubt we will se anything close to this.

    • The only problem is that it has 30/20 armour and can be penetrated by a lot of HE shells.
      Other than that, is too good to be truth… to make it in live server with this characteristics.

      • FCM has the same armor and it’s even slower, I never had a problem with that.
        This seems way too op for a prem. Most probably will be nerfed till final release.

          • Same effectively.

            Almost all guns penetrate the FCM 50t, all guns penetrate the AMX Chasseur de Chars, there is no functional difference asides from HE.

            • Why do some ppl always forget the overmatching? With effective angling (and not to mention a rather decent turret) the FCM can bounce lots of shit. You can even sidescrape in the FCM with the decent side armor.

              But in this thing? The sides are overmatched even by 70mm guns. The front by anything above 90mm… you can NOT expect to bounce anything in this tank, no matter what you do.

              • The FCM 50t doesn’t have the turret armor to work with that, and it only bounces 15 percent of shots. Even the Borsig manages to bounce around ~1 percent of shots, and so this one will probably bounce around 2-3 percent. That isn’t a major difference from the FCM 50t’s armor. Maybe you won’t get penetrated by 76mm armed Shermans frontally in the FCM 50t and other light/medium tanks at low tiers, but the effective difference is low.

  2. Tier 8 MT
    Hitpoints: 1400
    Engine: 1200hp
    Weight: 34 tons
    Power-to-weight: 35,29 hp/t

    This will never make it to live. placeholder stats, calling it now. Only thign that’s meh is the hull traverse, and evne then it’s acceptable because of it’s sick ground resistance/

  3. Oh no, the nightmares about the French tree are becoming true: they take all the interesting projects to make with them premium tanks :’-(

  4. I’m disappointed by this.Although I’m happy to see new French tanks, this would have been MUCH better as a regular tank, in either the medium line or an eventual second TD line. Having it as a premium is a huge waste of potential, and it might not even be a regular and accessible premium.

      • One can say that about a variety of projects and vehicles. WG can make up imaginary guns if they want. And there are vehicles that get by with little in the way of upgrades, like the tier 9 Foch. ARL 44 never was going to mount 76mm or DCA 30 for example, but it gets both of those. The 1,200 hp engine could be treated with 850/1000/1200 HP upgrades corresponding to the heavy line, some imaginary gun upgrades and tracks mounted, ect. ect.

        But WG has chosen, in my opinion the wrong choice but their choice never the less.

    • A huge waste o potential, if it’ll be anything remotely close to the current stats when it hits live, would be for WG not to sell it as a premium tank actually.

      Meanwhile on the other side of FTR: FV premium medium tenk, gud kennon, no need medium mobility, slightly fast hevy gud nuff speed (still can’t believe people argue with heavy mobility and top speed being fine on a medium JUST because it has a decent cannon, for such people they should have given T49 the mobility of KV 2).

      • A waste of the tank’s potential, WG’s profit making capability is another question.

        • A waste of tank potential would be for it not to be a premium tank, this thing has no place in organised play, however it will be an excellent tank to have as a premium even if they nerf everything up to 25% of the current stats (except the cannon, they won’t change that) which will most likely happen because as it stands right now, the only t8 medium better than this is the obj 416.

          We “need” medium premium tanks and except this one and Type 59 which is unobtainable, we have absolutely nothing currently and in the near future, T34-3 isn’t anything fun and efficient to play and the previously leaked FV I personally won’t touch even if they give it for free to all FV 4k owners, it’s a piece of shizz unless they completely overhaul everything related to it being a medium and that T54 45 premium AKA T44 medium that will most likely never get released looking at how WG works recently with premium tanks of the Russian sort, especially since they will probably want to make it worse than 416 which is way above regular T44 and making a tank worse than T44 would result in a repeated “the tank was not on par with our expectations, we will be scrapping it” like they did with every single Russian T7-8 medium they tried to implement in the last year.

          • The thing is, the CC (abbreviation of Chasseur de Chars) is a lynchpin in potential for expansion of the French TD line. Also, there are no French tier 8 mediums that WG is willing to add, but they converted this into a medium. So therefor, by making this into a premium medium, WG neatly managed to prevent easy solutions for both the TD line’s future expansion, and for the second medium line being completed.

