More on Referral Program on the US Server

Hello everyone,

an official portal post appeared on the recruitment program on the US server. It’s quite likely the same system will be implemented to the EU and RU server as well, so if I were you, I’d have a look. World of Alts ho!

The interesting parts are the numbers:

What bonuses are available?

Both a recruiter and a recruit can earn various rewards and bonuses if:

  • They play in the same Platoon.
  • They win battles.
  • Both are among the team’s top 10 in experience earned.

If these requirements are fulfilled:

  • The experience earned by recruits goes to the recruiter’s experience pool, where it accumulates.
  • Both the recruiter and the recruit receive additional experience. The Recruitment Program provides a range of experience multipliers. The multipliers are applied until the recruit brings 350,000 experience to the recruiter’s experience pool.
  • x3 – during the first 24 hours after the time of the recruiter and recruit’s first battle in the same Platoon in Random Battle mode.
  • x2 – during the next 7 days.
  • x1.5 – until the recruit brings 350,000 experience to the pool.
  • x1 – from the moment 350,000 experience are added to the pool by the recruit, but after the x3 and x2 multipliers expire. After this requirement is fulfilled, the experience earned by the recruit will keep accumulating in the recruiter’s experience pool.


XP in Pool Reward
100,000            1,000,000
300,000 Crew member: Loader
500,000 Crew member: Driver
700,000 Crew member: Gunner
1,000,000 Crew member: Commander
Т95Е2 tank

32 thoughts on “More on Referral Program on the US Server

    • Bear in mind, it’s not 1 mil XP, it’s 1 mil XP for a new player (Think lower tiers!)..

      I guess the only upshot is if you invite 10 players and each one does 100k (not nearly as bad now eh?) then it becomes a easy tank to farm…, err I mean win.

      • Think again. You HAVE to be PLATOONED with the scrub AND you BOTH have to place in the top 10 while getting that 1,000,000 XP. so as Avalanche_2 said FUCK THAT SHIT!!!

      • Yeah I’ve already ready tried to get my friends into WoT and they all hated it. So its not happening for me I’m afraid.

      • Yeah it isn’t much at all, especially considering you get x3 for the first day and x2 for the rest of the week, plus an effective premium bonus for the rest of the first 350k all this will probably stack with premium, so you’ll earn your first tier 5-6 as quick as you can earn the silver to buy it.

        As for the million, my service record says I’ve made close to 8 million in about 2 and a half years of owning an account, with about 1 and a half years of active playtime. You could extrapolate that to mean it’d take about 3 months of active play for a newbie to earn 1 mil xp, maybe 2 months with the above bonuses.

        What I’m curious about is
        “The experience earned by recruits goes to the recruiter’s experience pool, where it accumulates.”
        Does that mean if the recruiter will be earning much, much more xp (so long as the recruit is good)? I mean you could be looking at each earning 1k base xp, multiplied by 3 each for the first day, plus 50% premium xp on the base, plus a 2x daily bonus to be 5.5-9k depending how they’re calculated, and then the recruiter also gets the recruits xp for 11-18k in a single match? Nuts. That’s if all the criteria fit of course.

        • No, I think you actually get the Exp. Just that it all goes towards a single counter that counts how much all your recruits gather.

    • This shit is annoying now, reason being.. I’ve invited around 5 people to play the game since release, 3 of which still actually play… and could have very well had this tank unlocked if the system was introduced earlier.

    • Or it is if the new player you reffer buys a T10, I literally just made my alt got a super persh and when I get To T10 I’m giving the acct to my friend, I’m guessing it will take one month max to get there

      • Jesus on a bike. More noobs to troll tier 10 it seems. Why doesn’t your ‘friend’ just play it himself?

  1. So wait…does that mean you won’t get the T95 if the alt….*cough*…invited player* reaches tier 10 anymore?
    Or getting 1 mil exp by platooning is an alternative to that?

    • Read the news Article and it explains it slightly..
      “New” players buying a tier X tank will result in you getting the speshul tank.
      “Returning” players will add XP to the pool.

      Both “New” and “Returning” players will add XP to the pool, and if you have said tank you will not be rewarded it a 2nt time (for gold), you will only get a commander.

      • Wrong. You get bonus XP if you grind together, but no matter what, if the alt account gets to t10, you get a reward tank. It’s quicker if you platoon. You get a full up crew if you platoon. But if you dont (because it’s an alt account) you STILL get the reward tank upon reaching a t10.

    • No, the tank will also be gotten if the recruited account buys a tier X, but you won’t get the 2-skill crew.

  2. The only problem with a system like this… I’ve seen an increase recently in fail platoons and can’t help wondering if its related to this, with higher tier recruiters trying to boost the XP earning potential of recruits

    • Which server are you on? This system is pretty new and has not been introduced to most (all except NA?) servers

      so: probably not.

  3. hmm, did WG think any countermeasures to possible abuses ?
    For example, for ppl with 2 pc, they can play normally in their main, and use botting software in the alts.
    That way, they can reap all the benefits.
    Hell, they can bot them all the way to tier x if they want.

    • Hopefully the new “anti-bot” system will take care of that, but if not, you have a valid point, since from what I understand, its quite possible to set up a bot so it always follows you around, like a platoon mate might do.

      Lets just hope that when a bot is found, WG check to see if that account was recruited and if it was, remove all XP/bonuses received by the recruiter as well.

  4. I will post this again here :

    And NA server does not allow multiple accounts such as EU does. Anyway straight from KMaus developer :

    “You can use the system on existing players, but please remember you can only have ONE ACCOUNT PER REGION – so if you create multiple accounts and are caught, that’s violation of ToS – i dont recommend it.
    I DO recommend inviting new players, so that you can get your new tank, and having existing friends invite someone new, rather than creating alts, getting caught and potentially banned.

    Dont: create alts and get caught.” – KMaus WG dev.

    I will also add that NA server can also detect if the same IP was used. A NA guy got banned in the past, made a quick alternative account, his IP got tracked in less than 5mins and was banned again.

    If you want to do it, then do it while using a different IP.

  5. So basically I am going to set up an alternate account to help out my mate, afterwards he is going to do the same for me.

    • not really, as I understand, you have xp boost up to x3 PER BATTLE whenever you platoon with your referral. So aside from prem tank, you can level up the tank you are grinding very fast.

  6. you still get the t95e2 if the invited player reaches tier 10 regardless of the exp pool right?