Regarding the Battle Assistant Artillery PoV Mod

Hello everyone,

recently, several players contacted with me and showed me this one particular mod. It’s called Battle Assistant and what it does is (amongst other things) changing the artillery point of view for more… convenient aiming.

Check it out by yourselves. This video was kindly provided by Turarwanaa – from this replay:



Does it give you an advantage? You be the judge yourselves. But the real big question is… is it banned?

Actually, it’s not. In fact, quite the opposite – its creators recently won the entire mod category of the official Wargaming developer contest. Would a banned mod win it? That would be a bit strange, wouldn’t it…

205 thoughts on “Regarding the Battle Assistant Artillery PoV Mod

    • What is this artillery balance you speak of?

      There’s no possible way to balance the current system, as the shots are so inaccurate that it’s pretty much completely random. It’s as frustrating to play artillery as it is to be killed by them, simply because of the huge amount of shots you miss.

      • Finaly someone who understands that, instead of just saying “arty is op” or “arty is crap”.

        But with this mod, it becomes kind of op…
        It’s like the Fv215b 183 able to fire all over the map from a bush…

      • That “inaccuracy” is the balancing factor.
        Just to put some numbers versus perception: my Hit Ratio is around 30% (+/-5%), my Kill Ratio 1,0/battle. No reason to be frustrated imho …

    • But 48% WR is arty average across all players

      You clearly don’t see the whole picture, if It’s so OP then play it. You’ll see how many shots are missed and how frustrating it is to play it at first.

      All you see is just the moment when one shell just hits you and fucks you up, you see just this one shell or two that hits you and ignoring all the shells that missed your sweet little ass.

      Also, why not playing arty if it’s OP ? If you say its OP and don’t play it, you just admit that playing it is beyond your skill.

      • Yes, it’s inaccurate, but missing a shot in arty just means wait for reload, you can’t be shot back at while you reload, there is no immediate danger to you for missing a shot. Miss a shot in a heavy tank brawling or a med trying to track and circle an enemy and you are either dead or lose a big chunk of health you shouldn’t have lost…

        • Most heavies do not reload around 40 seconds (speaking about my SU-14-2 right now, and there are even bigger guns on other arties) and when you just happen to miss, or hit but not kill, at close range with arty because for some reason enemy tank got close to you, you are as good as dead unless you have some serious luck, since you have no armour and can’t fight back.

          Also missing with arty does not only mean waiting for reload (aside from the usual pain of wasting an expensie shot), as there is always possibility of enemy arty tracking down your position and killing you, even if you are not spotted. The more arties in battle, the greater the danger.

      • arty winrate 48% is because overall winrate is 48.93%… gues why. Yes it is because if you have 3 arties on one side, there are 3 arties on the other side… so arty winrate should be almost overall winrate.

        and BTW it is OP to play for arty… from that I played:
        Hummel without perks: 59%
        FV304 without perks:59% (now I actually have better winrate then before nerf).
        Overall winrate from arties > then other type of tanks (I have 54% on arties.. 53% on HT and MT, and 52% on LT and TD).
        If you are interested…
        I played russian arties first when I had < 2000battles.
        then German arties till tier VI (boring, wining, but boring play for me)
        then i sold the last arty because it sucks, and just gridded for FV304 (just to troll with it)… so winrate from british arties sucks (i was just interested to grid over them, not spending too much time in battles :) )

        Playing with arty sucks, it is easy and no need to have skill, just clicking around map and win :). So really arties are for trolling normal tanks… when arties trolls me some day, I pick up my arty, and troll other tanks too :D)… 2-3 games with FV304 and im again ok.

          • Just another one who thinks playing 602 battles in total in SPG makes him an expert.
            143 battles in FV304, no gore, no ace.. yet its so easy…
            How about you play 500 more, lets see if you still have 59% on it..

            • I got 774 battles in the FV304, and I got a 62% wr. And that’s playing solo randoms…

  1. Wow, this really needs to be a part of WoT! Downloaded it instantly and gonna test it soon.

  2. Yeaaa, hitting weakspots from 1km, just fucking remove 100% perfect shot, arty balanced.
    Arty should make damage only by splash, that would be better than hitting enemy 3 times a battle and oneshoting 2 of them.

      • Yes, it looks much better, but with current mechanism it make easier to hit weakspots, of corse only if you have 100% perfect shot.

        • As I said before: “There’s no possible way to balance the current system, as the shots are so inaccurate that it’s pretty much completely random. It’s as frustrating to play artillery as it is to be killed by them, simply because of the huge amount of shots you miss.”

