9.5 Supertest Premiums

Current iteration of the 9.5 supertest also contains the premium vehicles. I will only add those that are relevant to us (it’s not like you are going to get the ISU-130 for example). Also skipped the IM reward tanks, everyone knows about them anyway. Will return to them once the patch reaches the CT stage.

AMX Chasseur de Chars





Tier: 8 French MT
Price: 11500 gold
Crew: 4 (commander/radioman, gunner, driver, loader)
Hitpoints: 1400
Weight: 33,725

Maximum speed: 57/18
Engine horsepower: 1200
Power-to-weight: 35,58
Traverse: 38
Turret traverse: 34
Terrain resistance: 0,8/0,9/1,8

Hull armor: 30/20/20
Turret armor: 30/20/20

Gun: 90mm AC DCA 45
Penetration: 212/259/45
Damage: 240/240/320
ROF: 8,57
Aimtime: 2,1
Accuracy: 0,34
Depression: -10/+20
Ammo carried: 90

View range: 390
Radio range: 750






Tier: 8 Japanese MT
Price: 11000 gold
Crew: 4 (commander/radioman, gunner, driver, loader)
Hitpoints: 1420
Weight: 33,725

Maximum speed: 45/20
Engine horsepower: 500
Power-to-weight: 14,83
Traverse: 44
Turret traverse: 44
Terrain resistance: 1/1,1/2

Hull armor: 45/35/25
Turret armor: 70/60/35

Gun: 90mm Rifled
Penetration: 185,9/275/45
Damage: 240/240/320
ROF: 8,45
Aimtime: 2,2
Accuracy: 0,37
Depression: -10/+13
Ammo carried: 50

View range: 380
Radio range: 720

Panther 88





Tier: 8 German MT
Price: 11500 gold
Crew: 5 (commander, radioman, gunner, driver, loader)
Hitpoints: 1500
Weight: 46,225

Maximum speed: 46/20
Engine horsepower: 600
Power-to-weight: 12,98
Traverse: 38
Turret traverse: 32
Terrain resistance: 0,6/0,8/1,5

Hull armor: 80/50/40
Turret armor: 120/60/60

Gun: 88mm L/71
Penetration: 203/237/44
Damage: 240/240/295
ROF: 8,7
Aimtime: 2,5
Accuracy: 0,32
Depression: -5/+13 (front, sides are -7/+13)
Ammo carried: 56

View range: 390
Radio range: 550


Please note that the FV4202 switch was postponed – it won’t come in the immediate future.





Tier: 8 British MT
Price: 11750 gold
Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, driver, loader/radioman)
Hitpoints: 1400
Weight: 41,319

Maximum speed: 35/20
Engine horsepower: 510
Power-to-weight: 12,34
Traverse: 40
Turret traverse: 36
Terrain resistance: 0,6/0,7/1,2

Hull armor: 50,8/50,8/31,8
Turret armor: 170/90/90

Gun: 20pdr Type B
Penetration: 226/258/42
Damage: 230/230/280
ROF: 7,5
Aimtime: 2,6
Accuracy: 0,35
Depression: -10/+20
Ammo carried: 50

View range: 390
Radio range: 750

139 thoughts on “9.5 Supertest Premiums

    • You mean the boxes on the side of a lot of British tanks’ turrets? I hardly think their purpose was “armor”…
      Or that they could even detonate an HE shell.

      • Frankly that applies to most spaced armour in the game (excluding mantlets and tracks).

        It’s just British stuff isn’t counted for some reason, unless it adds a extra weakspots like rear axles..

    • Panther 88 seems to have really good terrain passability, 0.6/0.8/1.6 would make it a lot more agile than normal German meds. If the tank get pref MM i probably will grab one.

      • you dont read this forum much…. it wont get pref MM…. if the price was lower i would consider it…. but on 11k gold, its just absolutely not worth buying for anything else than just expensive crew trainer…. and now you will have T-55 for that soooooo… nobody will buy this apart form rich collectors

    • Are you talking about the storage compartments mounted on the sides of the FV4202′s turret? Those aren’t armor; they have about the same durability as a rubbish bin in combat, they’re used to store the crew’s gear. There’s stuff like tents, sleeping bags and such in there. If those counted as spaced armor then all the storage compartments on all the other tanks in game would have to be spaced armor too.

