T-34-85M Mission in December

As per the Insider’s info, I bring you… the grand WG EU surprise.

Mission starts: 24.12.2014
Mission ends: 15.1.2015

Condition: grind 50k XP for each nation (350k XP total, premium XP and doubles count AFAIK), using a tier 6+ tank
Reward: T-34-85M tier 6 premium Soviet medium tank.

Each nation (each 50k) is handled by a separate mission. For fulfilling each nation mission, you get 3 days of premium account. After they all are completed, you get the tank.

Edit: According to Evilly, RU server will have another tank and with different dates, so it’s completely possible this mission is EU-specific.

136 thoughts on “T-34-85M Mission in December

    • Also, don’t forget that this mission goes over the holiday season, so there’s a pretty good chance that there will be at least one and maybe two x3 (perhaps even a x5 instead of a x3) weekends over Xmas and New Years. That would make earning the 50k XP a lot easier.

      Honestly, though I think that it will be more difficult for nations where you don’t have a lot of tanks. I could arguably get my 50K in US, German, and Soviet tanks over a single x3 weekend with all the tanks I have in those nations, as long as premiums count. But for the nations where I have very few tanks, premium or otherwise, it’ll be a lot more difficult since I’d have so many few tanks for x2/x3/x5′s.

        • Yeah but you have 3 weeks time. You need to do a bit more than 2k per nation daily. As said before there is definetly gonna be x5 or x3 so shouldn’t be too easy even if you do make a holiday.

          • Some of us aren’t sad enough that we want to spend TOO much time playing WoT duing the seasonal holidays. 50k per nation is just right.

            Too easy? Get a life.

            • It’s not a particularly good reward either. I’m going to save myself for the T-55A mission which I’m sure will be painful enough by itself.

    • “Too easy. Just do doubles on t10s and you have it. gg WG”

      I’m pretty sure this guy is trolling. Right ?

  1. Seems easy and legit. Just getting a tier 6+ will be harder. since I didn’t bother with the Jap. tree.


    • For the Japan, if you had the tier 8 medium, the STA-1 .. 50K would be, nothing.

      The Chinese tree might be harder

    • I got the t7 Japanese. It’s been sitting in my garage ever since I completed the IS-6 grind. Send help.

    • Yeah, couldn’t be bothered by the Jap tree. In fact, they look that uninteresting that I’d rather give up on a free Premium before grinding a low tier japanese tank. STB-1 seems nice, but I’m not gonna freeXP all the way to T8/9/10 for just a “good” medium…….when I can have Obj140, E-50M or BatChat for free..

    • No go for me. I need French, Japanese, Chinese, British. Or well, no, I’m not going for any of the mission for some time already. Not worth playing SO much

    • pah! Too easy!

      earn 3 mil. exp. on tier 6+(you can only earn 25000 per day towards the event)
      earn 4 crew skills on on all tier6+ tanks (one skill per day, generously for rrrrrrrrussian tanks: two a day)
      ^this for every nation respectively and twice for mid-tier-japan
      earn 10.000.000 creds (or buy them *kat-ching*) to purchase your well earned award

      time: 1 year

      No time? No comrrrrrrrrads (you get 1.1x exp-multiplier in a platoon)? No skill?
      How terrible…

    • Yeah it looks.But – maybe someone like me doesn’t have chinese or japanese tanks. So, now i must say THANKS for SS, because now i can get back my Chi-He and M5A1 Stuart and just exp tier 6 (Uh but Chi-To .. will be terrible) and complete the mission. So, thank you Silenstalker, Díky moc :)

      • Chinnese shine from T7+- till then its not even chinnese (well dont count 59-16), japanese is question of style,… T7 fits me pretty well, grinding credits fot T8 at the moment rest have quite lots of tanks to choose from for everyone,.. of course, if u consider dayily doubles and premium counts, those who have big garage will profit from it

        • What exactly is not Chinese about the Type 58? It may be a copy of the T-34-85, but it’s still their own project.

    • I’m kind of in the same boat. I’ve never really cared about the Chinese line.

      I wish that WG would let you do these missions in a way that let’s you ignore one nation.

      • My only Chinese tank is the Type 64 and it’s great! :)

        Don’t have any French tanks, though, and not even the T-34-85M is worth grinding those terrible low-tier vehicles. Will the T-34-85M also be available in the Gift Shop?

  2. No chinese , No french and no germans . this is going to suck HARDD . plus , i have school starting at the 3rd of january , should i go for it or nah ? seeing as i need a crew trainer for med tanks

    • Do it man you got this.
      Go down the M4 Sherman line, go E8 if you like light mediums. E2 for heavy mediums.
      Chinese line is easy. Just getting the Type 58 will be hard. Go 59-16
      Go down the Pz. IV line to the Tiger! The Tiger is beastly!

