Straight Outta Supertest: Female Crews, IM’s

Hello everyone,

a fresh batch of info from the supertest.

Evilly mentioned that there will be a “crew surprise” connected to the IM’s. Well, the surprise is… female crewmembers. Whenever you recieve one token for completing 15 missions (you need 4 tokens for every tank out of 5), you get one for free, along with enough crew XP for one perk

Regarding the individual mission mechanics: it seems that every mission has a main objective and secondary objective. If you complete secondary objective as well as the main one, the rewards get bigger. Here are two examples of first two StuG IV missions (easiest), since those two seem to be ready. Remember how Evilly said that each “chain” of 15 missions is tied to a specific vehicle class?

First mission for LT is to be in top 10 in XP, the reward is 50k credits. But if you manage to survive as well, you get extra 25k.

Second mission is for HT and it is to destroy 1 enemy tank, the reward is 50k credits. But if you manage to deal more than 1000 damage, you get extra 25k credits.

Missions also now have tips, that should help players deal with them, such as (actual example from those two above): “Try to avoid attacking enemies frontally. Flank them or get behind them. You also should take a note of where your enemy is aiming at.” and “Your gun is powerful, but it still doesn’t mean you can penetrate enemies everywhere. Learn to find weak points.”

In case you are interested in the most difficult missions, these are the final missions you need to fulfill to get the ultimate prize, Object 260.

- currently, you need 20 tokens to recieve the IM reward tank
- each final battle in the chain (five chains) gives you 4 tokens for the primary requirement and 1 token for the secondary requirement

As a result, it means that you can complete only 4 out of 5 mission chains (avoiding for example playing artillery), but ONLY if you complete all primary AND secondary goals for those four.

It is not known whether you can complete the primary and secondary tasks independently (for example completing primary objective in one battle and secondary in another).

Additionally, for both primary and secondary objectives, you get one “female crewmember” with enough XP for one perk and completing secondary objective gives you 500k credit bonus.

Clarification, since for some reason it is not clear to some people – all these objectives must be met in ONE mission (eg. in ONE battle, you have to deal 8000 spotting damage with LT’s etc.)

- LT: deal 8000 spotting damage (secondary: get 5 spotting kills)
- HT: accumulate 20000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up (secondary: survive and win)
- MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you (secondary: survive, win and deal 3k+ damage)
- TD: deal 10000+ damage (secondary: destroy 5+ enemy tanks)
- Arty: be on first place in XP and damage dealt (secondary: survive)

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  1. “- LT: deal 8000 spotting damage (secondary: get 5 spotting kills)
    - HT: accumulate 20000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up (secondary: survive and win)
    - MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you (secondary: survive, win and deal 3k+ damage)
    - TD: deal 10000+ damage (secondary: destroy 5+ enemy tanks)
    - Arty: be on first place in XP and damage dealt (secondary: survive)”

    These must be done in one battle?

    • My thought exactly! Cause these are not hard at all, if you have multiple battles to do them. BUT! In one battle… 20K damage… forget it. No one will do that!

      • Use a Maus for the heavy mission.

        I do admit even with the Maus you would need to get very lucky.

      • Long ago I had 14.5k potential dmg received on KV-5… once, and I have over 30k battles, AND it was before the whole blocking damage system got revamped. Also I had -once- dealt 11k dmg, in Malinovka with a E3 (understandably). Again, once. Being first in arty isn’t impossible, so is killing TDs with a medium, but the HT, LT and TD missions are fucked up, and virtually undoable in random battle where everyone goes everywhere on the map. So, that only means one thing: more set-up battles.

        • As a MT tank you have to find TD’s of higher level than you and kill three of them. Seems like another luck based mission since chances are the higher tier TD’s aren’t all in one place. Last hitting with medium tanks isn’t the greatest thing either. The missions are all pretty bollocks hard or bollocks luck depended.

          • Its basically Oskin’s medal, but only with TDs as targets. Honestly, MT and SPG missions are much easier. They can be obtained even at low tiers.

            But remember, its a Tier X reward prem, so it’s not supposed to be easy.

            • Not easy, no. But how about possible for people who aren’t, the top 0.5% of the player base in skill?