  1. Of all of these , the STA-2 is the only one that has a reasonable chance of actually getting pref-MM.

    There’s no way in Hell the FV and AMX CdC are getting pref-MM. That said, the AMX CdC looks absolutely incredible, even if it does get tier 10 battles.

    Also the CdC looks like it has a sleek, low profile with good camo and is sexy as all Hell.

      • but have to expect you, so they know they have to load HE….. thats the point, you have to be unpredictable…. this tank is gonna be monster OP…. i mean, absolutely MONSTER OP

        • If it stays that way, its instabuy. Doubt it tho. With that recent russian premium TD, WG is burned about OP premiums for a while.

          • Same here.
            I haven’t bought premium time or gold since June, and don’t plan on doing it, but if that thing comes out like it is now, I’m getting it without hesitation.

            Good pen, good speed, good gun depression, cheap shells….it’s going to make an insane amount of credits.
            AND….I don’t know if you remember or not, but much the same as the Type 59 was a precursor to Chinese tanks, maybe this tank is made to get people ready for new French mediums?
            After all, they could have made it a turreted TD, it was designed with the American turreted TD doctrine in mind. They could have chosen any number of non-autoloader heavies *they already modeled* …but no, they chose a medium tank. A class that only encompasses 3 tanks currently.

    • AMX looks pretty good, but 30mm though… overmatch from pretty everything it meets.
      still, it look like a decent crew trainer for the bat, might consider it if i can pull a 4th crew from somewhere…

      • When was the last time you met a french tank driver caring about his armor? Have you tried angling your BatChat recently? Or your 13 90? Or your 50B?

        No. You do not. Because all hightier frenchies are 95% paper.

        • Use your brain pls. There’s a huge difference between being paper, and “overmatched by the majority of guns it’s facing”. You realize what that means? That ALL 120mm and bigger guns will penetrate and deal you full damage with HE. And apart from the tremendous incoming damage, you’ll lose lots of modules/crew members with each hit. Good luck with that.

          • my point was this. i don’t expect my armour to bounce (I have an FCM and know what french tanks, even heavies, are like), but then i’d not like a shell that barely scratched the surface of my tank penning me every time.

          • Just sayin’ : HE shells do not have any overmatch parameter nor any normalization (same with HEAT), it has to pen the full effective armor every time no matter the caliber.

            That being said, it’s still gonna be vulnerable to HE shells of course…

            … And then ? So does the Rhm and no one is asking for a buff. Meanwhile the AMX is living in another galaxy of speed, power-to-weigh and terrain passability with better depression, the credit making ability and all…

            Damn like said above, with those stats : instabuy, just shut up and take my money.

            Then again I highly doubt this will stay like this.

          • All french tanks take full damage from HE already… Except when a retard shots at the 50B front plate.

            As for the occasional “lolbounce”, they happen once every fifty games. The CDC will be no different than any other french tank past tier 6.

    • There’s no way they will release it in it’s current config.

      Look at new tier 8 lights and what mayhem do they cause. CDC is basically a tier 8 tank on steroids with better MM and it is premium on top of that. “OP” doesn’t even start to describe it.

      That being said, if it gets through with how it is now I’m going to grab it as soon as it’s released … before they change their minds, like they did with that low tier td just recently. At worst I’ll get my money back if they nerf it, or I’ll have a very rare and OP tank, if they stop selling it :D

      • “new tier 8 lights and mayhem do they cause” – we must have been playing a different game then. T49 is just a random derp, one in 20 battles it can for once troll your enemies instead of you, otherwise its just a fun tank. T-54 is basically a pointless tank, everyone knew that even before it came. And yeah, RU251 is indeed a good machine, but “mayhem”, seriously?
        The only tank that steps out the line is the Bulldog and everybody sense the nerfhammer in the air.
        You are forgotting that the speed will have only limited usage, since the tank will probably dont have much camo, its huge as fuck and the question about pref MM isnt really that clear either. I mean, its still gonna be a good one, released in the current state, but certainly not “OP”

