Czechoslovak Main Branch in WoT Terms – Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

Hello everyone,

welcome to the second part of the final summary of Czechoslovak vehicles. Now, I have some news for you.

Before you go all “omg this will not be implemented” – I have news for you. It apparently will, or at least they will try. Wargaming recently (last weeks) contacted a number of Czech institutions and historians for info about the Czech vehicles, specifically those I am using in this branch and in the order I am using them (I recieved a copy of the Wargaming letter, which was sent by A.Kalinin to a Czech historian, so I know – A.Kalinin is a Russian historian, who in the past wrote about the LT Vz.38, he knows Yuri Pasholok for example).

In fact, I also know that they are planning an archive trip in person, so that’s good. Unfortunately, in the letter they used a name I actually made up (there are no official one, so one name is as good as another), which led to some small confusion, but that was cleared in the meanwhile.

Of course, many things might go… not so well with it, but generally consider it a sign of things to come, perhaps next year. You know, it’s a nice feeling that you actually helped to shape the game a little bit, I guess this is how Daigensui felt with the Japanese tanks :)

Tier 7 – T-34/100


Short ingame description:

A project by Konštrukta Trenčín from April 1954 to improve the firepower of the T-34 by installing the Soviet 100mm D-10T gun into a modified turret. Two variants were proposed. The project was judged as problematic due to low rate of fire and poor ergonomics and was scrapped in June 1954.

Tier: 7
Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, loader, radioman)
Hitpoints: 1000 (1100)
Viewrange: 360 (370)
Weight: 34,5 tons

Armor (hull): 45/45/40

Turrets: Varianta II, Varianta I
Armor (turret, stock): 80/75/52
Armor (turret, elite): 92/75/52

(note: second turret is much tougher, because a part of the area covered by 80mm mantlet is also covered by 92mm armor behind it, combining to 172mm)

Maximum speed: 54 km/h
Hull traverse: 36 (38) deg/s


V-2-34 (493 hp, 14,29 hp/t)
V-2-34M (500 hp, 14,49 hp/t)


85mm Vz.44S
Caliber: 85mm
Barrel length: L/51,6
Penetration: 126/167/43
Damage: 160/160/280
Accuracy: 0,42
Aimtime: 2,1
Depression: -5/+25 (historical)

100mm Vz.44S
Caliber: 100mm
Barrel length: L/53,5
Penetration: 175/235/50
Damage: 250/250/330
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,7
Depression: -3/+20 (historical)

Tracks: T-34/85, T-34/100
Radios: 9RM (535), RM-31T (750)

Ingame summary: As you cans see, this is a modified T-34 tank, not much else. Gameplay quality-wise, it’s probably the low point of the branch, “thanks” to its poor gun depression and mediocre hull armor. And of course the 100mm gun (even though powerful for tier 7) has to be compensated for something (the stock gun is a license produced S-53, the top gun a license produced D-10, both were produced here, or – rather in Slovakia). The hull has some differences (improvements) from the Soviet one, but they are mostly small (lights here, fuel tank there, improved filtering and such). In case the proposal proves to be too weak, there was another 1954 proposal to actually mount a 100mm autoloader and stabilize the gun, but for tier 7, I think that’s already an overkill. Notice the “detuned” numbers on the engine, I am using Czechoslovak data for that.

Tier 8 – T-50 (Škoda TVP)

skoda TVP

Short ingame description:

In December 1946, as a reaction to the army request for a new medium tank, Škoda proposed a new design for the TVP (General purpose tank”). This program was then further developed until early 1950, when it was cancelled in favour of the T-34/85 license production.

Tier: 8
Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, loader, radioman)
Hitpoints: 1200 (1300)
Viewrange: 370 (380)
Weight: 33 tons

Armor (hull): 75/40/30

Turrets: VTU 1946, T-50
Armor (turret, stock): 65/40/30
Armor (turret, elite): 75/40/30

Maximum speed: 50 km/h
Hull traverse: 44 (46) deg/s


Škoda Diesel (600 hp, 18,18 hp/t)
Škoda Diesel (imp.) (660 hp, 20 hp/t)


85mm Vz.44S
Caliber: 85mm
Barrel length: L/51,6
Penetration: 126/167/43
Damage: 160/160/280
Accuracy: 0,38
Aimtime: 1,8

88mm Vz.43/41N (optional, not required for tier 9 research, at least that’s how I would do it)
Caliber: 88mm
Barrel length: L/71
Penetration: 203/234/44
Damage: 240/240/295
Accuracy: 0,34
Aimtime: 2,5

100mm A20
Caliber: 100mm
Barrel length: L/64,7
Penetration: 210/250/55
Damage: 250/250/330
Accuracy: 0,36
Aimtime: 2,4
Depression: -5

105mm Vz.39N (optional, not required for tier 9 research, likely poor depression)
Caliber: 105mm
Barrel length: L/52,8
Penetration: 200/244/60
Damage: 320/320/420
Accuracy: 0,36
Aimtime: 2,8