      • “Go down the Pz. IV line to the Tiger! The Tiger is beastly!”


        I just had to say that.

          • You want me to post a video of my latest encounter with Tiger, as in my KV-1 vs full health Tiger ? He died without doing any dmg to me, in 20 secs. TIGER IS PATHETIC. Never doubt that.

            • Either that Tiger player was mentally retarded or he was afk or he wasnt paying attention to you but there is no way that u can beat full hp Tiger with KV1 if Tiger is driven by any normal player…Tiger, Tiger P are one of the best t7 tanks, Tiger H can eat every t7 tank for breakfast due to superior fire rate, gun precision and gun penetration…he doesnt have that good armor but he has decent hp pool that allows him to take shoot or two without any problems. So ur fantasy tales go and talk to someone else.

              Post that video so we can see.

            • Should I send you my last 400 replays? Shredding through T9′s, you think a KV-1 is an obstacle? Come on… You dont get 70% WR in a bad tank. You just dont.

      • For chinease i have a 4 skills crew sitting in my garage , so i can rebuy a tank . but i just dont seem to want to :( , as for the germans , my highest is JPII , i should buy it and grind them in it then .. as for the french , I DONT EVEN PLAY EM :( tier 1-5 suck too bad

  3. Cool, except the Jap tree I can do this with X tiers. Well, time to re-buy Chi-Ri. Let the hell begin.

    • I have to get my tier 6+ tanks back.
      I can check germany off the list. I got the VK P and the Tiger 1.
      I can re-buy the 59-16.
      I didn’t even make it to the Chi-Nu yet :(
      American tanks? FURY TIME.

  4. Aaaargh. Not too bad. I just don’t have those tanks.I’ll have to re-buy the Chinese I sold, and get a Frenchy, too.

  5. Meh, here we go again. No French, no Japanese, no ambition to get to T6 in either nation.

          • There is no such a tank in game, guess you meant M4A3E8 but then again you didn’t take gun dispersion, accuracy and aim time into consideration..

            I would suggest you do that first, then reconsider your opinion.
            If you decide to do that, also check other soft stats that are not necessary displayed in game.

            I’m not bitching about the reward tank, I will surely get it but I WOULDN’T trust NachtWolf if I were you, as he has no clue what he is talking about. No, this tank won’t be available in gift shop next year.


      Well, just buy the tier 6+ tanks before christmas. Then do the easy misson.
      If you mean you don’t want to do the thing at all. You don’t have to.

  6. I hate it… I know that this is their way to make us play every nation, but its not very good way. I have not even started playing Brits, Japan and chinese. I would have to grind to 6 tier in each and then earn xp in them. I’d rather win 15 games and be in lets say top 5 each day than this. And most of my friends who play this game feel the same.

    • grinding to tier 6 isn’t exactly hard, and thanks to ss there is plenty time.

      For the British it is actually a highly enjoyable experience, the cruiser tank line is golden. Op as hell auto-loader fun tanks at tier 2,3 and 4, weird light that thinks it is a medium but is fun once you get used to it at tier 5 and then you can grind the 50k on Cromwell, which is no hardship at all.

      China is all clones you have probably played before and is-2 is good for the grind. Japanese tanks are the problem, the low tiers are actually plenty fun (if you take the light route) but the tier 6 is a bit wretched.

  7. My plan is

    UK first
    USSR second
    France Third
    China – Fourth
    USA – Fith
    Germany ( hate them)
    Japan ( chi-ri)

    • Germany First (VK 30.01P and Tiger 1)
      USSR Second (T-34-85? :D nah, T-43 and LTTB)
      UK Third (Stronk Cromwell tank!)
      USA Fourth (FURY TIME, *&%$ YEA AMERICA!)
      China Fifth (59-16 and maybe an IS-2)
      France Sixth (Light stronk autocannon nation!!!)
      And last and totally least ~ JAPAN! (Any tier 6+ will be fine :3)

      • Germany (Löwe, JP II) even got time for some moneyz :D
        USA (T29, M6) :3
        UK (Crommie, Centi) duo :)
        China (WZ-120) do it SOLO!!! :D (maybe i rebuy the IS-2, i really liked that tank)
        France (OMG OP-44 and AMX OP 100) this is gonna be fun :D
        USSR (i recently started the tree… only KV-2/3, hoping for IS-3 discount)
        Japan…. … … … pls don’t fail me Chi-To ;_;

  8. nice, i dont have a chinese tank and im not planing to get one soon. i thought they want me to play wot, why is it relevant which tank i play?

