RU Server: Hotfix 2

Hello everyone,

tomorrow, RU server is going to get another hotfix, the ETA on other servers is not known. This hotfix will contain following changes:

- fixed the M53/M55 collision model
- fixed the incorrect display of regular XP recieved in the post-battle debriefing window (SS: that’s the “got wrong XP” bug)
- returned the sound of tracks when the tank is moving
- fixed the constant display of tutorial window bug

29 thoughts on “RU Server: Hotfix 2

  1. “- fixed the M53/M55 collision model”

    Hahah, I wonder if the whole tank will be hovering this time.

  2. I wonder when there’s gonna be a hotfix for the issue with crew training in premium tanks, chances are we won’t see that in a patchnote. :D

  3. Is that the bug where the exp for prem/nonprem depends on what you got are shown doubled after the battle?

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  5. Yo dawg, i herd u like hotfixes! So i put a hotfix in your hotfix so you can fix bugs while making new ones.

  6. I have a question: can anyone put direct download link for patch? My launcher got screwed and can’t download hotfix via it :/ When I download the “latest patch” from WoT Eu site, game still says I need an unpgrade