          • “T34-3 isn’t anything fun and efficient to play”

            what fucked up reality did you come from ?

  5. It just seems too good for a premium tank.
    I was kind of thinking yesterday that it has became a more common pattern with new vehicles. They seem great at first, some play it and find it to be great later the stats get changed and brought in line with other vehicles.
    ^^ Was repeated in the whole German TD line ending in WTE-100 (nerfed), The FV-183 (Nerfed), now there are people considering the Bulldog with its 10 round magazine to be OP (which may soon get changed). And don’t forget, it also happened with the STB-1. That tank was nerfed in the common test before going live.
    My question: Can’t the devs see that how a tank will perform while allotting the stats?

    And btw, I was grinding the AMX line (before I took a break from wot in late July) and I have NOT seen a 2.1 sec aim time on any french 90 mm gun (The usual range is from 2.7 on the AMX M4 to 3 sec on the AMX 50 100).
    It just seems too good to be a premium and in its current state certainly at par, if not better tank, than the regular tier 8 meds. Sure the armor is typically French but that doesn’t count as much. There are still tanks with low armor that perform well.
    PS: Don’t tell me that I am bitching about a tank in super test; I have just spotted a pattern. I may be right or the other way round. That is just my observation.

    Just for comparison with a regular tier 8 med (Indien panzer elite):
    Hitpoints: 1400 (1200)
    Engine: 1200hp (650HP)
    Weight: 34 tons (39-40 tons)
    Power-to-weight: 35,29 hp/t (16.3 elite)
    Maximum speed: 57/13 km/h (50/20)
    Hull traverse: 34 deg/s (38 d/s)
    Hull armor: 30/20/? (90/90/45)
    Turret armor: 30/20/? (90/90/?)
    Gun: 90mm (90mm elite)
    Damage: 240 (same)
    Penetration: 212 (212 on AP)
    ROF: 8,69 (8.33)
    Accuracy: 0,336 (0.34)
    Aimtime: 2,01s (2.7s)
    Depression: -10 (same)
    Viewrange: 390 (same)
    Radiorange: 750 (720)

    • Possible explanation for being a medium tank:

      “It is named ‘Tank hunter’, and was intended for that job, but the Panther was classified in that exact same way.”

      Kudos to those guys if they made this beast a reality.

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  7. Interesting design, the turret was undoubtedly influenced by the Tiger II Henschel turret.

    Nice find!

  8. This is thing is so underpowered, it won’t stand a chance against other tanks! I mean, how the fuck do they expect it to fight French style when reverse speed is only 13km/h!?

    • still
      I think i will just stop buying any kind of premium vehicle
      maybe only a PTD USA , or PLT French but anything then that , no thanks
      Especially after how the T-34-3 made me rage. even TOG doesn’t make me rage so hard . Games in general never made me rage at all
      None of the 35+ premium tanks i have made me rage but really i cannot take it anymore with the T 34 3 ,it sucks on all specifications..

      • with the new buff and a stabilizer the t-34-3 is as good as any premium can get without being a type 59 all over again . Damn even the superpershing which was much much less OP then type 59 had to be nerfed so what do you expect ? (i miss so much seeing these 2 spaced armor plate at crazy angle on my SP :( )

        • I think i will change the EGLD to a Stabilizer
          since i am using EGLD ,Vent and a Rammer.,maybe the bigger % on stab on move and rotation will help more then 10% aiming time

  9. Nice tank if it will have special MM.
    Trash without special MM. Tier 8 in Randoms is a torture at the moment, with so many t10′s.

    Non-MM stats are not worth discussing before we get to hear what MM it has. Nice to see more French tanks though, it was about time.

  10. cool so we can train crew for those 3 FR meds that are in game ? :D

    btw, that gun depression and power to weight looks sweet.

  11. Lovely.

    It looks too good for preferential mm, but then again it looks rather balanced for a t8 prem med.

    Is it a coincidence that the Jpz’s HE deals 1400 damage? I think not.

    Bring it :)!

  12. This is awesome, even though I can’t see it not being nerfed hard.

    But why oh why is it a premium? I can understand making it a medium, as the classification can be weird sometimes, especially with those french and their cavalry/infantry tanks.