Tracks: TVP Model 1946, T-50
Radios: 9RM (535), R-113 (730), RM-31T (750),

Ingame summary: The start of the three different TVP tanks. It has TONS of options for guns and such and I picked just the most historical ones (and, coincidentally, the ones easier to model). The transfer from tier 8 to tier 9 should be IMHO over the 100mm gun, that will be a stock gun of the tier 9. Generally speaking, while tier 1-7 tanks and tier 10 are pretty much set, tier 8 and 9 could be made in several various ways. In any case, the tank is not heavily armored, but the speed is really something, so I assume it could play much like the hightier French. Without an autoloader anyway.

Tier 9 – T-51 (Praga TVP)


Short ingame description:

The Praga company was also involved in the development of the TVP medium tank program. The team was lead by Alexej Surin, the designer of the famous LT Vz.38 and the vehicle was developed between 1949 and 1950, when both the Škoda project and the Praga project were united into one project, creating an entirely new vehicle.

Tier: 9
Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, loader, radioman)
Hitpoints: 1500 (1600)
Viewrange: 380 (390)
Weight: 35, 40 tons

Armor (hull): 65/40/40

Turrets: T-50, T-51
Armor (turret, stock): 75/40/30
Armor (turret, elite): 100/100/100

Maximum speed: 60 km/h
Hull traverse: 50 (54) deg/s


V-2 (500 hp, 12,5 hp/t)
Škoda 16AH148 (750 hp, 18,75 hp/t)
Praga AXK (1000 hp, 25 hp/t)


100mm A20
Caliber: 100mm
Barrel length: L/64,7
Penetration: 210/250/55
Damage: 250/250/330
Accuracy: 0,32
Aimtime: 2
Depression: -5

100mm R11
Caliber: 100mm
Barrel length: L/80
Penetration: 230/260/58
Damage: 250/250/330
Accuracy: 0,3
Aimtime: 1,9
Depression: -5

100mm AK1
Caliber: 100mm
Barrel length: L/55
Penetration: 265/325/50
Damage: 320/320/420
Accuracy: 0,37
Aimtime: 2,8

Tracks: T-51, T-50/51
Radios: R-113 (730), RM-31T (750)

Ingame summary: The mighty 100mm guns on mobile (albeit unarmored) chassis. No autoloaders. Yet. But the turret is pretty solid actually. Again, there are several 100mm combinations that could be used. The top gun is a Czechoslovak development of a new tank cannon, superior to the Soviet ones. The gun was designed to actually use Soviet 100mm shells, thus ensuring the existence of proper ammo for this gun.

Tier 10 – T-50/51 (TVP)


Short ingame description:

The ultimate development step of the TVP program came from the cooperation of Škoda and Praga, led by A.Surin. Although the vehicle showed much promise, it was decided to license-produce the T-34 tanks instead for political reasons.

Tier: 10
Crew: 4 (commander, driver, gunner, radioman)
Hitpoints: 2000
Viewrange: 400
Weight: 40 tons

Armor (hull): 93/75/40 (frontal armor sloped 30 degrees from horizontal, 186mm effective)
Armor (turret): 112/84/84 (mantlet is cca 94mm thick)

Maximum speed: 60 km/h
Hull traverse: 56 deg/s


Škoda AHK (1000 hp, 25 hp/t)


100mm AK1 (Auto)
Caliber: 100mm
Autoloader (number of shells depends on balance, 4-6)
Barrel length: L/55
Penetration: 265/325/50
Damage: 320/320/420
Accuracy: 0,35
Aimtime: 2,3

Tracks: T-50/51
Radios: RM-31T (750)

Ingame summary: The ultimate development of the vehicle – very mobile with solid firepower and “kinda meh” armor. But hey, 1000 horsepower, who needs armor :)

So, that’s it. I hope you liked it, let me know if you have any questions.

44 thoughts on “Czechoslovak Main Branch in WoT Terms – Part 2

  1. They look great, IMO the most promising branch from the european tree so far. My only problem is the autoloader on the T10, the last thing we need is another autoloader in top tier. T10 battlefields are already ruled by Waffles and T57s, and I don’t even wanna mention the packs of Batchats. Still, if they give it a non-autoloader gun, I’m definately gonna welcome this badass-looking beauty.

    • It can go without one as well. But the autoloader gives it a character of sorts, without it it’s “just another” Soviet-type medium (with less armor and more mobility).

      • i think its different enough…. it looks bigger (dont know if actualy is) than soviets and has better mobility….. i think it will be whole new experience

      • It would be cool to have both options available for the tier 10, with the autoloader 100mm having to be researched further.
        Balance wise, you’d just have the autoloader with less DPM because of the clip potential.

  2. Sounds like it’d be an interesting branch. Not big on the armor, but very nice maneuverability and nice guns, especially the tier 10. Would be nice to see this branch in-game.