              20k damage potential? When tracks no longer count as damage blocked?
              8k spotting damage in a light tank? I think I have gotten up to 6k before…once? It takes getting lucky with the maps, and lucky with your team. Christ.

              I think the biggest problem with this set up, in requiring at least 4 lines to be done like this, is that most people are strong in one, or two types of vehicles. Some are good in three types. Not many are reliably this good, in any combination of 4 vehicles to meet the requirements.

              If this shit goes through as it is? I’d place money that less than 1% of the player population gets one of the tier 10 reward tanks.

      • Well that’s not going to keep me from the AW beta. I’ve never done 10k dmg in 21k games, it’s not gonna happen now unless it’s rigged…

        • - LT: deal 8000 spotting damage (secondary: get 5 spotting kills)
          - HT: accumulate 20000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up (secondary: survive and win)
          - MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you (secondary: survive, win and deal 3k+ damage)
          - TD: deal 10000+ damage (secondary: destroy 5+ enemy tanks)
          - Arty: be on first place in XP and damage dealt (secondary: survive)

          WIth these missions YOU are ALL missing the big picture. It is said that IF you manage to complete the secondary objective you get 1 more token, so basically 2 for one mission with complete secondary.

          - The arty main mission and the secondary is absolutely doable , so you GET 2 tokens here !
          - The MT main mission and secondary is doable too, so here are 2 tokens too

          VOALA – you dont even have to do the others….or you can combine main missions only tokens with the arty main and secondary one, AS LONG AS you get 4 tokens.

          • Dude, do you even read?

            - currently, you need 20 tokens to recieve the IM reward tank
            - each final battle in the chain (five chains) gives you 4 tokens for the primary requirement and 1 token for the secondary requirement

            So no 1+1 token for both goals, you will get 4+1 and you need 20 to get obj. That means that you have to complete 4 missions with both goals OR 5 missions with primary goal.

    • Make them easier to get but you have to complete 25x to make it more skill based such as

      LT: Accumulate 1500 spotting damage (deal 1000 dmg)
      MT: Deal 3000 Dmg (Accumulate 3 kills and 1000 spotting)
      HT Deal 2500 DMG and have 1000 DMG blocked by armor (Have 3 kills and deal 2500 dmg)
      TD: Deal 3000 DMG and damage 3 enemy modules
      SPG: Damage 5 enemy modules (survive the battle)

      • MT are not light tanks!!

        Spotting damage is for lights its a class not a role. Thats why wargamings doing that veiw range nerf >>

      • whynot:
        log into game -> get obj 260

        ffs! Those missions are meant to be hard. Those missions give you a free tier 10. If you think doing 3k dmg is “tough mission”: thats the avg dmg an above avg player should do on his tier 10 meds.

  2. I hope there will be a progressive minimum tier requirement for the missions, because I don’t want tomatoes in Object 260′s, siemka E-100′s are enough.

    • Why do you think bad players would even get to the Obj. 260 mission?
      There’s no way in hell they’ll get there. Even on their best day playing.

      • To heck with bad players…. those requirements for the 260 mission look to be ridiculously high for even average to slightly above average players, unless they have one of those once in a blue moon kind of battles.

        For example, I’ve come close to (thought not exceeded) 7k damage in a TD before on rare occasions. But 10k? Not a chance.

    • If a tomato manages to do 4 out of those 5 missions he leaves the tomato league and enters the unicums club.

  3. Sorry, can you clarify, these requirements apply to a single game or they’re accumulative? The arty mission is clearly single game….

        • I wonder. Even if it, that sucks. So I get these fucking 20k in my heavy tank but dont survive, and then I have to start all over? I hope they change this part. Here is a proposal:

          - Each Final quest link will consist of two stages. Let us take the TD example. Right now it is deal 10k damage – 4 points. Deal 10k damage and get 5 kills – 5 points.

          - In my two stage model it will be seperated like this:

          1. Stage: deal 8,000 damage – gives you 3 points.

          2. Stage: deal 10,000 damage – gives you another 2 points. If you deal 10k damage right away, both stages count as fulfilled and you gain the total five points at once.

          Bonus: Get 5 kills while doing stage 2 – This awards NO points, just credits (let’s say 250k).

