Panzer 88

Hello everyone,

so, uh, now that Fury’s out in cinemas with all its “realism”, how about something, that doesn’t make any such claims and instead looks like to be some outrageously unrealistic fun? With a tank, of course.


It’s October 1944 and a crew of German Tiger II tank comes across a village in Russia, whose Jewish inhabitants were massacred by Germans and summoned a badass Golem spirit to take revenge for their lives. That sounds fun :) Anyway, this is the basic story of an upcoming movie in 2015 from the co-writer of Hellboy. Damn, a King Tiger fighting a golem – that I am looking forward to :)

PANZER 88 (Preview Video) from Carnaby Films on Vimeo.

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    • this might actually be entertaining, let’s hope they pull this one off with out many hollywood mistakes!

      • dis gun be gud, and from the director of hellboy? this is not going to be a bad movie, i always wondered what would happaned if the nazis keep that gate open in the hellboy movie :3

    • :D

      Hey now you can rant and rave about Panzer 88′s terrible realism after the movie comes out! Yay! I’ll be expecting a poor review and how maybe in some point of the movie the Tiger pwns Shermans and you call BS :D:D:D:D

  1. Better than a lone Sherman destroying hordes of Tigers and Panthers, because ‘Murica, fuck yeah!

      • They wouldn’t have lost more than one if they had just stopped, aimed and shot instead of trying to rush across the field shoot on the move. Brad Pit is a terribad red player who relied on RNG for lucky bounces and engine fire.

        At least it will be more believable for a Golem to survive a hit from an 88 than a E8

        • “They wouldn’t have lost more than one if they had just stopped, aimed and shot instead of trying to rush across the field shoot on the move.”

          “Hur Dur let’s stop and shoot at a Tiger’s frontal armor. Dur dur let’s sit here like ducks and be picked off. Derpa derp.”

          Jesus kid. Trying to compare real life to WoT? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!

  2. Oh, this actually sounds fun. Sorry but my tolerance for WWII movies end with Kelly’s Heroes.

  3. I read a book very similar to this… Ostfront, it cover the fight between a soviet golem tank VS a unit of SS using black magic… interesting history.

    Maybe the movie could be more historical than “Furry murricans from Mars” hehehe

  4. Hey SS it’s not the director of hellboy, but the co-writer, the director of hellboy is guillermo del toro who doesn’t seem to be involved with this project.

    • Exactly. I’ve always thought that people don’t get fooled by those “directed by co-writer of Hellboy” or similar crap in advertisements. Apparently I was wrong.

    • The perspective of the movie was completely American. Of course all Germans would seem to be bad. In war, you have to hate your enemy. Generally, movies that portray the enemy as equally decent people are movies that take multiple perspectives. Letters From Iwo Jima was a direct sequel to Flags of our Fathers, and Clint Eastwood made it so that you would not hate either side. In Flags of our Fathers, you got irritated with Americans (the protagonists) due to pop-media and propaganda, and in Letters from Iwo Jima you got irritated with the Japanese (the protagonists) for treating their men like dogs and hearing lies from the high command.

      You also have more cheesy movies like Midway where both parties are portrayed as intelligent strategists, except they primarily focus on the tactical aspect of war, not the moral aspect, so it becomes a pro-war film that glorifies both the allies and the enemies.

      But then you have Saving Private Ryan, one of, if not, the best war movies ever made, and it is supposed to be a completely American perspective, so the Germans are hated. If you have seen Generation War, a German miniseries, it is completely based on the German perspective. Yes, the Germans in that movie are portrayed as evil as well, but the Russians are also hated, because historically the German perspective for the time was to hate Russians, it is movie immersion.

  5. Golem, golem but what kind? Stone, Iron, Gold or Diamond? I hope that Tiger 2 don’t use magic on him because it is magic resistant.

  6. Now they just need to make a movie: MAUS VS Dragons.

    Cuzz The Maus and Dragons are awesome and what would be better then having them both in one movie :P

    • Pfft. If a modernized Chieftain couldn’t take on ONE dragon, what makes you think something as slow and fat as a Maus would do any better?

      • Because the established laws of logic dictate:

        Tanks>>>> all known fantasy land units that are balanced within reason
        Helicopters>>>> all known fantasy air units that arent OP for some insane reason
        Planes>>> same.

        Face it. Tech > magic.

  7. there is a 1970 WW2 comic that actually deals with a subject like this. An German SS group arrives in a Yugosalvia town filled with Jews. The Germans start rounding up the Jew to deport them to camps. The Germans are warned by the Jew that if they don’t stop their protector, A Golem, will destroy them. The Captain sick of the so-said “nonsense”, takes all the Jews, puts them in the town synagogue, and sets it on fire killing a vast majority of the towns people. The Golem comes to life, killing the entire SS reginment save for the Captain. He begs for forgivness if he promises to warn all other Germans of this place and its protector. A week later, another German army group arrives and dimisses the Captain’s story and the Golem strikes again.

  8. Plot sounds so ridiculous, I can’t wait to see the movie. :D

    Also, Tiger II? Nice change from the usual Tiger I everywhere.