  3. Hope to see Czech, Hungarian, and Romanian tanks in WoT.

    Looks like some of those tanks have good potential.

    One Question. Was the 88mm L/71 listed earlier a new Czech development or was it based off the German 88mm L/71 ?

    • It’s not even a development, it’s the German PaK 43 taken and converted for tank use. The designation is just a Czech name, under which it was used in the army.

  4. T-34/100, i remember playing with this in closed beta. Pretty punchy for tier 6 (t-34/85 could use 100mm d-10t, but again, we didnt have +/-2 MM luxury)
    Might be good with better gun handling stats on t7

  5. Great another country with lines of Never existed/ Only on blueprints or in someone’s (wargaming’s) mind.

    Change the name of the game to World of FANTASY TANKS. that way the acronym matches the game perfectly WOFT. Waste of F*&KING TIME!

    • If you don’t like all the paper tanks and idea’s that people have had stop playing WoT and play WT. I’m sure you know there amazing variety for eg. the German tech tree heavy line you got the Pz.III Ausf E through N Tiger H and Tiger E then 3 variants of the King Tiger. You know that is so much more fun.

  6. Hey … seems promising!

    - There will be Czechoslovak branch, and …
    - There will be Czechoslovak branch soon / within close future.

    Even if some tanks existed only in blueprints, they will be unique in the game.
    And I would like to know how / by what will the Czechoslovak tech tree be specific in comparison with other nations.

  7. >Sorry but pushing to this game country like czechoslovakia without any military history is like insult for all countries already in wot(even China and Japan!)

    Are u fucking kidding me with this ?
    Where was your china by the time when czechoslovakia had 10% of world weapon industry ?

    • ROTFL. You seem to not understand at all. China is now place of production over 80% of electonic stuff(chips, cpu…). Does it means that China is world technology leader? NO. Its similar situation. I dont care how many AK-47 was produced in your factories. The key is that no one(with exception of czech rep/slovakia citizen and fanatics) knows about it. People know King Tiger, Maus, IS-7 but who would want to grind another russian clones? No, thanks. Czechoslovakia doesnt have more to offer than almost any other country.

      • Well WoT is cover time from late 20s to elrly 70s to, those Czechoslovakia tanks who never existet in your eyes, helped germans conquer Polland and France. those paper concepts was scrapet only becouse Soviet block was Trying unificate weponry. Wot whithout Concepts and prototypew would have routhly 1/4 of curret tanks. on the other hand there are no WG made bulshit in this concept of Tree so its more likely positive news
        Btw there is no country in this world whithout Military history,… country like this cannot exist,.. cannot survive in this world. u dont know it, its your problem

  8. T-34-100 weak? T-34-1 is slow, has crappy hull armor, and gets set on fire and ammoracked with every hit. It also has worse aim time and accuracy, though 2 degrees of gun depression. Chinese tank (and KV-85) players will deal with it. T-34-1 is considered one of the strongest tier 7 mediums.

    As long as it doesn’t have astoundingly bad soft stats, I would call it one of the better tier 7 mediums.

  9. Dear heroofjustice,
    Have you said that czechoslovakia is a country without any military history?

    You are the biggest idiot on the Earth, the most stupid ignorant ever.
    If you have at least one cell of brain to think:
    - rename your nickname from heroofjustice to heroofstupidity
    - open google and try to find something about the subject you don’t know anything

    I come from Czech Republic (born in Czechoslovakia … and you can guess why), and it was a personal insult only to read your idiotic opinion. And concerning Israel … try to find the word “Merkava”. The whole Israel must laugh at you.

    You come from some “dummy republic” without books, schools and internet, right?

    P.S. heroofjsutice’s input deleted before I have inserted mine …

    • “I come from Czech Republic (born in Czechoslovakia ”
      And there I ended reading your comment. I dont expect any objectivity from you, so there is no point. in trying to discuss with you You will always defend your country and I understand this.

      Anyway EOT from me, I’m not interested in flame wars.
      ps. you misunderstood me. I would like to see Israel tanks in wot. They have unique military industry and their tanks actually fought ;)

      • Oh, “heroofjustice”, you ended reading …

        As I said: pure ignorant. You don’t know, you don’t understand.
        Your claims without facts … the way towards “objectivity”?

        I have news for you: With Germany, Hitler had to manipulate 3 other countries in Munich to avoid the war with Czechoslovakia. And you can guess why …

      • >They have unique military industry and their tanks actually fought ;)
        top fucking kek

        “unique history”
        u mean american pattons and british centurions + some other tanks like french amx’s.
        Boom that is some tough history right there
        Only tank thats made by Isreal is merkava and merkava is too modern for wot
        >actually fought
        thats right, pattons and centurions did

  10. Thanks for your work SS.
    Also congratulations! Thanks for helping the game become better as always.

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