Straight Outta Supertest: Maps

Well, this is the first time I actually split posts, but whatever. Since everyone got so excited about the female crews and missions, I am splitting the map topic from the original post. Here, the maps can be freely discussed.

New maps from supertest:

Lost City (this seems to be a symmetric, e-sports special map), it was developed for quite a while.


Mittengard aka “The Pit” is a lowtier map apparently, it’s quite small. It’s possible it will join the pool of tier 1,2,3 maps


Winter Ruinberg is here to replace Ruinberg on Fire. The basic complaint about RoF is that it was just too dark.


44 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Maps

      • We need BOTH more desert and more winter maps.

        On a side note, not that I expect WG to do it, but an amusing thing that they could do to account for the fact that we’re heading into winter (at least up here in the northern hemisphere), is to have winter versions of all summer maps, and then replace the summer versions with the winter versions with whatever revision release is close to the coming of winter.

        In general terms, it could be any rev release around the October to December time frame. In the here and now, it’d have to be 9.5, though of course, they don’t have winter versions of all the maps. WG could though release Winter Himmelsdorf and Winter Ruinberg and pull summer Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg from the rotation until spring comes, when they’d flip them.

        Anyways, just an odd ball idea.

    • Personally I can’t wait for the Pit map to arrive. It looks interesting and my Sexton II will enjoy one shotting all the guys who get spotted instantly. ;)

    • Ruinberg is 1 of most unbalanced maps in game actully 1 side gets over 50% of map and can shoot into city+u cant peek over cus OP td Campspots
      and other side just needs to wait until they get destroyed so its not a decent map

  1. First one looks good.

    Hey SS any chance to get a new Desert map, it will be a welcome change from the stream of winter maps

    • The second one looks OK as well, for a small tier 1-3 map.

      And I’m with you on more desert maps. WG should dust off that Mexico map that they’ve never release from a couple years back (and SS mentioned somewhat recently). It was an interesting looking desert maps, complete with cactus, and terrain that looked like a north American western desert, which would be a nice change of pace, since all deserts don’t automatically look like the Sahara.

  2. Is there any info on the dimensions of the first two new maps?

    As for RB winter, I don’t mind as I really like snowy places. But I do hope they make the lightning preset somewhat dusk/dawn and atmospheric!

    • Gkirmathal, I think that WG has to be careful to not make winter Ruinberg too dark, since that is the apparent complaint that they’re addressing with this new version.

      I can see a number of different ways they could approach this.

      1. It could be an overcast day in Winter Ruinberg with no direct sunshine. It could be mid morning or afternoon, with a darkish overcast sky, but with a light level that’s not too dark.

      2. It could be a clear day, but close to dawn or dusk as you suggest. A problem with this though, is that because it’s mostly a city map, the shadows in the city could make things a bit dark in places.

      3. They could go with a clear noon time sky. But honestly, I think that this would be boring, but it would limit the number of dark shadowy places in the city.

  3. Ppl just don’t know how to play RoF so they cry about map too dark, sides to unbalanced – it’s just bullshit. Now they will cry that it’s too bright because of the snow lol.

    • Avalanche, not everyone has the same likes and dislikes as everyone else. The people in the WoT community aren’t a monolith with a single opinion. Some like darker maps, some don’t, for example.

      Personally, I just hope that the light level of Winter Ruinberg isn’t the same as summer Ruinberg.

  4. Winter Ruinberg is here to replace Ruinberg on Fire. The basic complaint about RoF is that it was just too dark.

    too dark? maybe they would just adjust the f*ing gamma on their pc’s!
    i had no such problems called “too dark”!

    • Yeah. It might be the darkest map in the game, but it’s not exactly hard to see everything.

      Sounds like people have poorly configured displays or are messing with the contrast using SweetFX.

      • or too many mods that color the screen and can’t see darker details!
        either way, the map was fine the way it was!
        and because of such players we lose a nice version of the map!

  5. The Lost City map looks cool, I like it. The Pit ehh not a big thing, but it will be good in low tier, Winter Ruinberg pfff again one boring version of that boring map.

  6. On RoF they should put the church in the north, basically turn the square in the city by 180 deg. Then one side has the city advantage and one side on the open ground.

  7. Winter Ruinberg is here to replace Ruinberg on Fire. The basic complaint about RoF is that it was just too dark.

    instead of being the ice age “every map get snow ” the should improve the light in the map!!!

  8. Personally hate ruinberg for a reason.
    Difficult to live in the city with the tank that I play the most.
    They are generally strong turret armour, but not absent of weakpoints, yet some of them eg Cents, 122mil overmatch side arnour. Cupola, driver’s hatch.
    CQB and narrow point of maneuver forced me to the east, every single ruinberg. Where I can hulldown (also very limited from the south) and keep myself able to maneuver from weak hitting shots.
    Then all in a sudden some juicy “I dont know probably never play hull armourless tanks” fired from chat for heavy tank (even medium) not going into city.
    Does it make sense for a FV214 down to city instead of I know my turret is crap but better than the hull so tries to hull down as possible?
    Same on the cents, same on the T34.
    Yet, starting from the south, more troubles. Look at the passage, it is not horizontal.

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  10. why dont they make the inside of the courtyard on Ruinberg accesible like on Kharkov… where you can cross the block and avoid the main roads thru small (and covered) openings? i think this kind of small change will open the map verry much and make it less linear.

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