    • you can still play wot, but if you want prem russian bias tenk then you need to grind all the shit what you don’t like… (i don’t have any jap tank)

  9. Argh, would need to buy STA-1 as the Jap tank, but I’m so broke ;_;.

    BTW, is the T-34-85M even worth the effort? From what I’ve seen in Tank Inspector, uparmored front still isn’t that impressive (it’s 110 effective, 150 on driver’s hatch, also remember that you can’t angle much), and compared to normal T-34-85, it has a lot less mobility and worse gun. A good bully against T4-5, but anything T6+ shouldn’t have any problems with you, I think.

      • I’m more concerned with accuracy and aimtime, rather than with pen. About armor – it’s still only 110mm effective that you can hardly angle (45m sides will only be useful at autobounce angle). Tank’s not THAT slow, but it’s one of the slower medium tanks. Combination of:
        1.not really useful armor
        3.long aiming + inaccurate + low pen gun
        isn’t very good in my opinion. Yes, it’s a premium, so it’s supposed to be weaker than normal T6s, but I feel like it’s too weak.

  10. Meh, I’m not going to smear my service record with murrican vehicles just because of some lame tier 6.

  11. 40-50 hrs of playing (around 800 exp avg), in 10 days. Its not so easy but I will give a try.

  12. Why does it fucking have to be with all nations. I don’t have chinese/japanese tanks and I only have a few british/french ones. God damn it.

  13. Bah, I’ll wait six months when WG puts the T-34-85M on sale as a “Rare” tank to own like the KV-220. No sense jumping thru the WG hoops. Just take my money WG.

  14. I must say monthly missions in WoWp are much more interesting and not so time consuming. I will pass this one.

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  16. well im not getting this tank because the japenese tanks have 1 line introduce more than 1 line and i would but 1 line to do this? FUCK THAT the jap tanks from tier 1-8 (not including the tier 8 because both lines tier 8s are at least decent like i like the 50 100 and i only have the 90mm dca 45) are worse than the french heavies of the same tiers but at least the arl 44 is decent all the japs between those tiers are utter shit. id rather grind the v39 than grind the japs.

  17. Well the 3 day premiums will be nice, but other than that… forget it! Not everyone has all nation tanks, so thx for nothing WG -.- I hope u planned something similar for the other award tanks, in which case: FU in advance.

    • It’s 3 days of premium for each nation, and a tank. Or alternatively, 3 days of premium for each mission, a free garage slot and some credits.

      If you don’t have all the nations, too bad for you. But don’t go around saying that those who do have all of them shouldn’t be rewarded somehow.

  18. A badly thought out mission, with ridiculous requirements IMHO.
    Reason: not everyone has a t6 in every nation and not everyone has the TIME to complete this ridiculous grind if they need to grind other nations to be even able to start to finish this mission.

    Just, this mission it’s just so….I think they really could have done better than this.
    At least if they loose the National requirement it would be FUN for most, if grinding the bi-polar game is fun, but hell…

    Nope, I personally have given up on EU specials and I no longer even try to finnish ANY mission they come up with. Not worth my time nor any frustration.
    So good luck to all who which to perform this feat, I’ll ring the local psy hospital to reserve some beds.

    • It’s not like every tomato in the game who owns five tanks total and struggles to load ammunition into them has to be able to get the tank. There already was a mission like that for TOG.
      Nobody is entitled to anything and everyone is free to ignore the missions.

      If you don’t have T6 or higher from all the nations, too bad, you’re not getting the tank. It’s a requirement, get over it.

  19. 50k xp?…not a problem to done that in one day…with prem acc and 2x for first win. I remember taht a year ago there were missions like do a 50k xp in a 24 hours and get 250 000 credits…it could be done in few hours with prem acc…so I dont see a problem here :) Haters gonna hate and cryers gonna cry (I am sorry for grammar mistakes ) ;)

  20. I guess its time to rebuy those crappy rice and sushi eaters … oh well , how much I hate chinks and japanese tanks :(

  21. Nadeah Thoughts:
    USSR: tier 6 grinding, easy! I have a T-34-85
    UK: tier 6 grinding, easy! I have a Cromwell waiting
    Chinese: tier 6 grinding, yay… type 58 rebuying? Nah… 59-16… hell no. T-34-1 and Wz-131 will do….
    Germany: tier 6 grinding, I have a tier 5 I guess I could….
    Japanese tier 6 grinding, hahaha, so much fuck you WG.
    French tier 6 grinding, double fuck you WG
    American tier 6 grinding, triple fuck you WG
    Why all nations, why WG? WHY?

    Why in bloody hell would I have tier 6+ tanks on lines I don’t like? Why should I play a ridiculous amount of american/french/japanese tanks to get a soviet tier 6 premium? I’ll bloody buy it even though I’m pennyless, I refuse to grind those terrible tier 4 french things, I refuse to grind american tanks I already have my UK ones for gun-depression abuse. Japanese tanks are just not interesting, not even if I start every game with quoting girls und panzer randomly and acting like a generic western-otaku….