          Under this model you would have to complete five stage 1 “tough but doable” quests plus three stage 2 “super insane” quests (21 points total), or four complete stage 1 and 2 quests (20 points total) to get your tank. Meeting the bonus objectives is purely for credits. – sucks if you didn’t get it, but you will not have to do more quests to get the reward tank.

      • There’s a distinction between difficult and almost impossible. Less than 0.1% of the overall population will get the Obj260. Meanwhile quite a lot of people who are good but not *that* good are gonna be really annoyed. GG WG, GG.

        • Its so easy to rig games with clan members by starting many platoons at the same time so dont worry, preety much anyone who want to get it will get it eventually.

          • and than get banned ;) WG already did that when there were “most exp wins type 59″ events and i wont be surprised if they would take a closer look at the obj 260 winners ;)

  4. - LT: deal 8000 spotting damage (secondary: get 5 spotting kills)

    pretty much only possible on malinovka or prokhorovka, still probably the least random/luck based of the missions, should be doable

    - HT: accumulate 20000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up (secondary: survive and win)

    virtually impossible in anything else than a maus/e100, and even then its all about blocking damage rather than doing it

    - MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you (secondary: survive, win and deal 3k+ damage)

    kinda possible, but extreme luck/rng

    - TD: deal 10000+ damage (secondary: destroy 5+ enemy tanks)

    pretty much impossible without extreme luck

    - Arty: be on first place in XP and damage dealt (secondary: survive)

    - again, lots of rng, but in low/mid tiers probably very easy (compared to HT/TD mission), easiest mission of them all

    overall – too much luck involved, there can be unicums who will not fulfill the conditions within 20k games just as there can be red faggots who will do it in their first game.

    • LT: My maximum was 9,4k in WZ-131 spotting 1-2 line on pokhorovka going from bush to bush. Never ever came close to this.

      MT: T54s will roll

      TD: Dealt once 11k but that was basically solo carrying game (t110e3 pearl river, middle section)

      HT: Mauz here we cum… come

      Arty: IMPOSSIBLE. Why? well because there is no way you would be in top XP AND dmg dealt (again, impossible luck, maybe will buy T57 arty)

      So instead of skill we are counting on luck. And I achieved those results after 28k battles… (2008 WN8 global)

      Soo… question is… how are these INDIVIDUAL missions?

        • fine as it.

          This is not World of Warcraft bullshit were you have to spent 60000000000000 hours to get a new dildo

      • Arty isn’t impossible, it’s easier than all the others.

        The key point is you don’t have to be constantly risking your tank which of course will cause an instant fail if you get caught out.

        This game for example would grant full rewards for artillery:

        • Except that it wouldn’t. You need to be at the top with both xp and damage. In that match you were top only in damage.

          Being top damage dealer is doable. But top xp as well? Other people are doing spotting for you, which means that every time you do damage, you’re giving xp to other people, thus lessening your own chances of being at the top. You’d basically have to shotgun half the enemy team to death to get the arty mission done.

      • I’ve done the arty one multiple times. Won some gold off a clanmate for it. The others on the other hand…

    • Arty: be on first place in XP and damage dealt (secondary: survive) – easiest mission of them all – true, just had 2 battles with bishop, 2X ace tanker, right on top, pretty easy…

  5. Do you have to complete the 260 missions in 1 match or can you play multiple matches to accumulate all that damage? I mean, 20k damage in 1 match is overdoing it.

    • One match it seems, all missions are for 1 match. It will be quite easy if it could be accumulated

  6. - LT: deal 8000 spotting damage (secondary: get 5 spotting kills)
    Highest for me in a match was 5K in the Leo PTA….. Difficult it is indeed

    - HT: accumulate 20000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up (secondary: survive and win)
    Highest blocked damage was in my E-75 (12K) before the track damage and damage taken got removed; highest dealt has been 6500 in my E-100 going all AP.

    - MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you (secondary: survive, win and deal 3k+ damage)
    Achievable albeit fluke is needed

    - TD: deal 10000+ damage (secondary: destroy 5+ enemy tanks)
    Ah, never played TDs but I will have to start when I start playing again.

