9.5 Placeholders

Bad news, everyone!

About that 9.5 vehicle post….

Yup, you guessed it, pretty much everything in there is a placeholder, not just some models, especially the guns are not balanced yet. The only vehicles that are not placeholders are the Grant, the FV4005 and the Conway – and the Conway is outdated (developers decided to remove the 105mm L7 altogether, so now it has just one turret and one gun).

Basically, what happened was that Gamemodels3D site managed to get their hands on the early 9.5 ST version and used it to extract the characteristics, while for some reason, Wargaming used outdated models/characteristics in the early 9.5 ST iteration. It’s just one giant clusterfuck, so for proper values we have to wait for a later iteration.

The premiums are on the other hand already balanced.

38 thoughts on “9.5 Placeholders

    • Not really WG’s fault that the leakers didn’t manage to leak up to date information.

      • Yeah, I mean, even the WG hating bandwagon has to have its limits… or does it ?

        That’s why I always take “leaks” with a gigantic containerload of salt.

    • Well, for one, the Conway now only has the 120 mm gun which is not all that great compared to the 105 it was supposed to have.

      • There really was no point in having the 120mm …
        Less ammo, less pen, less shell velocity, less RoF, worse aim time…

        The British 120mm is a good gun, probably the best of its caliber in game…but the L7…What’s the point of the much larger and slower firing 120mm when the L7 beats it in every category but a measly and negligible 10 alpha?

    • It probably means that 9.5 is going to come either later than hoped for or that WG is once more fucking up and increases the risk of deliveirng a bugged patch, because quite apparently they have nothing under control.

  1. It’s just WG’s mode of operation.
    “Anything worth doing is worth doing wrong.”
    QA should have caught on to what was happening and sent the new models instead of the old ones for HD modeling.

    • What? Are you actually saying that WG should have found out someone was going to leak an old version, and e-mailed them to say “sorry, those are the wrong files, leak these instead”?

  2. “The premiums are on the other hand already balanced.”

    Can’t wait to get my hands on AMX CdC :D

    • it can still get fucked by a couple stats… it is quite op in the current state, but if the gun dispersions on movement are really high it will suddenly be a so-so tank. But one can hope :D i have only ever bought one premium, but this one, if it stays as it is, is a sure buy :D

      • it uses the same gun as FCM50t, so you should expect something along those lines.

        I’d buy it straight away, easily best tier 8 med.

        • The same gun can vary massively between two tanks, though. And considering the ludicrus speed, dispersion while moving will likely turn out awfull.

          Also, we do not know the camo rating. While it has a low profile, camo is a balance factor to a certain degree.

    • Can’t be right!!!!

      CDC looks better than most REGULAR TIER 8 MEDS. This violates the single biggest rule for premiums “should not be better than regular Elite tanks of the same tier”

      That tank will be nerfed before going live, I’m sure about that otherwise it will be another type 59, “can’t buy” tank

  3. Thank…er, some popular diety. Those Archer stats were horrible (aside from the rate of fire, which was just lolworthy).

    Here’s hoping actual stats are closer to the ones leaked the other day.

  4. ………….the Conway will not get the L7 105mm…..it’s going to have one turret….and one gun…………………………………..WG….you better make the characteristics for the Conway freakin’ awesome if you’re not going to give it any wiggle-room whatsoever. >.>

  5. And why I keep have the feeling that WG kinda hate brit tanks :/
    I meant. You guys always say WG hate german tanks or US etc. But when you look at the brit teach tree…

  6. It’s just one giant clusterfuck.. So what you’re saying BUSINESS AS USUAL for Wargaming. Working as Intended.. or Clusterfuck as Intended….

  7. So… we ARE getting the AMX Cdc, SS? It’s not going to be a reward tank for some bullshit or whatever?

  8. So, Does this mean some of the british tanks we will not get, or we are getting them except it is taking them longer to create them as usual and the models are not ready yet? I really hope we get the Firefly…..