Tank Biathlon – WG-made Game for Mobile Devices

Source: RU portal

Hello everyone,

remember the “tank biathlon” competition from Russia? It now consists of two disciplines: precision shooting over borders, tank race from Moscow to Donbas shooting and driving.

Wargaming developed a free game for mobile devices, based on the event:



As mentioned above, the game is based on the Tank Biathlon event of 2013 and allows you to drive the T-72B tank. There’s also some quiz about the tank or something. You can select four crews from the four major world nations (Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) and you can shoot three types of weapons: machinegun, main gun and ATGM.

There are several shooting and driving disciplines, that include slalom and drag (drag? Putin disapproves!)

You can download the game via Appstore and Google Play on the game site.

36 thoughts on “Tank Biathlon – WG-made Game for Mobile Devices

  1. Let me guess, they are going to “accidentally” sabotage (superior) Chinese tank again?

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  3. Wow, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are major world nations!!!111wtf

    In whose dreams?

    According to http://www.globalfirepower.com/countries-listing.asp

    Armenia doesn’t rate
    Belarus is 52nd
    Kazakhstan is 80th

    My own little country is rated 20th…………which is 10 ranks higher than the Czech Republic….and does piss all over Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

    • Oh god, that site is so inaccurate. Don’t even pay attention to it. It’s a shambles, not even a good “vague” rough idea. Just…stop using it, right now, now! Right now, sir!

        • For some reason it comes up very high on google. Goodness only knows why. :p

          Just trying to nip it in the bud and keep ya informed, a lot of people have made a lot of mistakes because of that accursed site.

    • I guess SS wrote it wrong and you got it wrong too. Those nations participated in the tank-biathlon so no wonder they are represented in the game. Or it was a pun from SS no-one got.

      • I got it… Maybe one needs to be from the eastern european countries to get that kind of humour.

  4. Why are slavs such violent miserable people? Sometimes they even kill their own kind on mass.

    • Slavs? What’s wrong with eg. Lower Sorbians? or Montenegrins?

      Your statement is as stupid as you are. Are Anglo-Saxons all the same idiots who need a manual even for a knife? And are all German-speaking people nazis wishing the extermination of inferior races?

      And if you don’t know that Slavs doesn’t equal to Russian, don’t use words you don’t understand. You would look less stupid.

  5. “precision shooting over borders, tank race from Moscow to Donbas” god stop being such a SJW BITCH and let Russia retake what’s rightfully part of their empire

  6. The game is actually not bad if you want sport-line games. Tank looks nice, and for a while it was fun, especially separate control of tracks. On the other hand it consist of separate activities, each with its own mini-game. It gets boring quickly :(

  7. I think he controls and the UI and gameflow showcase that the team who created this one had more experience with mobile than those of Blitz, I might be wrong.

  8. Who knows SS, maybe youre right, maybe its all part of a single conspiracy: first Donbas, then Prague 68′ all over again, and then who knows? The world will be Russian.

  9. Poor Chinese, they brought their own Type 96 to the race, but WG choose to not giving a fuck to them in the biathlon game

  10. Other sports enjoyed by Slavs;

    - Cirrhosis: How quickly can one advance through the progressive stages of memory loss, social isolation, and physical destruction whilst remaining out of hospital and functional enough to continue funding further progress? Some Slavs reach the pinacle of achievements amongst their brethren and lead whole nations before finally turning Bert-yellow and dying.