          Good luck hitting weakspots with 0.6m dispersion at 1km.

          • 100% perfect shots, there is as many of them with 0.6, 0.3 and 1.1 dispersion. Accuraty balance is little fucked up.

            • Object 261, which is likely the most accurate arty in the game, has dispersion of 0,66 at 100m, good luck hitting weakspot with that. Most other high tier arties have over 0,8 dispersion.

          • 0.6 dispersion is KV-2.
            Normal caliber arty above tier 8 is more around 0.8.

            Let’s hit a cupola from a kilometer ! Good luck guys :/ I wouldnt try this kind of shot

          • You really don’t need to hit a weakspot if you have 200mm shells with a large splash…

    • Indeed its pretty broken and not fun to play.

      My idea would be to replace it with a suppression system that makes it more of a support role, particularly against higher tier tanks:

      1. Increase the blast radius
      2. Lower the damage to 20% of current value
      3. New suppression effect, lowers the soft stats of enemy tanks hit by 50% for 12 seconds.

      • really fun way to play ..
        go fire one shot ever 40s do deal 200 dmg. what not worth it? because rngesus fucks you in the ass anyways? and you know, arty gets least experience from all classes anyways for damage dealt so you are actually proposing a method where an arty play with 10 perfect hits would get about 400 exp maximum? well done sir now please go back to your arty-hating-clan and leave people with a brain alone

        • Trying to penetrate the language written by a five year old, naturally XP would be rebalanced as with any change. The change I propose actually makes them useful again which they haven’t been since the accuracy nerf.

      • I think WG is planning suppression effects already. The idea is to “stun” the crew (no move, no fire) for a short period if they get hit by HE.

    • you dombo hiting weakspot from arty?
      u newer playied it when u aim tank all you doing is praing for shel hit tank so u aim the middle of tank not weakspot wtf

  3. Using it since 5 updates, yes it gives you huge advantage, at least you know then where you hit, it’s like sniperview from above and in the Angel it will hit
    *waiting for douchebag woras artyflame ;)*

    • What about shooting moving targets? Sattelite view gives you “space” to calculate enemy movements and with good shell flight time estimation you can even hit targets that dissapeared before you shot :) I don’t think this will mod will let you do this :)

      • By looking at the linked site you still have top view and you can activate the “sniper” arty view by pressing another button.

  4. Although this also reduces field of vision, so this also makes it harder to spot tracers.

  5. Great mod, it actually allows you to aim your shots so that you aren’t always donking them into the tracks of enemy tanks.

  6. well, since im only using bert and the inberted its a bit pointless, but worth trying :P

  7. to be fair, this mod should be banned or part of the actual game. You shouldn’t get a completely different point of view by installing a mod. The modding policy of this game is a joke.

  8. Good job sharing it out to the public, now all arty fgts will have a high chance to pen their targets.
    Tried it, enjoyed it, uninstalled it.
    Arties are already gamebreaking (Conqueror GC)
    With this mod the arties are even more powerful.
    Lets see what WG EU will do with this mod.

      • I just realized that all this mod does is make your aiming much more easier.
        You can now carefully aim for the engine decks without worrying if it will hit the turret or front. Sure you will still hit it every now and then, but since it still makes aiming in “artilleries” 10x times easier, it’s already gamebreaking.

        • You aim carefully at the engine deck, you shoot, and miss by 1 AU. Or hit the turret anyway. It makes aiming easier, doesn’t mean it makes hitting easier.

    • Yeah, because it will give shells higher penetration… All it does is give you better view of what you might be able to hit, if you are lucky.

      And don’t forget that Conqueror GC has the worst accuracy in the game.

      • Uhm sorry, but have you even tried the Conqueror GC?

        Also playing 261 while using this mod is simply too easy. It does make your chance to hit different parts of the tank much easier, which is in other words making the aiming much easier. Doesn’t matter, it’s still gamebreaking.

        • The mod isn’t going to grant you a hit – it is up to RNG and an easier to use interface isn’t going to change the RNG one iota.

          And btw, I have a CGC. So where is it overpowered? The default 8.5 second aiming time? The 1.03 shells per minute? The 1.1 dispersion per 100 meters? the 117 mm pen?
          So if you remain spotted for that time and sit still – yes, then with a bit of luck and sacrificing a virtual chicken to RNG, then the CGC will give you a groundshaking greeting. Most tanks have disappeared from the map long before that – unless they are in a position where they are permanently spotted.