    - Arty: be on first place in XP and damage dealt (secondary: survive)

    I am an average player with yellow stats and 50% WR

  7. So, if this stays as it is, the Individual Missions to get the ultimate prize (O260?) will be practically impossible to fulfill if you have no great damage dealing Tier10 tanks (or Tier8 for light tanks, Tier9 for meds), because THOSE requirements.
    I even have never even got 10000 damage in one battle with TD’s or 20000 combined damage. But now we will have to do it in some “season” time period.
    Anyway – challange accepted! :)

    • i have done 10k dmg in the FV215b 183 before the nerf, and it might still be possible with some of the T10 TDs…

      But 20k dmg on heavy is not possible in a normal match… you would have to get shot by a low tier tank that can’t pen you at all and let him keep shooting, while still doing damage to other tanks, without your teammates kill the little tank and without the enemies killing you while spotted. you may be able to do this in a training battle but i doubt that counts…

  8. Female crew members? YES, please. You will then tend to heal even radio operators, if they are female, after all you don´t want to let poor girl suffer as we all are gentlemen, right? Will we get female commander voices too? That would be nice, I am fed up listening to those boring calm soldier male voices (except for Japanese tanks). Yeah, you guessed it – I want to hear her scream “penetration” =)

    • well, ive played 15k games in wot, have wn8 of 3.3k.

      I’ve spotted 8k+ dmg maybe 5 times. I cant see why i shouldnt be unable to do it again if i play lots of LTs.

      I never did 20k dmg combined in a HT, this was probably doable (if one had the right tank – maus/e100) before they stopped counting tracks/spaced armor eating shells. Unless i get e100/maus (which i dont want to get), there is no way i can get it in the heavies i have.

      I probably did kill 3+ TDs (+1 tier) in a MT 2-4 times. But this will be very random to get these days. Too much stuff would have to align, most likely to happen at tiers 3-5 imo.

      10k+ dmg in a td – did once, before all the map “nerfs” and TD nerfs, now impossible without extreme luck.

      Arty mission – i played overall 320 games in arty and im pretty sure i got that at least 5 times… so yeah.

      • possibly forever the mission will last. I dont mind if it dose ^^

        just would mean i can relax and play at my own pace. if i get it i get it. if i dont i dont ^^

  9. These are challenging if it was just you trying to complete in a battle. Now imagine you and 3 other lights all trying to get the 8k spotting, or any of the other combinations!

    • That’s the point. Too much luck involved. For example:

      “- MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you”

      You have to HOPE that opponents will get at least 3 TD’s that are 1 tier higher than you.
      You have to PRAY for them to survive long enough for you to kill them because other meds might be after them too.

      Whats good about these missions is that you can complete them in one battle. What is bad about them is that you may have to play 20k games to get that one awesome battle. When grinding you at least know where is the end but with these missions… there might be no end.

  10. I like the missions, bit of a challenge, but can be done.
    And the new maps (at least from above) look nice. A new map for low tiers was long overdue, too.

    • I love the difficulty they are at. For mediocre and bad players, they are stars they can aim at and they will learn so much while training for it. For good players it means that there is no annoying grind, it is just playing for the ultimate goal with the knowledge that every single match you play well could be IT, the GREAT MATCH.

      From a game design standpoint, I think this is great. It is like the old games like Tetris or Space Invaders or Super Mario in which you had to start all over when you died, rather than the grind fests that modern games tend to be.

  11. Not only are these hard, but can you IMAGINE the rage, when you read the post game stats, and you see let’s say: 6450 dealt, and 12580 blocked :D

    I’d probably hang myself :D

  12. People, where is the whine about killstealing in those missions?

    Ooh, and I still don’t get where is the “individual” part in there? Will the requirements be different for all players or “individual” now is simply a name hanging to missions?

    • My understanding is that there will be 15 missions per chain and 5 chains. So in a given battle, odds are that everyone will be on different (individual) missions, with maybe a couple duplicates. At least until you get to the bottleneck of the 15 th mission in each chain. Then you will see a lot of duplication.

  13. Reading all these comments, I’m wondering what kind of missions would you poeple want, so as to not call them “luck missions”? I mean, WoT is a RNG based game, and as well as that, every game you play is different because of the different people that make the teams. Really, please tell me, what would the missions need to be like to not be “random missions”?