        • T49 – damn shotgun with 2.0 accuracy.
          T-54 – best T9 med.
          RU – very nice sniper.
          Bulldog – if played offensively, lord, have mercy on them :D

          • fucking Woras, cant tell when you are trolling and when are you serious :( But just to clarify, RU is definitely not a sniper :D

            • RU definitely IS a sniper. Just because it can move fast doesn’t make it a brawler. It has amazing DPM, decent pen and good accuracy. It can spot, but it’s just wasting the tank away not to deal the damage it can dish out.

                • Yes, yes I have. I did pretty well with is as well.

                  Go check me out, if you want. Same nick as EU server game nick.

                • I did. Well I wouldnt say you did especially well in it, you dont have bad stats either. Still cannot agree about RU being sniper.

                • For some reason I can’t reply to the last message (number of replies limit perhaps).

                  Anyways, going by vbaddict I fall a bit short (wn8 and dmg wise, didn’t check everything) of what unicums can do with RU on average. I’d call it “pretty well”.

                  It is not to show off. But I got that patronising vibe from the “have you played the tank” question, so I just wanted to say I am at the very least competent enough to comment on it’s performance.

                  It might be up to personal preference of course, as we all play the game in our own way, but in my opinion not taking advantage of RU’s firepower and DPM potential (preferably by sniping, to preserve hit points) is not using the tank’s true potential. We could agree to disagree on that.

        • Just because you haven’t seen good players driving these tanks it doesn’t mean they aren’t good.

          • which tanks you are talking about now? because T49 and RU are played bascially by only good players. And still dont outperform anything other than former lights

      • Its not better at all. It has 240 alpha and wil;l have camo at probably 12% vs camo of say a RU at 25%. Also it will see 10`s.

        Its a solid tank for very good players, but will be a nightmare for newbs to play.

        It will be overmatched by everything and arty will pop it.

        In the current meta of Peekaboom the FCM has gone way down hill, as has tanks like Romba and Hellcats etc even without there nerfs. So this tank while solid will not be a rape machine at all.

        Did I mention it will insta pop ramming something like a E75 or E50m? Or hell a FCM

      • It’s also much (seriously, it’s huge) bigger and the camo isn’t going to be as good as lights.
        Coupled with the imposed 57km/h speed limit, it simply won’t affect the game the same way a tier 8 LT can.

        If they can release a WTF E100 in the state they did, and remove one shell claiming it’s totally balanced, they can release this thing.

  2. Is Serb sucking your dick included when you buy FV? Or why in the hell would anyone buy that piece of crap?

    • If you really wanted a premium med that can shit through an IS-6′s front armor without using spremmo?

      • Because it’s better to buy medium that can go 35 kph with gun that can pen IS6 for 11k gold, instead of something else with lower pen but much better mobility and the ability to buy gold to pen IS6.

    • Probably in 9.6, for 9.5 it will be available to supertesters. We will be able to buy the Panther 88 next patch

  3. HOLY SHIT that french medium tank is going to be stupidly quick! it has a better power to weight ratio than the LTTB! with the FCM 50Ts gun but elven less armour but wow its going to be insane as long as it cant meet tier 10s E-100s that fire HE will take near all its hit points in 1 hit. even so its better than the Panther 88 by FAR in almost every aspect why would anyone buy the panther 88 if they can buy that thing?

    french medium has better mobility better gun better aim time a ton of ammo better max speed and better gun depression too. if the frenchie doesnt meet tier 10s and the panther 88 (i believe it was confirmed the panther 88 will meet tier 10s) does then the developers must be high. (then again it could be boned by soft stats)

    • There is no way CDC will have pref MM. It’s OP as it is. Look at t8 light tanks. They have even worse MM than regular t8 tanks. And they do just fine. Yes, they have better camo and are a bit smaller. But CDC is on par with mobility and has superior firepower. Gun depression will help a lot too. And it’s premium too.

