Hotfix on ASIA Server (fuckup inside)

Hello everyone,

in the morning of ASIA server time, the hotfix got applied on ASIA server. Well… I’ll just leave this here. So, what do you do, when you fuck up the collision model of a vehicle in the game?


Fix it? Of course not. You fuck up the visual model too. Presenting you: M53/M55 in Asian hotfix.



77 thoughts on “ Hotfix on ASIA Server (fuckup inside)

  1. wow, i’m so glad i’m in ASIA server now. now that WGfucked up the visual model as well, i wont be wondering why my shots are not damaging him ^^ YPA War Gaming !! you did us proud !

  2. Oh my… I don’t make models for games or movies, only by CAT-tools, but… If you have solid bodies, like the collision model has, they have just one offset value to determine turret body distance from the hull. Maybe change that value? No. In Belarus we apply the same measures to the visual model as well!

    Like the problem ever was the correspondance of those two models, but the fucked up hovering turret on top.

    E: maybe in 9.5 they finally attach the turret on the hull, BUT we have whole M53/55 hovering in the air.

    • LOL
      They said make the visual model fit the collision model and so the did.
      Patch 9.5, the M35/55 will be the first hover tank in WoT!
      Patch 9.6 will move the gun back to the turret from the middle of the hull.
      Patch 9.7 will put half of the hull below the ground in an effort to make it a non-hover tank making it the first tank in WoT to always being hull down.

    • I can imagine that was the brief, nobody told the dev which one was wrong.

      Next they will move the hull up to meet the turret and eventually we get a hovertank.

      • Well, WoWp got the “Sleipnir” UFO for April 1st, so they probably just got the date wrong…. transition from Gregorian calendar too stronk.

  3. Well… look on the bright side! Now the collision and visual model match. They fixed it…just in a very different way than they should :D

  4. This is again like …

    The bug said the visual model and collision model are not the same.

    Maybe nobody said the responsible developer/artist what is the right one. So he chose to make the visual the same as the collision model. Well done.

  5. So, everyone of those 1700+ PPL that voted “It’s standard (there are better, there are worse)” in the most recent poll might REALLY want to rethink that.

  6. Is this some kind of joke? This has to be a joke. Major companies can’t survive with such blunders in plain view.

  7. Goddamn this company is so incompetent. Im currently finding other games to amuse myself until 9.5 comes out. I also have no plans to extend my premium time. I might buy a premium tank but thats the extent of it. I usually buy Veterans day packages but this time it was a complete rip off for a company that has horrible reviews as a charity. I am usually a big spender but not after all this crap.

  8. They fired that one saboteur, but new one takes place… I wonder how much can one earn by doing that?

  9. Haven’t you guys figured out why yet?

    Well the G20 is in Brisbane Australia, Putin is attending and the Russians released an satellite image of a Ukrainian jet shooting down Malaysian flight MH17. This is meant to distract Australian players from the clusterfuck patches.


    Russia stronk photoshop skillzors + WG stronk patch = Classic Maskirovka

  10. and you know what else is back? Moving corpses. Just saw a KV killed in front of my eyes and the corpse kept turning and turning slowly for a while

    • saw a few moving corpses last night, also the reload timer sits and does nothing until you are 80% reloaded, then the red starts to climb but slower than normal, then when about 95% of your reload time is done the meter is suddenly green and near full. makes peek-a-boom tricky if a lot is going on. and the strobe light in sniper mode is giving me seizures.

  11. I really start to wonder if it’s not a deliberate sabotage, time after time. Judging by how discontent WG emploees are, who knows…?

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  13. um, SS, I play in the SEA server, actually I have played with a teammate on M53/55 after this hotfix, I dunno how it looks like in tank inspector and similar tools, but the visual model was NOT fucked up “IN GAME”.
    but at the same time it seems the collision model was not fixed, I could light up its outline when aiming above the tank.
    just FYI.

  14. “Oh no ! The damage model of this arty is fucked up !
    -Damn ! We must fix tha…
    -Shut up, we’ll just adapt the visual model.”

    What’s going through their minds omg

  15. Just missed hugged GW Tiger from behind. So I assume this bug is present in this case as well. It’s impossible to miss fully zoomed shot at the huge tank glued to you.

  16. Please make an invisible scout tank.. Please. Or even better – KV-5 with R2D2 fucked up! Maybe fuck up the T1 Cunningham and give it 500 millimeters of armour?

  17. No, no, no, sorry. Coming from the ASIA server i can confirm that this is only in tank inspector.

    I too believed that they had screwed up the visual model in game, but when i encountered the actual tank in a random battle, its visual model was 100% fine. the hit-box on the other hand was the same as before the “fix”

  18. all the success xD. How could you not love WG.
    Put in a patch that is literally described as a bug fixing patch. Mucks it up back to 9.0 pretty much. Moving tanks (dead ones), reload timer screwed (even the one that is WG’s own), this model cock-up, not to mention a new map, ooh shiny, that is terrible if you aren’t in a brawler, and is tbh only good for historical battles (which have been removed). GREAT SUCCESS!
    Holy crow the face palms are real. They are really real.