    • not random and not luck based = can be repeatable through skill. You cant repeat 10k games in a TD with skill, but you sure can repeat 8k dmg three times in a TD if you have skill. A completely red dude wont be able to do that, not in less than 10k games, a true unicum will achieve that in maybe 1k games in TDs.

      • Same with medium tanks. 7k damage in three games during the season is easy for unicrums and doesn’t require the starts to align perfectly.

        The heavy tanks mission should just be damage done an require a steel wall medal because the amount of damaged blocked needed is ridiculous.

        Arty mission, I don’t give half a shit. It’s possible in low tiers.

        TD mission, well at least there will be fewer 183′s ? Since they can’t do that kind of damage during a game unless lot’s high rolling en penetrating practically every shot with 12 shells.

    • The problem is about how much luck. I bet there are people that have performed that well in one or two classes… once or twice in 20k battles. Does it sound reasonable to you?

      • Yes, to me, the missions sound pretty reasonable. Although, I don’t think that they’re all similarly difficult. I mean, the arty mission is, at least for me, something I do a couple of times on a daily basis, it’s not hard to do. The medium one also seems pretty easy, but the others are a bit more difficult to do, or more accurately, harder to get a chance to do them. I’m not complaining, I think this will be cool. :)

      • im an arty and light tank player. i look at the minimap more then i do shooting i spot what needs to be spotted and flank when i know i wont get screwed over.

        T49… that implies to arty? or a light tank?

  14. These missions are just going to be completed by pure chance and both teams being equally bad, with you as the only good person. I don’t think things like 20k damage or 8k spotting is realistic even slightly. A shame, they can’t dream up a mission that actually rewards people who can consistently perform on a top-of-team level.

    • That’s why I miss the good old Murovanka forest – did a 11K spotted damage there. Probably would be possible to repeat. But in the new maps.. yeah, that will be a real challange.

  15. If you can get primary and secondary objectives separately, those are very doable.

    If not, forget it.

    The arty one is simple, play T57, get binocs, scout and score lucky shots or YOLO @ himmel. With some luck you can get both tokens of such game.

    Meds one – get a tier 3-5 med and hunt for TDs.

    Now it all comes down to whether you can get the tokens separately or not.
    Otherwise you have to play T54 and wish for a lucky game.

    HT primary – impossible to all but most lucky maus/e-100 drivers.
    LT primary – impossible to all but most lucky tier 8 scouts on campinovka.
    TD primary – you need a tier X TD and more luck than brain. I only did 8800 with old Obj268.

    • Tell me a tomato/potato who could achieve 10k damage in a battle with LUCK.

      LUCK is the most overrated excuse for ppl for their mediocre skill so they don’t feel bad about it.

      • Of course, you need quite a skill to be able to do such shitload of damage, but luck is the next component whithout which, you simply can’t do this.
        Just check out those extremely high damage replays/videos – in all of them author will get a lot of damage because of some AFK’s and/or tomatoes, who have no idea, how to play and kill that damage dealing hero. :)

      • A unicum player still needs luck to deal 10k damage in a single game. You may bounce, miss, or get teamkilled on 9k for instance = bad luck.

  16. Female crewmembers ? What for ? Those are just pictures on hangar that pretty much noone even looks at..

    Also…BUAHAHAH at the missions. I knew that. 10k dmg in one battle ? Lelelel, forget about this. 8k spotting damage ? Lelelel x2, forget about this unless you are the god of spotting and enemy is god of standing in one place and doing nothing.

    Fail missions are fail

    • It’s the top mission for a FREE tier X tank. It’s not meant to be achieved by plebs who call “Forget getting 10k in one battle”, it’s not that rare for very good players (but no tomato can do it indeed).

      • Not that rare for good players ?

