WoT Blitz VK Group Suspended

Hello everyone,

this is not THAT important, just a bit funny. Do you know the site Vkontakte? It’s basically a Russian Facebook – the most important Russian social network (in fact, it’s more important than Facebook in Russia, from what I could gather).

In any case, World of Tanks: Blitz VK page was suspended “due to suspicious competitions or actions.”


I really wonder what kind of competitions were they running there…

28 thoughts on “WoT Blitz VK Group Suspended

  1. “suspicious competitions…”

    What’s up, WG? Is WoT: Blitz rigged too? Hahahahhahaha epic fail..

  2. Since VK is a Russian site, I suppose their completely retarded CEO (Putin) was just mad at WG for rigging battles after losing an “outstanding” one where he got a kill and his own HP of damage for a change. So, he decided to ban WG’s asses from VK. That’s what happens when a tinfoil hat wearing idiot gets power.

    True story.

        • East and West are like East Coast West Coast rappers…they talk tough and posture, but they are playing the same game…all for the most money, power, and pussy. Nukes are just a phallic symbol…relax :)

        • Hur durrr Putin did not want a NATO/USA/Israel puppet right up in Russia’s ass! What a monster! The USA staged a coup and removed the legitimate Ukrainian regime? It’s all right. Putin supports the separatists? So terrible! Seriously. What’s happening in Ukrainie is exactly the same what happened in Korea and Vietnam. Uncle Sam wants military bases in the back of their geopoplitical competition, and they cry a river when the Russkies won’t let that happen. Can you imagine Obongo’s reaction if Russia / China backed a coup in Canada or Mexico and established a puppet regime, and later, military bases in the said countries?

    • I think we can easily tell from this string of posts who is Russian and who isn’t… XD