Object 260, T55A and T95E2 Videos

Hello everyone,

here are the Object 260, T55A and T95E2 videos. These were made by notable Russian video makers on testing accounts, lent by WG for these purposes. Obviously, I can’t translate the commentary of the player (nor do I want to, it’s quite subjective), but suffice to say, I’ve seen these vehicles in action on the test server (courtesy of certain supertesters and their sharing of “feeling” of the tanks”).

- Object 260 is generally liked, it is VERY maneuverable (faster than some mediums) and the frontal armor is very nasty. Generally, it’s as good as the IS-7.
- T-55A is awesome, it works as well as the T-54, no big surprises there. It’s surprisingly mobile.
- T95E2 has very nasty frontal armor, but in general, nothing much
- Panther 88 (not on videos) is just a Panther II for most intents. It’s slow, sluggish and the gun has relatively poor depression. Not the best tank around, wouldn’t buy it based on current info (but hey, without proper testing, it’s hard to say).




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      • That is largely due to soft stats. It could be reversed with ease if WG so desired. Improvements to IS-7 terrain resistance, and gun stats would easily change around the picture.

      • Yeah, it’s overnerfed. The S-70 is the worst tier 10 gun in the game (this thing seems to get an improved version of the IS-4′s gun), and its tracks are the worst in the game (short of a couple tier 1s)

    • and APCR as stock ammo and HEAT for gold?
      FU WG, im glad i stoped play this crap 6 month ago …

      • APCR is worse than AP (less normalisation and bigger penetration loss over distance) and HEAT is mostly worse than APCR (no normalisation, can’t overmatch). Bro, do you even mechanics?

        • While you are correct that APCR does lose more pen over distance and gets less normalization, with the exception of a couple of low tier guns, APCR at max distance, still beats out AP on effective penetration.

          Plus it has a faster she’ll velocity.

      • 260mm of penetration on APCR is roughly equivalent to 250mm of AP, which mean, same as IS-7 but less alpha damage in exchange for better gun handling.

        • Don’t forget faster shell travel time.

          Also, silver APCR rounds have lower pen drop at range compared to gold rounds.

          • This is correct. Premium APCR suffers from penetration loss over distance and lesser normalization. This in not the case, however, with t10 mediums with APCR as standard ammunition.

  1. Obj260 has almost 20 hp/t with 1.2/1.6 terrain resistance. It also has better pen than IS-7, APCR standard ammo though (but the shells are FAST), 2400 DPM and retains IS-7 armor layout. The only weakness I can think of is flat 250mm effective area around the gun and a small, weak cupola. But 250mm can’t be really called “weak”, the cupola is small, and the turret is impenetrable.
    Oh yeah, 30 shells and 440 alpha only, so that’s a downside as well.

    Other than that – What a beast.

    So how do you obtain it?

    • First, you have to be russian
      Second, you have to love Stalin
      Third, you have to love communism

    • well the turret is a big weakspot with its awesome 30mm roof… sure, tomatoes trying to pen its gunmantle will have a hard time, but everyone else?
      And if you dont see the roof, shoot belove its mantle and enjoy watching the shells bounce into it’s hull ;)

      • The mantlet shot trap is nice, but you have to hit literally pixels to make it work. So it can’t be considered reliable.

        The tank is also taller than IS-3 and hitting the roof of IS-3, especially on the move, is nowhere near easy.

        Those are pretty tiny weakspots for something relatively fast and well-gunned.

  2. I think this tank needs be reward tank to finish the soviet tree… the only way to have it is have all soviet tanks researched AND at least 2 soviet tier 10 tanks in garage or some similar.

    Apart this yes, i see this more as true tier 10 and IS-7 as reward tank…

    Lets see what do WG to made this tanks avaliable because could be a shit storm and with AW close in time…

  3. Honestly, it does seem a better (historical) choice of a real tier X than the IS-7 which was nerfed compared to its real form. It seems way stronger as well.

  4. already saw 2 Obj 260 in one battle on testserver. 1st one died fast, 2nd one (almost) ruled :)

  5. That O. 260 looks totally broken.
    Pubbing on russian server looks soo easy, not surprised that every decent commie streamer has 3 MoE’s on some tanks

    • If a crew member has more than 5 perks it shows a multiplier and the one currently working on.
      Press account has fully trained crew.

      • ok, but if you check the commander I can count only 9 skills and in the video you can clearly see x13. Does it mean new skills for the commanter? Are they testing something?
        Other numbers seems to be ok.

  6. IS – 7 hull, extremely strong turret with small weakspots, IS – 4 gun with better rate of fire and accuracy, medium tank mobility. Pretty damn stupid. Well, M60 is better than M48 Patton at the moment so implementing a reward tank that is better than standard is nothing new. WG bullsh1t continues.

  7. Guys, does anyone know what is the name of that six sense sound mod in videos? its friking awsome!

    edit: the one in obj.260 and t55a video

  8. Object 260 is a game breaker. They didn’t introduce Sturmtiger because it would be OP, but they actually introduce this ????? The answer is very simple, the russian tank will always be prefered over the german one.

    That 260 bullshit tank has better armor than IS-7 (and don’t even dare saying anything about weakspots, when that tank uses it’s great mobility to pop out, shoot then get back to cover, you won’t be able to aim perfectly at weakspots, no matter how good you are). If that wasn’t enough, it has better mobility than most meds and the firepower is greatly superior to all T10 standard heavies. Did I mention it’s a premium tank, meaning it’ll meet A LOT of T8 and T9 tanks, which don’t have the slightest chance against this monster ?

    Good decision WG, I’ll never play T8 or T9 again. Only E-100 from now on, premium ammo for this bastard.

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    • Hmm, like tier 8 dont see enough tier 10 tanks alreaddy, now tier 8 will see tier 10 tank 100% of the game due to tier 10 premiums as well as generaly high population of tier 10 tanks. This is a joke, back in the days you maybe saw tier 10 games in 1/5 game, now you see it in like 3-4/5 times. GG fuckWG.

  10. I get the feeling that most people who comment here have never even played Wot, or else I could not imagine why so many think that the Object 260 is op…
    Seriously start thinking people!!!

  11. I have a monster pc and wot set on highest all, but I am not near that kind of fluent motion, how do I get??

  12. I hope I will be able to get the T-55A (I believe you will need to have certain tanks in your garage to complete those individual missions, so I hope you will need German tanks to get the T-55A). I am cursing the T-54 so often because it’s nearly invulnerable when it’s hulldown, and those tracks ate so many shots without taking damage it’s laughable.

    A sniper duel against a hulldown T-54 / T-55A? You already lost if you try.

    • Which is sad, considering this is supposed to be the US tanks’ forte, considering they lose considerably in other areas to gain their turret armor.

      What does the T-54 lose? HIgh mobility, great gun, weightless armor, invincible turret?