Insider Talks: T-34/88 for Xbox and…. Agritraktor!

Hello everyone,

quick info from the Insider. Apparently, the T-34/88 tank is coming to Xbox in a bundle with the (earlier announced) Sherman Ripper. The bundle will look like this:

- Soviet tier VI T-34-88 Medium Tank
– 100% Crew
– 38 Pzgr. 39 Shells
– 8 Pzgr. 40 Shells
– 2 Garage Slots
– 30 Days of Premium Account

Meet the newest addition to the Soviet collection, the T-34-88! This Premium medium tank will catch your enemies by surprise as you wreak havok on the battlefield with training up your Soviet Medium crews and earning loads of Silver!

Why on earth is it a Soviet tank, I have no idea (the vehicle conversion – if it indeed happened – was performed by Germans). According to vague Russian “records” presented by Yuri Pasholok (remember, it was that school notebook stuff), this vehicle actually existed, as it was captured and dismantled by Soviets after the war, but who knows. This offer is unfortunately for Xbox only – not sure why, PC WoT could use this tank as well.

What is funnier however is that for some reason, the following bundle description was found in the WoT files – a great “offer” indeed!

Agritraktor attack!

-German “Super” Heavy tank Agritraktor I Ausf. A
– 100% Crew
– 100 Pzgr. Rbd Shells
– Garage Slot
– 3 Days of Premium Account

Greet the most “powerful” of German tanks, The Agritraktor! this little beast is a one shot wonder, strike fear on your foes and harvest them at the same time with this one-man powered “tank!”

Agritraktor is exactly what you think it is – a tractor equipped with German 88mm gun (or so it seems). It’s not a real vehicle, it was a test mule, used in very early days of WoT (like, pre-alpha) to test stuff like basic movement, IIRC. Unless this is some very early April 1st joke, it’s probably some trolling.

11 thoughts on “Insider Talks: T-34/88 for Xbox and…. Agritraktor!

  1. Why on earth is it a Soviet tank, I have no idea (the vehicle conversion – if it indeed happened – was performed by Germans).

    Like FCM36Pak40 and LeFH18B2? I mean, the french tree needs premiums, and the russian already has some, but it’s similar.

    • Yeah I’m a bit sad that the FCM36Pak40 and the LeFH18B2 in the game are for French, even tho IRL germans used those. I really want to use German camo’s on those things…

      And then the Somua S35. They could give that as premium to the French tree instead. =)

      • Well the Somua S35 did came out long before the French tree was ever release, but unlike the leFH18B2 or FCM Pak40,which wasn’t used by the French at all, the Somua S35 was used by German forces.

        • Also, the French Somua will be in the second medium tree. The premium we have is just a captured version.

        • Yeah, but the Somua was orginally 100% French tank, So it fits better to french tree for example replacement for the FCM36Pak40 (if the FCM would be changed to historically correct German tree) and if the WG would whine that “then french will not have any tier 3 premiums!”

          They already removed the PzB2 and the Hotchkiss H38 from the germans after introdicing the French tree

  2. Wasn’t that a fake tank?

    I’m have surely read many times that no such tank existed….. Can’t be sure

  3. That T-34-88 was/is considered a fake by many.

    Also… Pasholok is clearly a dickhead amongst the AFV historians. I’m still pissed off at that fucking bastard about that mocking comment on Svirin.

    • Pasholok is a total dick head and talks total garbage. His repect level is so low due to the laughable Soviet blind bias and the endless “facts” he quotes but never presents….100% charlatan.

      The conversion is technically impossible as the trunnions cannot fit in the forward part of the turret, you cannot narrow the gun and its mount. Nor could you mount either the weapon sights or the co-ax MG…

      This T34-88 thing is just 100% WarGamming FAKE BOLLOCKS as well as being unnecessary. As BTW is the 8.8cmm Flak/T34, again TOTAL PHOTOSHOP FAKE BOLLOCKS