  9. Wow that article on FTR.

    I’ve to explain something:
    I’m german. So just that you know that I’ve another view on some things.
    The first thing I did read was the title and my though was. What? I read more and look at the picture and now this thing is absolute curious for me.
    I think this movie going to get another title in germany, cause I can’t think this title is allowed in germany.
    You asking why?
    And that’s the point this is absolute curious for me cause this 88 is a synonym for the Hitler greetings. I wont write them here. The thing is that 8 = H and so 88 is H.H.
    Maybe Silent can explain that better then my.
    I m just shocked that nobody seems to know outside of germany. ;)

    So lets see what this movie will be named.

    • I guess hardly anyone outside of Germany knows that because that code is specifically used by neo-nazis in Germany where that greeting is outlawed.

      There is no point in resorting to such a code in places where neo-nazis can legally use the original stuff.

      I can easily imagine it using the same title in Germany because 88 also is synonymous to the gun of the vehicle.

    • We know about that in Poland and they know in Russia.
      88, 18, 55 etc.
      My friend nickname was actually banned by WG for having 18 in it :)

      And my 1st thought was same as yours. Who the heck invented that title? :)

    • Lol, A German, or any one who’s read the WoT forum rules and naming conventions, or spent any time on WG forums and seen the “That’s illegal in Germany” comments.

      It’s not a secret.

      Also, lots of movies get renames for foreign distribution.

    • Danger 5 was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
      Because what’s better than a series about spies trying to kill Hitler?
      A series about spies trying to kill Hilter, while fighting dinosaurs, invincible nazi-babes and learning valuable lessons on how to mix some killer cocktails.

      Would recommend.

      • I want to endlessly chain smoke and read sensible chuck all day without any repercussions. That would be the life.

    • you’ll be waiting for another 2 years then they will tell you that the project got cancelled

  10. Tiger II largest tank ever created??? Mr. u need to read some history books, Maus is the largest tank ever created

    • The Char 2C and the FCM F1 seem to be slightly larger than the Maus (especially in length). The Maus is the Heaviest tank ever built. I suspect the Tiger II may be the largest production tank to see active service

    • Yes, but Maus was only in a prototype stage. Only one full Maus was created, King Tiger was mass-produced and actually used in WW2.

    • Agreed. schurzen was designed to stop anti-tank rifle bullets from penetrating the weaker zones of a tank, for example the sides of Pz IV and StuG (30mm each), even for Panther (40-45mm).

      Beyond that, the schurzen didn’t offer any protection, and it certainly wasn’t required for KT since even the side turret was 80mm thick, the allies needed their most powerful guns to penetrate it.

  11. I found some more titles of different movie projects:
    1. “Karate Chi-Ri vs the Army of the 47 Dead Ronins” – A perfect mix of tanks warfare and martial arts, a true masterpiece since Bruce Lee’s films.
    2. “AMX 40 and the Shell of the Evil Ducks of Mordor” – Young AMX 40 from the Shire goes on a quest to end the Evil Ducks rule over Mordor. The only solution is to throw the Shell of the Evil Ducks into the fires of Ruinberg.
    3. “The Zombie Cat from Hell” – The crew of a Hellcat transforms into zombies after killing a german SS mage. Yet, they maintain the allegiance to the american flag. A story about men not wanted by any side, a story about zombie honor and courage!

  12. They still haven’t found anyone to play the lead role, and they still haven’t secured funding. Yes they have been trying for at least 2 years now – first mentions of this film on WG EU forums was about 18 months ago, and they are no closer to getting it into production now.


  13. This movie was supposed to be released in late 2012 then it was 2013, then I stopped following it now it is here on FTR showing 2015…… I am not sure where 2015 would be late enough, the only thing on the internet about the movie is a bunch of concept artworks and that’s it.

  14. Well if Fury does well in the cinemas, then investors might find that “tank movies” are on a boom and pump some money in. Its all about trends in the film funding, which is why we never get one film of some kind but always a few similiar ones in the wake of a new blockbuster.

    • And if you turn on of the eights to the sides, it makes a cock and balls.
      Do you know who else had a cock and balls? Hitler.

      Movie is obviously neo-nazi-ly inappropriate.

  15. Wargaming should make a game mode for this movie. That and a premium Tiger II with spaced armor. That would be interesting.

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  17. Nobodies seen ‘Saints and Soldiers: The Void”? Its pretty nice. Actually has tank combat for more than 5 min.

  18. Anyone know what the pen of a Golem club is? Does the 88 need a super heavy spall liner in order to stay somewhat safe?

  19. As I recently fell in love with the Tiger II, I’d really love WarGaming promoting this movie and comemorating it with an ingame Premiumversion of this slightly unhistorical King Tiger version ^.^

  20. Well, no wonder you’re eager for this movie, SS – from the looks of it, it requires absolutely no thinking or introspect at all.

  21. WETA workshops is apparently building them tanks for this movie, so at least they will look good and not be 100% CGI.

  22. As long as someone makes a “Panzer 88″ Parody of “Bagger 288″ I’m OK with this.