    Yeah, I’m fine with shooting things in Chinese tanks >ANDANDSTARTED< on a mission to get a tier 6 premium tank, Holidays are not for stupid grindfests, I want to bloody be with family and friends not be locked behind a computer playing tanks that I am disgusted with.

    French? Fucking AMX 12 t or ARL 44 at tier 6, how fucking perfect not like those have high skill demands to be played passably and are awkward to drive, tier 6 TD or arty option, yay bush-clicking or map-clicking exp…. arty isn't even an option due to exp gain of those bloody things being terrible.

    Japanese Chi-to, also known as (un-armoured T-34-85) have chinese tier 7 that are amazing but the Chinese tier 6 you either got to play the awkward (demanding) Type 58 or suffer the 59-16, how nice. I’m expecting a lot of hellkitties and kv-85 spam from this bullshit. KV-2 will come in hordes….and then in the end around new years everyone will be stuck in chi-to’s, Type 58, 59-16 and other such amazing tier 6 machines…. most of which close to stock… hahaha….

      • ”I have chinese tier 7 that are amazing but the Chinese tier 6 you either got to play the awkward (demanding) Type 58 or suffer the 59-16, how nice.”

        Learn to read yourself.Those who start out on a line will have to do the stupid grind (mostly) on tier 6 tanks. Getting a tier 7 would mean grinding modules on that as well and stock tier 7′s are generally worse than fully upgraded tier 6′s.

        • most people trying for this will likely already have 6+s in most nations. And i think japanese have it worse, your stuck using only the Chi-to or suffering through the Chi-Ri.

  22. Sure its easy to make. 2k experiance per nation daily and after 15 days you get the tank… But a tier 6 like that is just not worth it really IMHO.

  23. Oh look , another useless ‘mission’ that rewards only people with no lives that can dedicated 8+ hours a day to the game and flips the bird to casual players; especially those who are focused only on a couple of the tech trees. Another GFY from the overpaid clowns at WG.

    Why do I keep buying premium account for this damned game?

  24. USSR, USA, GERMANY, FRANCE, CHINA – no problemo: I have tons of high tier tanks for those nations and should be able to just rotate these to get the doubles (triples, X5′s?) quite quickly.

    For UK and JAPAN it will be a bit more difficult because I own just 3 Brits (Comet, Cromwell and TOG (sold Centurion 1 and haven’t bought Centurion 7/1 yet) and have just unlocked (not bought) the tier VI Japanese medium…..might buy a Type64 if it is on discount in the meantime though…..

    So long story short: for 5 of the nations I can get 50K XP during a X5 event in a single weekend, while it would take a bit longer for the UK and Japanese nations……I will just wait and see how things turn out next month.

  25. I’m in for this, a premium tier 6 Russian medium is exactly what I need.
    I’m only at tier 5 with the US tanks, but I have the SP and one more tank will be enough.
    For Japan I have one tank and a spare crew, might be getting Chi-to to have 2 tanks
    For France I also have only two tanks but it should be enough, rest is really easy.

  26. People who don’t play all nations are being screwed over. AGAIN.
    I would much rather do 200k exp in just my Germans, 100k in my Brits and 50k in my Russians than 50k in each faction. :/

  27. Huehuehue.

    A mission for no-lifers.

    WG is surely intending to make their game “addictive”… I predict Chinese-style gameplay reduction methods.

  28. i dont like it, its too easy imo (assumed x2, x3 count too), so even bad players with more tanks will be able to complete this mission very fast with easy…And thus another premium invasion lies ahead (yep, TOGs everywhere…). And those 21 (7×3) premium days for free? Omg, every noob will shoot gold like crazy, yeah that will be fun for sure…

  29. Just created a quick Excel spreadsheet in preparation for this mission and for those thinking it will be hard here is a little good bit of news.

    If you play everyday, you will just need 2300XP per nation per day to complete this mission.

    I only have the Chi-To for Japan so I only need to play a few missions a day with this, but can help bump up the requirement with the 5x events that are coming.

    This mission will be easy.

  30. Oh hey, a free premium tank mission…. 50k xp per nation? Darn… Oh, but there’s xmas season coming, it should be easy! *cough* Japanese *cough* Chinese *cough* French…

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  33. If it is a reward tank, ok, lets say that it will be “unique”.
    If it is just a premium that anyone can buy for 15-18 euros, i dont think it worth the grind.
    Me, for example, i do not have any tanks from China/Japan lines, and i have to grind to tier 6 until 24 of December. Add this time (to reach the requested tiers) from the nations that you do not own tanks, and its not worty, if it is just a prem IMO.