        Sir, I’ve been playing WoT since beta times and I never ever saw anyone doing 10k dmg. Ever. My personal biggest dmg was something like +/- 7k and it wasnt skill, it was pure luck because enemy team was composed of morons that apparently loved standing on the open field and collecting shots and in the same time players from my team were shooting like blind moles, hitting pretty much everything but not the enemy

        On the other hand you are right. If those rly are requirements for a t10 tank then indeed they should be somewhat hard to get. But those are simply set too high even for that

    • Well I got 14500 blocked and 5500 dealt once in a KT, but that was when damage soaked by tracks counted. Now it is close to impossible, you have to hope for some 45% “pro” enemies, but lately even they spam gold at every target.

    • This hangar looks like Christmas and nearly your whole team survived. So just tomato heaven and extreme luck, nothing impressive.
      I had such battles with my T95. Auto aim and the RNG are a great help for absorbing 15 k dmg, but one slightly skilled player aiming for your weakspots and you can go back to the garage.

      Do 10 battles with your IS7 quickly and post the screens. I’ve bet you wouldn’t even come close to 10 k dmg absorbed and dealt nowadays.

      • Well, post me your screenshots from such a game , without luck and tomatoes in the opposite team. IS-7 was my first tier 10 back in the days ,when i was a tomato too, recently i keep my dmg in it above 3k ,but i also get killed more often.
        WG screwed the entire tank, when they made it HD, even though they claim its even better now ( load of crap….). Anyway, if you change your play style from very aggressive to moderate aggression, you may stay alive a little longer. My recent games in it are not very impressive in terms of dmg blocked, since the tomatoes evolve and adapt and there is so much gold used in tier 10s,9s and even more in tier 8s (when i am in IS-7) , that if it was real, USA would find Bin-Laden’s 16th cousin in Poland for a reason to invade and take the gold ( most of the EU tomatoes live there, no offence, its a statistical data). So nowadays, you are right – such a game wouldnt happen soon. 4-5k dmg is doable in IS-7, and if you get lucky on my favourite map – Himmelsdorf, where this tank is most effective in my opinion, or any other city map, you could get some 10-15k blocked dmg ( if the game is mostly tier 10). Such game requires preparation. You need to know exactly where on the map you have such chance – which corner, hill, ditch or stone. And you have to know that EVERYONE will try to get that game from you, so you need triple or quadruple luck on your side, in order to get first in position and pray not to get bumped, shot or blocked from your clinical moron team.

  17. Whines… Whines never change.

    1. Luck based mission? Yeah sure you need luck for it but I never saw a tomato deals 10000++ damage in my entire playtime (As a green player I never even reach 8k++, but my blue buddy did it twice). You need both luck and skill for it, it’s fine.
    2. Don’t forget that it’s the last mission for the highest reward. It’s meant to be difficult.
    3. It’s for a special tier X tank, and you can do this mission while grinding everything else. Still much better than no lifer mission which everyone could do if they have time but can’t be done with skill alone.
    4. Don’t forget that there’s a secondary objective so you practically could only need to two of those missions.

    Yeah, I prefer to see some other variants, for example : Achieve High Caliber, Iron Wall and Top Gun in a battle with HT for 5 times, but I think we may see those at easier missions.

      • It’s not meant to be gained by everyone, sigh. You may as well request it to be given to everyone for free.

        I think I’ll be happy if I could at least get the T-55, but even in this obj mission I think getting SPG and MT one is doable for me. With secondary objective, it’s done!

        • The missions are doable, but will require skill AND luck. I would prefer “Do 8K damage in TD 20 times” instead of “Do 10K once”. That would require at least some consistent performance.

  18. All i see its gold ammo spam increased by +300% And this missions are to luck/rng for me. And wg just encouraged rigged battles increase by at least 200%

  19. So basically this is a return of the mission chain in the style that used to lead to getting the Soviet Stuart, progressively giving rewards for getting a grip on the game? Cool. The last one is too luck based, but I can live with that.

    The primary/secondary thing though… My reading here is that if you complete the primary objective but not the secondary, that’s it. There goes your chance for getting two tokens, go do another full chain. No, having another battle in which you happen to fulfill the requirements for both the primary and the secondary won’t help you, should have thought of that before you did this well but not that well lol.

    And if so, that is bullshit.

  20. All these missions require complete retards on both teams. There’s no way own team will let you deal 10k damage in a TD unless they’re just sitting there doing nothing.

