9.5 Maps – Short Info

Hello everyone,

since I forgot to include it earlier, a short info about the upcoming 9.5 maps. There will be three – Ghost Town (“Lost City” is the map file name), Mittengard (or “The Pit”) and Winter Ruinberg.

Two maps will be removed – Ruinberg on Fire (which gets replaced by the winter version) and Severogorsk (that maps gets removed completely). The Mittengard map will work only for tiers 1-4 (lowtier map), while the Ghost Town map will be team battles exclusive map.

24 thoughts on “9.5 Maps – Short Info

  1. Fucking whiners everywhere :(
    If you just learned to play the game in all that time, when you are creating whine about maps in internet, maybe you could become better and actually learn to use those maps to your advantage..

    Sorry about this, but it is just getting annoying..

  2. I hate Stalingrad. For some reason other side always falls and we lose. I won it only few times out of ~10.

    • I have won both sides Stalingard, equally well.
      The Map is amazing, something for every class.
      It maybe best map in game.

  3. Stalingrad map is a fucking joke really, too big and annoying. Svevorgorsk was a really good brawling map, I liked that map so fucking much. Fuck these new corridor city maps with huge fps drops. I drop ya.

    • 100% agree. Those corridor maps (not only city maps) turn this game into Dota (some players can be easily taken for creeps). Awful maps are those which favors camping, like pos Komarin, Swamp, Malinovka (still there), etc. Severogorsk it’s a decent map, playable, not my favourite but I like it, you can push and flank without being shot from every-fucking-corner of the map. My 2 cents. Regards.

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