52 thoughts on “Meanwhile at WG EU….

  1. I like the 3rd comment.

    According to Putin, these are only soldiers on holidays, having their equipment with them… :P I loled a bit, but it’s too sad to actually laugh about it at all.

  2. Do you people even realize how brainwashed you are? Putin and China are currently the good guys.

    • There is no good guy or bad guy in this event.

      It’s just Ukraine wanted to join NATO, and Ukraine is like the last country standing between NATO and Russia…so Russia want Ukraine to be on its side. It’s just the power struggle between U.S. and Russia. Propaganda? No problem, both sides are using it.

      • How about Russia showing good example for Ukraine. We see how lives EU/USA. And how lives any pro-Russian country? Even Poland has HIGHER average salary than Russia (most richest country with resources in world). So, why Russia is not showing good example for Ukraine how to live? So far, we see Poland working and Russia showing off own nuclear weapons. If Russia would be such good example of prosperity – there would be no question: Russia or EU. Ukraine has average salary of ~200 euros. Poland ~900 euros, Russia ~700 euros. You can blame Ukranians who looking to EU instead of corruption and oligarchs that Russia is “famous” for? It is time for Ukraine to change, sadly, Putin is as any good jail keeper is not willing to let prisoners go free.

    • Do you even realize we normal ppl dont care when you cocksucking slavic fucks kill eachother? Really, does someone miss you living dildoes if you go extinct?

  3. Indeed, Russian troops preparing to counterattack Georgian troops, following the shelling of urban areas in Southern- Ossetia with rocket artillery by the Georgian army.

    ps. you can answer whatever, but it won’t change the facts.

  4. We’d like more game related news and stuff, SS, instead of commenting some facebook troll posts nobody cares about. It’s really not worth the fuzz, whatever opinion each of us has on the matter.

  5. really SS this shit is epic,
    I really hate everything thats communist (so basicly everything between Poland and Japan) and this stuff makes my day

    all those reds whining is just lovely

  6. I am the guys who made the top comment. It says: ‘”As much as the game makes fun, these kinds of pictures destresses me beacause its about realy human lives.”

  7. What do you want? It’s just a humanitarian convoy that goes to help this poor people in the Ukraine. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Nonononono, its all right, these guys are doing the same thing as `Murica in 10 countries in last 20 years, and some of Western European countries as well.

    Russia took a leaf from NATO book.

    • You mean annexing territorries from neighbouring countries with tanks renamed to “humanitarian convoy” and then denying their presence? Oh, wait.

    • WHAT ? , you uneducated , under developed idiot, over vodka’ed dick head, just how THICK are you

      Your Mr Putin is ex KGB, why would ANYBODY with one brain cell even believe the shit out of his backside let alone mouth

  9. yea, going hard on SS is the right way, just like critisizing usa for taking oil instead lands like ussr.. everything sucks but u can do shit ’bout it, just dont be a dick!

  10. Ukranian right wing neo-nazies and russian neo-fascists plus a few drunken miners killing each other.
    It’s a pure win-win situation.
    Earth is becoming a nicer place by the minute.

  11. I see that even in 2014, people are still prone to believing propaganda to the point where they resemble a mindless brainwashed husk, incapable of forming their own unbiased opinion and unable to see what is actually happening around them.

    • I wish those over 4000 people would be alive. And they are not because of ambitions of some crazy ARMED people. And those armed people still around.