  21. SS, how long will these missions run? Is there anyone who ever did 20k dmg in one game?

    Yes SS, I’m asking you, because you are the only one to be asked such a retarded question (second) :) :) :)

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  23. Cool…so this missions aren’t indeed grind-based…but they require you to eat shit or pray to the God in order to finish them(talking about the last ones).

    Closest spotting damage I ever done was 6k on Campinovka…and that in a MT, not LT, as I haven’t played any apart from the AMX 13 line, back in 2013.
    Closest damage done + damage recieved in a HT was with my E-100…about 13k.
    The MT one is doable…but you have to find 3 TD-es highter than you and be able to kill them…
    Closest damage done in a single match was with my Leopard1 (10k)…and that’s not even a TD ….with TD-es, hope my E4 will help me(8.5k record).
    And arty…I think I’ll really have to buy one so I can skip one of the impossible tasks from above…pretty doable….Damn, and I sworn I’ll never play arty again…

  24. These IM are a really awesome idea from wargaming. It will motivate players to play better to get their reward, and the tips will also help the bad ones go become a better player hopefuly.

    If their system work, it would be one of their best add in long time, since we’re still waiting for havok since 8 months already.

  25. The HT/LT/TD missions aren’t impossible at all ! But from all the killing sprees I’ve seen both in game and on wotreplays, one thing was a clear rule : +-1500 WN8 difference between hunter and targets. :) With a nuclear pinch of luck. Only a few very lucky good players will win Obj 260, otherwise I think everyone who plays decently and focuses on achieving IMs can get at least up to the T28C.

    • I think a lot of good players will get even to the T55A, if it’s missions are a bit easier than the ones for Obj 260…all of those are pure luck base.

  26. 10k dmg in battle while driving a TD is doable but hard.
    MT mission is also doable,quite easy actually.
    Arty mission is easy.
    LT mission,again hard but doable.
    HT mission,I find it impossible to complete.Once I was driving a vk4502B and I got 16k dmg blocked by armor.To achieve this I had to park my tank in front of a few camping TDs and let them shoot me until the battle ended.Getting 20k is really,really,really hard.

  27. Thats riddicoulous.

    the LT and HT are extremly difficult to do.

    The TD mission is not as difficult, but still very very hard, probbaly only on tier 10 maybe 9 doable

    The arty mission is a joke, when you play long enough, you will have a team thats so bad that you end up on top, no matter how good you are.
    And it is not that difficult to be on top anyways.
    Especially since you dont have to be in tier 10, like the TD mission
    In the arty mission you just go in a tier 2 or 3 and you will do it….

    The MT mission is not easy, but very doable, since you just pay attention and maybe dont shoot someone in front of you and go for the kill on a td, thats basically kill stealing because you only want them kills and wont givr a fuck about doing damage

    My idea for HT and TD:
    Make it not an absolute number, like 10k damage.
    Make it a relative number, depending on your HP, eg 5x your HP.
    Thats still 10k at tier 10.
    But on tier 8 its a doable 5k.
    On tier 5 a doable 2k
    Not easy, but doable.

    Same goes for HT, make it like deal 7 x your HP, or maybe 8 times.
    Would be 15-21k for tier 10
    and a more doable 10k for tier 8
    and about 4,5k at tier 5

    It is not fair to make a mission like the TD one, where you need to be on tier 10, where all the good players are, while you are invited to go sealclubbing in your arty, same goes for the MT mission, just go in any tier 2 or 3 and kill some Noobies in TDs

  28. The Medium Tank mission is flawed. You have to rely on MM to give you 3 higher tier TD’s. It does happen, but then again how many matches are you going to suffer through until the ideal match occurs? …And then everyone else is going for the TD’s, too!

    • I have seen matches with only tds, so i dont think it will be that difficult to kill three of them. Deal 20k damage seems a bit more tricky to me then just waiting for a good match

    • Everyone who has that mission that is. Not everybody will have completed the 14 previous mission in that chain.

      But yeah, near the end of the season, that will probably be the case.

  29. Nah… Im only intrested in StuG IV and T28 Concept. Everything else can go to hell…

  30. Second mission is for HT and it is to destroy 1 enemy tank, the reward is 50k credits. But if you manage to deal more than 1000 damage, you get extra 25k credits….
    This one is repeatable??

