Wargaming Wants 2 Million Fans on Vkontakte

Hello everyone,

I am putting this here to give you an idea of how World of Tanks is popular in Russia. There is a World of Tanks FB group, which has cca 1,25 million “likes” – and that’s for the entire world. As you may or may not know, Russia on the other hand has its very own social network called Vkontakte (lit. “in contact” – there are more Russian-exclusive social networks such as Odnoklassniki, but that’s a long story). Anyway, this VK group has almost 2 million fans.

Wargaming did put up an event where if they get 2 million until 18.12., there will be (on Russian server only of course) two x2 XP days as a reward. Here’s a video accompanying it, with English subtitles available.


31 thoughts on “Wargaming Wants 2 Million Fans on Vkontakte

  1. WG: 5% game developer, 95% game publisher. Don’t bother improving quality of product just spend more on marketing….

    • they should be giving away gold and credits everyday. like every time you kill a tank you get 1 gold. and 1000 creds. make the game more free to play, not pay to win aka buy gold to by pass a tree. make grinding fun. and enjoying. like if you get 3rd class mastery badge you get another gold, or 2nd class or 1st samething. and if you get a mastery class you get 3 gold. and any other metal is another gold and 500 creds. more you reward the community more likely that they will like your game. Heck you could even do. every topgun or 8kills you get 500 to 1000 free exp. again reward your community. like the idea fellas?

      • yes!!! they should also give is6 for reaching tier iv because i keep losin mony with my kv1
        aslo 1 gold for every 10 damage

        • 1 gold everykill is more like it. and if you get 100 kills in a month you get a reward tank :) like a small prem tank. like a t4 prem tank. and another 300 kills you get a t6 prem tank, then 500 you het a t 7 prem. then 600 you get a tier 8.

  2. games 12+? yeeeah and we wonder why people are killing each other in real life >> wots is sapposed to be for mature people only 17+ like everything else. cause crewmembers are killed when drowned and is said by the voise “our crew has been killed” and not to mention people say fuck alot.. >> war gaming really needs a mature rating.

  3. This reminds me of the Golden Joystick farce, iirc there was some freebies involved last year. Of course such things work, just think of the password change event, it’s obviously very effective if you advertise it in-game.

  4. To be fair, culturally, Russian gamers are overall more organized and centralized then western gamers.
    Western gamers will have 50 fucking sites for a damned game and a low amount of centralization or communication between them.
    Russian gamers will have less separate sites and a MUCH higher level of centralization between them…

    • Those 50 sites are made by gamers for gamers, you know. It involves communication. Individualism over collectivism.

      • I was not dissing neither option mate…

        Both options have some pros and cons.

        The way most western gamers operate creates separate communities and trends in their games. It can also encourage *If it is a PC game with modding* certain unique projects to spring up.
        The way most Russian/Belorussian and to a point Ukrainian gamers operate allows for MUCH greater *in ambition* mods and projects to form. Also, information is overall spread out better.

        The only TRULY !objective! superiority Eastern Europe in gaming has… is that it is PC gaming Master Race land :)
        For some reason the west in infected by consoles…

  5. “Wargaming did put up an event where if they get 2 million until 18.12., there will be (on Russian server only of course)”

    Then why the hell should we give a fuck?

  6. The time when WG decides to go the extra mile, and it is pointless. Sigh. (English subtitles for Russian-targeted video.)

    • Just like they(WG) need likes on VK, SS needs clicks on his blog despite the info being totally unimportant for anyone outside RU.