M53/M55 Bugged Model in Action

Hello everyone,

by now, you already probably know about the screwed model of the M53/M55. Thanks to Russian player Torsys_sd, you can see how it looks in praxis. Notice how the shells are flying through the model and how they actually hit, when you aim ABOVE the artillery, because the turret is shifted upwards.

Oh and that song is amazing, I’ll have to translate that (it’s a modified Soviet air force march with WoT-related text) :)


21 thoughts on “M53/M55 Bugged Model in Action

  1. What would happen if an another tank jumps on the top of the M53/M55? That tank would hover in mid air? XD

  2. Omg, why the don’t bring a micro patch to fix this shit, this takes way to long and is unacceptable….

  3. That AF march… I hear it everytime I watch “Wings of Russia” documentaries (possibly the only good stuff made by them)…

  4. When they fired that developer, which was responsible for many bugs…they said-there will be much less bugs in the future…look at 9.4 -.-

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  6. SS! I’m Korean Sever User and I got one more bug in KV-5

    I’d like to see this Youtube link


    (Attention HP gage)

    Explanation : When KV-5 rub repeatedly in Headomn state. KV-5 got aberrantly Damaged….. We don’t know why this happened.

    I’m not familiar with the English language.
    So please ask for your understanding.