          Compare that with a Tier 10 medium firing more than 9 shots per minute, with 264 pen doing on average 320 damage with a gun that has between 0.3 and 0.35 accuracy. Do the math, that is on average per minute more damage than that single shot per minute from the CGC does. Arty is the only vehicle in game that shows tracers that are easy to spot for anyone looking for them. Very OP isn’t it?
          Even if you train your crew and buy the modules – it is no different that the tier 10 medium, whose player also trains the crew and buys modules.

          But alpha strike damage? Compare that with the JagdPanzer e100 that has an accuracy of 0.35 and a HE splash radius of 4.45m.

          Why don’t you complain about the French top tier arty, accuracy of 0.68 and a splash radius of 3.97m. At 500 meters the splash is less than the accuracy of the gun.

          Why don’t you complain about the low tier arties in the game. You know the ones across all the nations with arty that start with a splash of 1.09 meters – and an accuracy of 0.8 meters per 100. I guess you forgot those. Take a really good look at the accuracy for arty. Then look at the splash. At what distance are these accurate enough to hit what they aim at? not even 200 meters.

          Arty is no more overpowered than a heavy tank, tank destroyer or medium tank.
          Every vehicle has strengths and weaknesses. Learn to play against arty. More importantly – learn to play with the arty on your team. It is a support vehicle, an effective catalyst or booster, if you as a tanker can teamwork with it.

          • “it is no different that the tier 10 medium”
            So a medium tank can sit where he spawned whole battle, clicking once a minute, lobbing shells across the whole map while being completely safe?

          • Are you being serious now? Comparing an artillery with a medium tank?
            An arty can simply totally wreck a medium across the map without even getting spotted. Also, they do leave tracers but ever heard about relocating?
            The CGC it’s totally overpowered compared to the T92 & GW typ E, not to mention that because of it’s ridiculous gun arc it can simply hit targets being behind cover. If it doesn’t hit then it splashes for 900dmg+. The dpm is ofc much lower than a medium tank, but again, you can’t really compared those two classes with each other. A 3 man arty platoon is 10x times more dangerous than a 3 man wolfpack.
            The mod however will somewhat sort of boost your aiming, it will simply make it easier to hit. With bchat 158 or 261, you can accurately hit wherever you aim with this mod. This mod presents sniper view for arties, in other words… Artilleries can now play more like a TD.

            When it comes to lower tiers, idc about them. Most of them are imbalanced, but that’s none of my business.
            Just tried a game in my fv304, fv207 and lorraine 155 and got high rolls by using this aim mod. As a medium player, I can confirm that arties are now more feared.

            “But alpha strike damage? Compare that with the JagdPanzer e100 that has an accuracy of 0.35 and a HE splash radius of 4.45m.”
            Also, I find this bs. Once again, you can’t compare an arty with a TD as TDs don’t have the opportunity to hit the target from above, so HE’s will not pen in most cases.

  9. It’s a huge advantage because you see more terrain and obstacles in way of your bullet/shell. You can easy aim for sides and roof of tanks on satellite view its harder.

    • I just checked and can play it fine, it might be that YouTube detected the copyrighted music and blocked it in your non-monetizable country…

    • If they did that, WG would have to: -refund every player with free XP worth of all the research they did on arty
      -refund every player with the amount of credits they spent on buying arty
      -nerf EVERY SINGLE SNIPER in the game, since without arty there would be even more campers
      -(main reason) refund every player who bought premier arty with real money
      Face it, it’s not getting removed, it’s not getting nerfed. Your tears mean nothing to WG

      • Nope, arty does nothing but punish players who are moving, because people who move alot on the battlefield are those who get spotted more often please understand that fuckwit. Arty was never a counter for campers. Unless the campers lacks 6th sense and are stupid enough to not move. Arty can very well get nerfed again if they rise in numbers to the point where they ruin games like TDs do/did. All classes except heavys and mediums that gets too popular will get nerfed because game balance is around heavys and medium tanks and it always was because these tenks dont make massive alpha and generaly have to take more risks while making dmg, domething that arty and TDs generaly dont have to.

        Also WG will never refund a shit, they have balanced many tanks in the past and players didnt get a shit. Some times WG never told players they messed with the tanks. So keep dreaming arty boy, if I see you I my tim I will push ya in the watar.

        • “Also WG will never refund a shit, they have balanced many tanks in the past and players didnt get a shit.”

          Balancing selected vehicles and removing the whole class are two different things. Removing one class can completely change whole game balance and cause many dissatisfied players to left, especially if it goes without compensation, but when balancing, the players can still play with those vehicles, even if they have different playstyle, so all the effort they put in getting it was not in vain.