      I don’t think it will even keep it’s current stats before being released. That’s how OP it is. Giving it pref MM would be crazy.

      • They could nerf it and refund the money/gold. They already did it with super pershing.

        But these stats are still supertest stats. They can tweak them however they want, as the tank is not for sale yet.

      • Su76 is not nerfed because people already bought it,AMX is in supertest,they WILL nerf it dont worry…

  4. Kinda weird that no other French medium has a loader, but the CDC does.
    Gotta force people to spend gold on a 100% one
    Also the FV looks quite overnerfed, even for a T8 premium.

    • It’s a premium. And new feature of premium tanks is even faster crew training. You would get 75% loader to 100% in no time.

    • It has a different design. Different crew layout is not unexpected. Also, technically it’s a TD… the name means ‘hunter of tanks’ if I have my French right.

  5. It is funny, that the name “AMX Chasseur de Chars” literally means “AMX Tank Destroyer”, and in the game it is just a “Medium tank” :D

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  7. I am 100% sure than AMX will get a nerf,thats guaranteed.Dont get your hopes so high….

    • its a prem and you know the class of prem is. prems can not be nerfed. Dont bring up the fv. they nerfed it as a standard tank THEN titled it as a prem so it cant get nerfed anymore xD

  8. What do you call an LTTB with 35hp/w ratio, 10 degrees of gun depression and a gun that beats the guns of most tier 8 mediums? Ridiculously overpowered. Or AMX CdC. Same thing.

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    • As a Clan XO, and previous member of 3 Clans before that one, I must say your rather jaded narrow view of the game and the people in it, is unfounded many times over. Yes I am sure you maybe spot on for some people, but a large majority of people I have met in this game, both independants and clan members of many clans are excellent people. You are missing the social aspect of the game, the friendships that are made.

      I sorry you have such a warped view of this game.
      Counseling may help you.


  10. Why in the hell does the 20-PDr Type B have worse stats than the 20-Pdr Type A?

    Surely that should be the entire point of the FV. Lose all speed and armour for a better gun.

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  13. Please note that the FV4202 switch was postponed – it won’t come in the immediate future.

    Might aswell cancel that POS for good.

  14. Panther 88 = Panther II for 45€.

    It’s a good exemple of “being paid at doing nothing”.

  15. In your description, this say that Panther mit 8.8 will price 11.500 gold. so is this mean this tank will come to store(We can buy it with gold)?

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  17. Love the new premiums. They’re so weak. Can’t wait to meet that AMX with my KV-2. It’ll be glorious.

    • Glorious for him. Good luck reliably hitting something with effective HP/t of 40 on medium terrain. If you don’t know how much acceleration this is, play BT-2, which has similar.

  18. The gun elevation at the AMX CdC is atypically high for a french tank. I think that will change. Beside that I see a french Cromwell – should be fun as long as you don’t slow down.
    The FV4202 is just a pity. I know how it feels as Tier 10 – and those stats make me cry. Speed, RoF, aim time, accuracy, the two strange weak points at the gun – this thing won’t even work as a hill-fighter anymore …
    If I could spend 12’000 gold at a Medium – why should I buy this ?

    • That’s because all autoloaders have oscillating turrets, granting them shitty gun dep and elev (you know, unless you’re an american fantasy tank). While this one is just a regular turreted tank.

      Up to the ARL and M4, they have average stats in that departement.

      • Which one of the American autoloaders is a “fantasy tank”?

        About the closest you can get to “fantasy tank” in US autoloaders is the T71. It’s got the Cadillac hull with the Detroit turret. Both of which actually existed. When the tank gets an HD model they’ll probably correct this mistake and give it the proper Detroit hull.

        But the other US autoloaders are far from “fantasy”. They all existed as prototypes.

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  20. More tier 8 premium tanks to further obsolete the Pershing.

    Not a single one of these tanks has a worse gun than the Pershing. Lol…

    Also, that French tank is stupid, 2,056 DPM, 2.1 second aim time, 212 penetration, 10* of gun depression and 90 rounds carried?

    Seriously. RIP, Pershing.