Straight Outta Supertest: 9.5 Medals, Girl Crew, M2A4


Hello everyone,

here are the 9.5 medals, which are tied to individual missions (you can see the awards representing all vehicle classes and 4 steps). There’s also a medal presumably for the acquisition of the girl crew.


Here is the tier 2 British light tank, M2A4 – a part of the Firefly line. Stats are not known yet, armor is.



And here’s a screen with girl crew from the supertest client. It’s not known how is it related to the game, but given the fact the file is called “promoscreen”… well, I am sure you can guess.


106 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.5 Medals, Girl Crew, M2A4

    • I don’t think women are worse drivers especially now with new drive assists thrown in to cars but Girls driving huge hulking metal vehicles with guns mincing men… this just doesn’t fit, they just want to exploit forever alone manlets…

      • implying women need drive assists to be equal to men in driving

        also, female tankers existed in real life, and as far as i’ve seen theres quite a few female players in WoT so this is a pretty decent idea

        • Female players are 2% of wot according to one of SS’s interviews with Storm, irl, female crews only work for the soviets and possibly chinese. WG is only doing this so sexually frustrated nerds can be arroused by their game.

      • I personally know quite a few female tankers, and there were plenty of soviet women that fought in tanks during WW2.

        But I digress. WG is definatively doing this to please certain… aspects of the mostly male playerbase.

      • Eventually killed by shell fragments while fixing her track against orders…. I wouldn’t have given her a Hero of The Soviet Union award….

    • Actually females could make better tankers than man.On average they are thinner and shorter than man.As long as they don’t require too much physical strength to change gears or load shells I don’t see why.

      Since most modern MBT have smooth gear shifters and automted loading mechanisms I think tank crewman is one of the few fields in the army where females would do better than man.

      • Most modern MBT’s don’t have automatic loaders, and they most definatively don’t do maintenance on themselves.

        Ideally you want short and compact, but strong-as-ox men. At 1.86 metres and 90+ kg I was at the upper limit of what you could comfortably fit in a Leopard I, but I most definatively had my share of heavy lifting that I doubt the average woman could do easily alone, like guiding the track back over the return rollers for example, or moving a 60 kg and unwieldy recovery snatch block trough deep snow.

        • That’s interesting,I guess I was wrong..Could you please tell me what was the limit of height in order to be accepted?

          • We don’t have any official height limits in the Norwegian military any longer, except for pilots for obvious reasons.

            They are of course going to evaluate if your body is suited for the position you apply for on a casy-by-case basis, but there are no set limits.

        • +1

          Soviet tanks require even shorter men.

          I tried to fit inside a T-72M1, couldn’t close the hatch in the driver’s seat without my head touching it constantly. (I am 185 cm tall, the tank was an Indian Army T-72M1)

          • A friend of mine was T-55 driver, he’s about 170 cm tall, but really wide shoulders (strong).

      • Except you do need physical strength when on a tank crew. You really have no idea how much some of the equipment on a tank weighs, do you?

        Those shells aren’t filled with helium..

  1. Female crew as a reward for completing individual missions. One crew member (with 2 100% skills) of your choice for every milestone in the branch completed (4 missions * 5 milestones = 20 members max in total). Whole crew put together only of those will activate aditional “brothers in arms” skill.

    PS. supertest leak – mileage may vary.
    EDIT: source:

    • 20 with 2 perks each holy shit!
      Completing the crew will add 3rd BiA skill?! (Sisters in Arms that is, or Girlfriends in Arms as SS likes to call it,)

      And they probably can be trained to any position, any class, any nation for first pick?

      Too good to be true..

  2. I just noticed the turret armor on the M2A4 honey doesn’t represent the visual model. It’s the same turret as on the stock M3 stuart and the M3 light

  3. Noobs?

    Maybe is that a reason why they play so bad.

    You know, it’s your crew that give you “feedback of the battlefield and the tanks around you … LOL

  4. Holy shit all these fedora neckbeard virgins hating on all the women on the world because a girl “friendzoned” him for being ugly and fat.

    • No ,they did the right thing. The M2A4 to the Firefly is a logical progression.

      All those other Commonwealth ones can be done separately later on as their own line. No point in screwing two lines just to get something a little sooner.

      • Yea, your kinda right, but my only problem is the Grizzly was also armed the the 17pdr and was used as a Canadian Firefly to train crews.
        ( A small batch of Grizzly medium tank was fitted with an Ordnance QF 17-pounder for training but none saw action.)- From Wikipidia

  5. We’ve got a lot of female haters reading this blog *shakes head*
    Maybe a Hall of Shame just for these “men are the best” drones?

    • A game about tanks marketed to middle-aged working men isn’t filled with gender-equalists? Who would have thought.

      But yeah, I agree, it’s getting to be a bit much.

  6. I wonder if female crew members will also have different voices,that would be pretty interesting,otherwise I never pay attention to my crew anyway.

    • Dude… there are boobs. Who looks at the hair anyway? Or the face? It’s all about boobs! Well… not all. Some percentage goes to the ass.

      • Wrong…if the face is visible, your eyes will first involuntarily scan the face for a fraction of a second before moving along to the boobs or other things. Its instinct working out if the object is in fact a human and tracking intentions and face expressions. :)

  7. it should be written readyForBattleTD, becouse its written readyForBattleSPG twice, once for SPG medals and second for TD medals, also pictures don’t match in the case of TDs..but i guess i understand anyway

    • If you look closely…you see ATSPG and SPG makes all the difference…nonetheless the names are on the wrong medals. ATSPG should be for TD medals and SPG for Arty.

  8. When you shoot a tank with female crew,you will have to put a special condom on your tank,purchasable in premium shop.

  9. All I care about is a crew that does 1 second repairs, and 1 second reload time in a IS-3.

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  11. What I like apart from the new british line and girl crews is that I need 1 mod less, because of the new minimap information given.

  12. Maybe Putin is too afraid of Panzer und Girl Characters so WG have to make them “realistic”.