Straight Outta Supertest – Challenger


Upcoming tier 7 British TD from 9.5, the mashup of Challenger and Avenger vehicles. The model is screwed up for unknown reasons (parts are missing as you can see) – either by the viewer or on WG side.


Statistics for 100 percent crew:

Tier 7 TD
Price: 1,4 mil credits
Hitpoints: 900
Engine: 650 hp
Weight: 31,498 tons
Power-to-weight: 20,64 hp/t
Maximum speed: 52/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 32 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,726
Turret traverse: 16,7 deg/s
Viewrange: 380
Radiorange: 730

Hull armor: 88,9/50,8/38,1
Turret armor: 58/40/200 (yea, 200mm rear turret armor, prolly a bug)

Elite gun: 17pdr
Damage: 150
Penetration: 171
ROF: 14,221
DPM: 2133
Reload: 4,219
Ammo carried: 55 rounds
Accuracy: 0,316
Aimtime: 2,01s
Depression: -10





68 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest – Challenger

    • Is the tier 7 TD…. tier 8 is Charioteer.

      Is not a bad but BUT lest see how it move… in the end is going to be another T-25/2 BUT with better mobility, maybe it can works as flank ambusher… but in tier 9 battles in corridors… no coments.

      • “Is the tier 7 TD…. tier 8 is Charioteer.” – So?:)

        My opinion is about the same.

        • No, it’s a new line, starting after the Medium Mark 1. M2 Honey, M3 Grant, Sherman III, Sherman Firefly, Challenger, Charioteer, then the tier 9 and 10 FVs.

          • There’s two lines actually. They both converge on the Challenger.

            Medium Mk 1 > M2 Honey > M3 Grant > Sherman III > Sherman Firefly > Challenger.

            Valentine > Archer > Achilles > Challenger.

              • Come now… Love Conquers All, and what vehicle best represents that than the Valentine?

                It’s an AT, a Medium that can play like a light Heavy, a SPG, and now another stronger AT. Alpha to Omega (There and back again?). I’ve been soo looking forward to the Archer and Firefly for ages. Glad to see that they might get in this year!

            • That doesn’t really work, because your upper line makes the Challenger a Tier 6. I thought there was a Stuart involved in the Light Tank branch:

              [Light-II] M2A4 Honey >>> [Light-III] M3A? Stuart >>>
              [Medium-IV] M3 Grant >>> [Medium-V] Sherman 3 >>>
              [TD-VI] Sherman Firefly >>> [TD-VII] Challenger >>> [TD-VIII] Charioteer >>> [TD-IX] FV4004 Conway >>> [TD-X] FV4005 Stage 2. And from the Valentine into the TD-line as you wrote.

              SS could you confirm ?

              I don’t like the consequence of another M3 Lee-like grind and four Tier 6 Tank destroyers. Those tech-trees become more and more bloated, messy and spaghetti-like. I hope WG cancels at least the Churchill GC – could be compensated with an Achilles or Firefly …

              • The Firefly is not a tank destroyer, it’s a medium tank. So it’s only three tier 6 TDs. The GCG, AT-8 and the Achillies. :)

    • This is meh at best. Esp in brawling meta.

      Without higher DMG guns these paper tanks are dead.

      Think about it guys Cromwell does more DPM and can pen it EVERYTIME.

  1. (yea, 200mm rear turret armor, prolly a bug)


    BTW, test-server on Thursday 27th?

  2. 200mm on rear turret may be not a bug, but a counterbalance for barrel weight, like in T34.

      • When gun is destroyed and you are hulldown in tier 7, turn turret almost 180 degrees and create WTF? from everyone shooting at you. 200 mm can only be penetrated with normal ammo with the gun on a couple of german tanks on tier 7. just slightly angling the front will introduce major laughs.

      • But A30 has closed turret… like charioter.

        Ummm maybe they are going to do like with T67??? stock closed turret and top open turret and you cant use vents in the tank???

        • T67 can’t use Vents because originally, the stock turret was open. M5 Stuart used to have an open turret as elite, but it could mount Vents because stock turret was closed.

      • While both Challenger and Avenger had same A30 designation, chassis was quite different. A30 Challenger was cruiser tank based on lengthened Cromwell.

        A30 Avenger was SPG on with what looks like Comet chassis. Although it might be just slightly more tweaked Cromwell chassis.

        Since there is no “researcheable hulls” feature in foreseeable future (like another 50-60 years away) it was impossible to implement this difference without introducing two vehicles into tech tree. Different turrets however do work with current game mechanics.

        • I’m pretty sure they both use modified Cromwell hulls. The Comet came after both of them, and is designated A34.

    • That is because when they decided to put a turret on the TOG 2 they just took it of the Challenger.

  3. (yea, 200mm rear turret armor, prolly a bug)

    If I look at the pics, maybe it is not a bug. Seems this tank has a extra rear plate like T34. Just shown this one in specs.

      • TIL, thanks, i always wonderd why the Turrets on some American Tanks/Tds have this much armor at the back.

        • why would you need a counterweight when the 17 pdr(also remember the shell is only 76.2 mm) which does fine on lets say the comet or m4s? i mean, the cromwell itself has a 75!

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  5. The problem for me is more in the low punch gun… and you dont have the armor and HP pool of Panther.

    Maybe they can add as top a 20p with similar DPM and “worst” ammo with 200mm pen or 190mm

  6. So far the new TDs just seem to be the heavy tank guns with a faster rate of fire on glass platforms that move way faster. Well, the 4005 aside. Seems almost like a full line of hellcats.

  7. I seriously think this thing should get the 20pdr type A (like the AT-7) with a de-buffed rate of fire to compensate for the turret & speed. 17pdr on a non-premium tier 7 glasscannon TD seems a little underwhelming (although you could probably play it like a light medium)

  8. The only other turreted T7 TD is T-25/2, and that is a lot worse than this. Although the pen and alpha suffers, and the aim time isn’t too great, it does have great acc, dpm and much better mobility. That being said, I would always choose IS over this thing.

  9. …its too soon to judge it, WG could buff/nerf it 10x till official release and ofc camo value should be important too. So far its not very good nor very bad, i would say “doable”.

    • Its the same gun the Black Prince at the same tier uses, but since its a TD it’ll likely be a buffed version. Its also better than the Comet’s gun.

      Think of it as a medium, not as a TD.

  10. 200 mm rear turret armor, you say?

    Based on the comments it’s safe to assume I won’t be the only one driving into battle with the turret facing backwards at this rate.

    • View range: 380. Hmm.

      Race to a hill near where you know the enemy is likely to either be camping or passing by.

      Just baaarely peek the top of the back of the turret over the hill.


      Hilarity ensues.

      Who needs light tanks, anyway~

      • It’s a cruiser tank, actually. In theory it could have been a TD or a medium in the game. In strict truth a sole Challenger should have been a medium given the Firefly is too, but the Avenger’s open top TD style thats combined in with it sort of swings it in the TD direction more.

    • Challenger was a cruiser tank, Avenger (which is a challenger with lightened open turret) was a td. So it makes perfect sense that it is the point a medium tank line turned in to a td line. Wargaming just had to pick since it couldn’t be both and as one imagines the elite config will be avenger td makes sense.

  11. A mashup of Challenger and Avenger vehicles. The model is screwed up for unknown reasons (parts are missing as you can see)

    really after the M53/M55 and other vehicle screw up’s of 9.4 and you’re going to say the model is screwed up for unknown reasons.. Really?? Really? do we really need to go there???

    Wargaming and their nonexistent Quality division.

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