    But this could have been a regular tank, to fill up a regular french med line. Taking it out is such a fucking waste. Unbelievable. And then you hear Serb or whoever that was saying there aren’t enough french meds for a full line… WTF?

    This is a well known project, with technical drawings available all over the internet. Why make it the tier8 medium when there would have been more obscure, better-fit candidates?

    • It was originally in the prototype french tree as a regular, I’d expect it to stay.

      • maybe its because they found, oh i don’t know, a more related tank?

        and what about that whole thing on the EU forums with those historians piecing together new French branches (i wonder how SS feels about that).

        • I made the suggestion to post an english version of it, so it could reach more people, but I got told to fuck off, so heh. Hopefully someone among their team knows some higher-ups.

          This could have been the MT leading to the AMX30 prot. WG, put this goddam sexy beast in game already.

  13. the muzzle design …
    It’s for the aiming crosshair do not be optured by smoke
    and probably a better control of sway

    “firefly have a shifted muzzle and a big ventilation for this”

    sorry poor english

  14. They dont find enough french archives to put regular tanks in the fr branch… and when they found some they put them as prem.
    What a bunch of crooks….

  15. So basically you take the only possible Tier 8 vehicle that would fit a second Medium line and make it a Premium. I’m sure they will turn around and say “Oh noes, no 2nd Medium line, no Tier 8!” How Wargaming of them.


    But why not a regular tier VIII for the AMX 30 branch? Because there WILL be an AMX 30 branch in the game… *hisses through clenched teeth* …RIGHT, Wargaming?! >:O

  17. Anyone saying that its not OP is just lying to others.

    -Look at that hp/ton -35 ?? Even better than LTTB. And that thing is fast.
    -good gun with great pen212mm, nice accuracy0.33 and aimtime 2.1s with -10 degree of gun depression.
    -1400health to take some hits. Mind you, even IS-3 only has 1500.
    -nevermind the armor, playing french for that long should teach you how to hide already.

    Lets compare to other t8 meds, more pen and faster and better depression than t-44 , obj416 and type59, t34-2, faster and better gun handling than panther, pershing, centurion and sta-1.
    It out performs other t8 meds in all aspects except armor ( which you should have known how to hide since driving french, if you dont there is still -10degree of gun depression to help you)
    All in all, I dont think they will release it in current stats, its just too Op, more like a tier 9 elite med than a t8 “premium” med. If it stays as now, I’m bloody hell getting myself one of this !

    • Maybe an HP downgrade, and no preferencial MM.
      I think the paper armor and the very big size will balance the rest (gun & mobility).
      Don’t forget than FCM 50t and other French paper tanks have paper modules.

      • I would think its the rough size of indien panzer. And for someone who drove french before, the size wont matter, look at lorrain and amx50s. They are huge, just play ridgelines (-10 depression) and with that power to weight ratio(35, I dont know how much elc has, but LTTB has 30 and that thing is a rocket) it will be really hard to hit if play peak-a-boo on ridgelines.
        Still even with HP nerf, it still out performs very elite tier8 regular meds

  18. Why do they need so many reward tanks? This, AMX-13-57, ISU-130, Object 260, Neubaufahrzueg, Grosstraktor, StuG IV, T-55A, T28C, T95E2, T95E6.
    Seriously what the heck? Focus on fixing the game not new tanks no one will ever get.

    • I can’t be more agree.
      That’s always that same dumb habits to bring more useless chaos than safe order in the systems. Right now, they have to balanced tanks, improved the performance of the game, collect data about the new mods and such to improve them and put new tanks in lines that are almost empty (Chinese, Japanese, French).
      It’s not even a question of earning more money with prem, WG like most companies just do stupid things and then find justifications afterwards.
      For example they put frenches, ppl cried because the herd completely buy the propaganda about french army, then they nerfed french and said it’s a faction for “pros”.
      Results they made a faction that almost no one plays and they invest time and money for a “ghost” faction.
      Other example chinese faction, they just pop it out of their hat like a rabbit, taking old models of tanks, already in game. Everybody with a brain knew it was for entering the chinese market but hey, chinese don’t have money, they are just a lot of poor ppl saving as money as they can….
      WG and prospective… They are so lucky there is not enough concurrency in their field yet.

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