        • Ah there you are worthless piece of shit FerdinandPorsche… I wondered when your open your foul mouth and shit starts pouring out…

          Arty doesn’t punish people that move SMART, only the turds that stop and sit in the open. But even then they aren’t a priority.

          Now the camper, your garden variety douchebag like you, is the most pleasurable. Doesn’t matter if he has 6th sense, the worthless turd is aiming at something and fairly confident that he has 10-20 seconds before he has to move… And that’s where I, being the good player, already predicted his usual oh so typical camping stop that he thinks nobody knows about (all pathetic turds flock to the same spots) and I will plant a shell in him roughly 2 seconds after his sense went off, which gives his just enough time to look up to see it and explode.

          Oh how I love the rage of incompetent brainless “I always camp in this spot” turds…

          Oh and DouchePorsche… You would think it bothers me when arty hits me? Nope, because arty never hits me, maybe 1 game out of 50 that I die to it.

          Love having Super heavy spall on my Maus and letting them his me for 300-400 damage per shot why we “grape” their team.

          Skill, bro… don’t be mad at the skill, be mad at yourself for being a turd.

          • I like how you present playing actual tanks, driving on the map trying to outmaneuver your opponents as something brainless scrubs do, while simultaneously presenting using a single button to fire a shell across the whole map regardless of almost all obstacles once a minute as the pinnacle of skill.

            • On the contrary, driving on the map trying to outmaneuver your opponents AND outmaneuver enemy arty is what good players do. Scrubs have no 3-dimensional positional thinking, so they only play against other tanks that they can see, not against arty OR against tanks they cannot see, whether it’s TD’s or anything else. That’s why they get burned by arty’s, TDs and everything else and can’t see shit.

              Only a complete noob or a dumb piece of shit can’t remember that position A can be shot at from B, C and Y, so DO NOT fucking be in position A. No reason to be there. What was that? You say you can snipe at other tanks in that position and think you are pro? Well, scrub, that why you die to arty, because many positions that are good for shooting at enemy also get you shot, that’s called good map design. You don’t get to enjoy being able to destroy others without a threat of being destroyed yourself.

              So to recap for stupid: Don’t play in areas where you can get hit by enemy tanks and arty.

              To counteract your clearly stupid reply that is coming: No, camping in the back is not what I am talking about. Yes, good positions where you are arty safe, yet can contribute, exist. No, you don’t know about them because you are a terrible player.

              The only time a good player gets hit by arty is when he is cocky. Time and time again I obliterated so called purple players because they think “Hey I am purple, fuck are this scrubs going to do to me” and then lose their shit when they are blown out at full speed in batchat going a very predictable route between predictable point A to predictable point B.

              Don’t be arrogant, play well with understanding of the map and your opponents, force opponents to make mistakes.

              Arty is not easy to play at all despite your scrubs thinking that.

              • “trying to outmaneuver your opponents AND outmaneuver enemy arty”
                Pick one.

                “You don’t get to enjoy being able to destroy others without a threat of being destroyed yourself.”
                Arty does. And it requires no effort at all while offering the highest firepower. Which is why it’s fucking terrible design.

                “To counteract your clearly stupid reply that is coming: No, camping in the back is not what I am talking about. Yes, good positions where you are arty safe, yet can contribute, exist. No, you don’t know about them because you are a terrible player.”
                I like how you lie about such positions, refuse to provide evidence, and then add an ad hominem for good measure.

                “Time and time again I obliterated so called purple players”
                And all it took was just one click.

                “Don’t be arrogant”
                Oh the irony.

                “Arty is not easy to play at all despite your scrubs thinking that.”
                Step 1: Press Shift
                Step 2: Click at red tanks
                Step 3: Go back to Step 2

                You have some serious problems if you find this difficult.

                • hmm, outmaneuver arty? well that is easy – use the existing terrain. There are plenty of cliffs, mountains, stone buildings, rocks, gullies, etc that provide you cover.

                  Arty has not threat against it? erm, I guess you never played one, since you clearly dont see the tracers from arty. No other vehicle has them. Other players in tanks can spot arty by detecting tracers.

                  Arty safe positions – lets see, Monastery map – if you move aggressively forward in the 1-2 line or the 7-8 line then the opposing arty cant hit you. Because the terrain provides you with cover. And since you are so close to their starting point and cap, your team arty can shoot at the tanks in front of you, providing fire support. Look at the town maps, Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Kharkov, to name a few – plenty of cover with broken buildings where tanks can shoot through windows but arty has very little chance to do damage on them. Many outdoors maps have mountains and rocks and gullies. Maps like Cliff, Fiery Salient, Sevorogorsk, just to name a few.

