EU December Monthly Mission Nerf

Hello everyone,

in the leaked missions for EU in December, following monthly mission was published:

1.12.-1.1.: Monthly Missions

- win 3 battles while driving a tier 5+ tank once per day (must be in top 10 in XP), get 75k credits
- complete the mission above 15 times, get 700 gold

Well, they decided to nerf it. The December monthly mission (as can be seen in the client) now is:

- win 5 battles while driving a tier 5+ tank once per day (must be in top 10 in XP), get 25 gold

The second part was cancelled altogether. Thus, instead of total prize of 2,325 mil credits + 700 gold, you get 775 gold. Too bad, I could have used the credits.

75 thoughts on “EU December Monthly Mission Nerf

      • It looks like WG… *Sunglasses* Couldn’t give us some credit. Bdm-Tsh.

        But seriously, I just unlocked the Conqueror. In addition to the FV4202 and IS-7.
        Wizard gib credits badly plz ;_;

  1. SS, I think you get the calculation wrong:
    The gold we get should be 700 +25*15(You do it 15 times)=1075.

    • Now You can get a JagdTiger 8,8 and 6 months of premium with discounts in Poland on allegro (polish ebay) for 30 euro with legal intel’s codes,bergain :)

  2. Ahh, cmon WG.. I already have spent those imaginary credits, but now you do THIS!
    Anyway, that means simply playing more prems. Still some 20-30 mills shy of what I need to buy all those discounted tanks in X-mas. =D

    Btw, I somehow thought, that it is looking way too cool to be true..

    • Original conditions and rewards were actually just a little bit better than November mission, when you do 50k credits per day + 500k for milestone.

    • i do not advise you to buy everything that is on discount…some things if remember corectly are only 15% this holidays….at tier 8-9-10…so unless you really want that tank like NOW….wait for 30% discount on another round ;)

      usually you get discount for tier 2-6 at 50% and 7-10 at 30%
      same apply for gold and credits

      that only if they don’t decide to nerf those stuff too


  3. Computation is correct 31 days x 25g = 775g.
    You also need to work more.

    My credit account is not happy, those credits were to be used for a new tier 8 tank (discounted)

    • LOL, blame people who leak wrong information. If it wasn’t for the leak you’d have been more than happy with 25 gold a day.

      • the leak was correct and thus they told us about it, and after all the players started looking forward to it they changed (nerfed) the event

        thats just wg-style, even at Christmas they dont want to make us very happy.
        but anyways the Armored Warfare BETA starts early next year, and this game could easily steal the wot fanbase xD

  4. now that’s becoming worse day by day. 700 gold was better for 15 times. that is a big nerf actually.

      • ok, you got a point there.
        let’s start from the beginning then. what if they did not make this game? hmmm. yes 1 gold is enough if we think like this.

        • Don’t get me wrong. I’m a sucker for free stuff myself. And i gladly take jabs at WG from time to time. It’s just that people hear bits of preliminary information about some freebies (remember, it wasn’t announcedby company itself). Then they hear another bit (again, possible) about freebie being changed. And all hell breaks loose as if WG broke a written contract.

          I don’t like company’s general attitude towards players. But beggars cannot be choosers.

  5. Speaking only for myself, I’ve just gone from a player who was going to play every day, to one who will probably only play a few games over the whole month.

      • For such a small amount of gold – I have better things to do with my time….. The credits on the other hand, would have been a proper incentive.

  6. Don’t call it a ‘nerf’ and don’t rage (to much) people – especially not at the WoT-Forum!

    Only we ‘insiders’ know, that there might have been a plan for a better version of this mission. For the masses it’s still a nice event and they will be very happy about it. Don’t destroy their joy please!

    Instead be happy that the ‘not so good players’ will increase their efforts to win and become top 10 every game.

    • It’s not really. It’s went from a doable thing to people that have something called a life or job into something that only truly rewards those who have every single day free…

      • The people who play less now might get more.
        If you were only going to play for 10 days this season, then you get 250 gold vs none.

        The 15 day one would have been better generally, but Its not a huge change, I would have rather had the silver too, but that’s just because I am broke.

  7. No more free stuff…oh nooooeeesssss
    They will let you earn like 5 free tanks. 1 now 4 later.
    Even to tier 10. And you still bitch?
    The most raging ones are probably Redtards in wot , so if you stop playing it would only benefit game.(you don’t buy gold anyway)

  8. Oh look, another mission that forces players to have to play every single damn day of the month, rewarding only those who have no job or life outside the PC.

    I’m truly sick of these types of things. I don’t mind them nerfing the original concept, but this “play each day” thing has to stop. It’s the WORST possible design for these. I get to play mostly on weekends, so why can’t I just play more then and complete it more times because I don’t have time during the week?

  9. Editing the mission makes sense, pretty sure there was a Q&A that mentioned that credit missions were a bad idea (for profit, obviously). Also, credit rewards before tank discount would be a bad strategy.

  10. Doing x2 and x5′s was a stupid idea, now I need 40M+ credits and they keep cutting down credit missions or give us worthless repair kits QQ

    Edit : 700 gold x 400 = 280k credits ? Well that’s a start..

  11. Well thats the main purpose of cutting the credits, so you can buy one of their bundles and save your self the frustration of grinding them.

    On another note, are there any news about upcoming top of the tree ?

    • There ain’t gonna be no top of the tree in december or january. But all tier X will have 15% discount, and all other tiers also, but i cant remember those discounts

  12. I hope US server gets the same mission. I don’t care about credits as I have too many to spend but I would really appreciate the gold.

  13. fuck u wargaming. i was counting on that credits, as i need 20 mil+ to buy some new tanks. and 2 mil extra was 10 % of what i need.. i guess even more boring games for me in those prem tanks,farming credits . happy f.kin hollidays

  14. It’s even worse. For 15 days of playing, you would have gotten 700 gold, that’s almost 50 gold/day, now it’s only 25 gold. I will definitely not play every day in that month so there’s no way I will get more than 400 gold.

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