16 thoughts on “New Map Videos

  1. Boring map choices… mittengard looks like a tier 1 map, winter is alright for ruinberg, should have fire and smoke from the “on fire“ edition.

  2. Lost City seems good, but again: bases placement – it could be better.

    Mitengard looks funny but is too small: my Loltraktor with +400m (+420m on chocolate :P ) viewrange awaits it impatiently…

    • As well as my Panzerjager, Hetzer and Traktor. Small, silly map, we will see how much sniping will happen on it after release. Those hills and wide streets look promising. And if you have a friend in a platoon, that church looks like an amazing place to snipe and decap base.

  3. More and more city maps :(
    Scouts are useless, and all fighting is just peek-a-boo around wall corners…
    If they want to buff light tanks, why don’t they simply add more open maps ? Real open maps, like Malinovka, Prokhorovka, etc…, not corridor maps like Severogorsk…

    • because people have to use armored tanks in city maps, and more armor = more gold ammo = more profit

  4. Lost City – I am no architect professional, however I question the wall capability in the center. I think the street walls are to close to the building and therefore should be consider a collapse risk. The weight of those buildings would decay those walls.

    Winter Ruinberg – where are the snow banks? Otherwise it is just a map with a different color. Show some slogging you will experience with the map.

    Mittengard – aka “The Pit” An encounter map for sure.

    Where are the Bocage maps from Normandy, The Hell’s Highway of Operation Market Garden, or the Jungle maps of Assal Uttar? It’s like the map developers are getting lazy and not progressively better.

    • It’s reoccurring theme.
      Good job comrade, have potato!

      One thing I must give them, these maps are visually appealing.

  5. Lost City looks pretty good. Lot of oppurtunity for quick flanking, but jesus christ how flat can they make it? Give me a -10 dep hill or give me potatomatatoes.

    Undead burg looks just about how I expected it. Looks better than ruin on fire, but damn they could have at least added a little more snow to the rooftops. Just looks like a palette swap.
    As to mittengard… looks pretty nice for a low tier map.