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Hello everyone,

Anton “Evilly” Pankov, WG producer, recently answered some question for WoT Fan channel. Here’s a summary.

- there are 11 new tanks in 9.5, because there will be two tier 5′s and two tier 6′s (5: Sherman, Archer, 6: Firefly and Achilles)
- tier 10 British MT will not be replaced in 9.5
- Evilly confirms that the 9.5 branch will bring Archer, Charioteer (on tier 8) and Firefly
- tier 10 in 9.5 will be “quite mobile and agile” vehicle FV4005
- 9.5 will bring new Individual Missions (missions of various difficulties with tanks as rewards)
- the IM tanks include T28 Concept, T-55A and Object 260

Evilly also confirms that as a part of the New Year mission marathon, WG will allow you to get “unique tank, that wasn’t introduced to the game yet” in a mission (SS: T-34-85M and Grosstraktor apparently)

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  1. Does anybody know if individual missions will have different requirements for different players for the same rewards?

  2. Would interesting to know whether there is a special time frame for these individual missions, or whether you have “unlimited” time to fulfil the tasks, like “earn 500.000 XP and destroy 1000 tanks.”

  3. are there any infos yet, if the FV215b (183) will get any armor buffs, since one was supposed to be significantly tankier than the other one with better gun handling…?

    also chieftain isn’t coming before the t10 british Medium, right?

    • Hope the 183 does not get an armour buff, that thing is already OP enough as it is, don’t want it to be harder to kill!

        • 113? keep dreaming, WG have confirmed that they will not start doing Chinese HD models until all other nations are finished… that means that we won’t see them before like 2018.

            • do you rely think this game will still be viable in another 4 years? that would make it like 6-7 years old. and by that time, everything will be probably fucked up anyway, so no body will play it either. i give it 2 years until wot is well and truly dead. and, yes, its i pity. this was a fun game once, but after 9.0 things started going downhill imo

  4. But the missions have deadline or not??? i refer if missions dont have time limit BUT mission have big requirements like do 1.000.000 damage to win 260, play win 1.000 battles to have T-55A etc etc.

    • pretty sure they are not time limited. if it takes you 6 month what others do in 10 weeks they won’t prevent you from getting it i guess

  5. Much more importantly, the T-55A visual model has a narrow (width-wise) rectangular hole in the rear hull floor. :| undrivable! (Even though you’ll probably never see it)

  6. all three mission reward tanks will be introduced at the same time? good bye normal life…. seems like a 24/7 job to get them in time…..

  7. New premuim tanks expected to come. … Great news. But … some of them won’t be available for “random” players, some of them will cost “30+” EUR.

    May be, my old premium tanks will be more useful for making silvers (…. and I will save my money).

  8. SS, are there any news on what may be required for IMs?

    If I get “blessed” by “score spotting damage on LTs to get Obj 260″ while someone else gets “get 20k damage on HTs”, that will be… well, unfair. :(

    Spotting damage = biggest bitch ever to get on current maps.

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  10. I can see the individual missions being like this:

    Player with 8000 personal rating is required to get to 10000 persoanl rating in order to get the T28 Concept. 15000 PR in order to get the T-55A and 20000 for Obj. 260. Good luck, tanker! You got one hour.

  11. well IM wont be easy, thats for sure, othrwise all would rush for obj 260…remember how hard was to get IS6, and that was only tier 8, instead of tier X like the obj 260..The worst thing i can think of is, that you would have to get lets say 150k base xp from all nations each, but only with tier 9+ tanks… or something like that..

    • Is-6 was something you buy with quite a lot of real life money though.

      Obj260 can’t be bought for gold, so it might be more reasonable.

      • WG don’t want a massive hoade of Obj 260′s and T-55A’s to hit the higher tiers destroying tier 9 & 10 balance. I mean do YOU want to see tier 10 filled with people who do not even have a tier 7? I’m sure they will make it as difficult as the IS-6 mission.

  12. -there are 11 new tanks in 9.5, because there will be two tier 5′s and two tier 6′s (5: Sherman, Archer, 6: Firefly and Achilles)

    Can someone please list ALL 11?