  31. I saw a competition that The Mighty Jingles made some time ago based on how much damage you made in your TD. If I remember correctly, not even all of the top 3 replays had over 10k damage. I think that this mission is bullshit, and they really should make them more reachable. 5k damage in a game is good for top tier players, but if I were WG I would use this oportunity to give out some tier 10 tanks to people that don’t have any. Think about how much time it took each of you to get to tier 10. They should make the requirements for non top tier players too.

  32. I once managed to get over 23k dmg blocked in a E75, but it was thanks to great positioning, hull and turret angling, hiding LFP and the distance to the enemies. There is a nice rock on Karelia’s H1/J1… I don’t think I could do that again though. I couldn’t belive how every shot bounced, I was standing there sniping for like 10 minutes, getting AT LEAST 1 shot every 15 seconds.

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  34. Those missions are just fail


    Becuase for HT and TD the only tier where it could be achievable are T10, while for MT it could be done at Tier 6/7, for LT player actually needs a T7 minimum, T8 preferable while for SPG mission could theoretically (but still quite unprobable, because you will need 2+ skills at minimum for the crew) be done practically AT ANY tier.

  35. I also took secondary mission accomplishments in consideration that is why I have written that T6 is enough for MT. Player still need to perform at very high level to deal 3k damage in T6 med.

  36. Can we retrain female crew to male if they’re any good? I don’t want people thinking I’m watching porn.

  37. I think I have solved the “cheating” problem of people platooning late at night to manipulate games by getting their friends on the enemy team:


    People will love to watch them! And with everyone watching them, finding the cheaters will be a piece of cake! The evidence is right there, and the people will do the investigation for Wargaming, and WG only has to look at the cases in which the community complains!

    From a programming standpoint, it is super easy. Set up an automatic filter that finds all games in which such a final quest was fulfilled – considering how difficult they are, it won’t be too many anyway. Automatically upload them to a web portal and order them by player, quest type (heavy tank, medium tank, TD…) and other key statistics. Make the replays and score tables available to the public and they will take care of everything. Give them a “report” button in which the people can report games in which players seemed to have cheated. Have a human check all games which were reported repeatedly, and ban players who manipulated the game.

  38. I’m not the best player but better than average and I have over 21,000 battles and I have NEVER seen ANYONE in ALL my 21,000 battles EVER do 10,000 damage, not even the “Supposed” Unicums.

    • I have done over 10k dmg several times in tier 10 TDs on the TS and I am not a unicum.
      If you play the JP E100/WT E100/FV 183 for a week or two you will get this kind of game.

      I am more worried about the HT mission…that’s something that I find very hard to complete.

  39. 20K dmg in a heavy? Let’s say you manage to get 5K blocked damage, which is a lot, you still would have to kill the entire enemy team by yourself to get anywhere near that number. The other missions are more or less feasible, although the only tank I ever managed to get that much spotting dmg was my IS-7. :P

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  42. >LT 8K Spotting
    I’ve had 6-7k games before. where teams actually use goddamn teamwork for once.
    Every other game? people camp outside of draw distance. Good luck with that.

    >SPG: Max exp
    Pray to RNGesus and pass the ammo.
    Best spot for yourself too, since arty gets fuck all exp even for 5k damage wins.

    >HT 20k dmg block/dealt
    Best get your VKB/E75/E100/Maus out.
    IS-7 would struggle due to the RoF and accuracy.
    IS-8s, Conquerors, M103s etc don’t stand a chance.

    >TD 10k
    JPZ/100, FV183, Obj 263 with good map positioning and usual reds will make this trivial. Or just roll a WTFtraktor and unload an extra mag during the battle.

    >MT, kill some TDs + 3k dmg.
    HEAT-54, Centurion 7/1 and Leopold PTA look at this mission and cry tears of laughter for what is essentially an average daily mission.

  43. What happens if you complete the primary objective in 1 battle and get 1 token, but later you get lucky and complete both primary and secondary in 1 mission?

    I assume you’ll get the secondary token then?

    Or is it “Fuck you you didn’t do it in 1 battle originally, you get nothing”.