                  The one click killers as you so errounously describe arty as – is more appropriate for tank destroyers and certain tanks. Take a really good look at how many heavy tanks and tds are camping in the back line on a map. There is your clicker with 2-3 times the accuracy of artillery. The ones screaming Attack – while not helping their team. Then observe how the good arty players move after every shot to avoid counterbattery fire.

                  Now, If you do sit in an obvious position, then I as an arty player may very well shoot there – just because there could be someone there. I don’t need to see you. But if there is incoming fire from a certain area – there are often some more likely spots to target. And I and many other will fire on those locations. Doesn’t matter if we sit in an arty, a td or tank.

                  As for firing arty – click and hit? riiiiight. Top tier arty you look at 6-8.5 second aiming time. Then the target area in which your shell will hit is so large that you can part about 15 tanks in there without needing to repaint any camo. And that is with a 100% crew.

                  Spotted tanks often disappear after a few seconds – so if they are moving – it comes down to if you feel lucky. Is the enemy tanker stupid and drives in straight line. Yes, that is stupid, because any vehicle player that can predict target speed and expected location will be able to fire and hit the no longer spotted tank. It is marginally better than the spotted tank that sits still – and every vehicle that can will fire on the last known location.

                  No proof you said – I beg to differ.

                • “hmm, outmaneuver arty? well that is easy – use the existing terrain. There are plenty of cliffs, mountains, stone buildings, rocks, gullies, etc that provide you cover.”
                  So I should stick to the 10-20% of the map with arty cover, leaving the rest absolutely useless.

                  “Arty has not threat against it? erm, I guess you never played one, since you clearly dont see the tracers from arty. No other vehicle has them. Other players in tanks can spot arty by detecting tracers.”
                  Yeah, because other tanks can lob shells across the whole map to counter arty…
                  And yes, I “played” arty.

                  “Look at the town maps, Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Kharkov”
                  So as your evidence of existing arty cover you present city maps… when the vast majority of maps aren’t like that.

                  “Many outdoors maps have mountains and rocks and gullies. Maps like Cliff, Fiery Salient, Sevorogorsk, just to name a few.”
                  So again, I should stick to the 10-20% of map that gives at least a chance to not get killed by arty…
                  Which is in nearly all cases in direct conflict with outmaneuvering enemy tanks.

                  “The one click killers as you so errounously describe arty as – is more appropriate for tank destroyers and certain tanks.”
                  In order to actually be effective they have to move. Because, you know, they can’t lob shells across the whole map. If they stay in base and do nothing, they will eventually be surrounded and destroyed.

                  “good arty players”

                  “As for firing arty – click and hit? riiiiight. Top tier arty you look at 6-8.5 second aiming time. Then the target area in which your shell will hit is so large that you can part about 15 tanks in there without needing to repaint any camo. And that is with a 100% crew.”
                  Either you’re lying or delusional.
                  Yes, arties have long aiming time, but they actually have enough time to aim. When real tanks want to shoot something they need to (partially at least) leave cover, aim fast, fire and get back. If they don’t do it fast, they risk get killed. So your point is irrelevant.
                  And I guess you’ve never heard of the accuracy distribution within the aiming circle.

                  “the enemy tanker stupid and drives in straight line.”
                  Yeah, because all tanks can drive at 50+ km/h while constantly changing directions.

                  “No proof you said – I beg to differ.”
                  The only thing correct in your post is that you mentioned the city maps. Everything else are lies and ridiculous nonsense.

              • I do play arty, and I would say it’s not hard to play, as long as you know what you are doing.

                -If you don’t know know how long it will take for the shell to reach your target or can’t predict target’s movement, don’t shoot at moving target.
                -Prefer targets with the least obstacles in shell’s path (standing in the open).
                -Wait for your gun to be fully aimed before you shoot if possible.
                -Many players stop when aiming, that’s when they are vulnerable.

                I don’t think following at least those most basic rules requires much skill.

      • Refund would be fair, but only if I got all the XP, credits and victories I was denied by clickers abusing this broken bullshit mechanic.

  10. I can’t imagine aiming for a moving tank with this mod… which might actually be a good thing, it will add some challenge for arties, predicting and hitting 2D moving targets is farily easy right now. :-)

  11. They really should just delete the god view and implement a view similar to this or the “artillery barrage call” view in WarThunder, but from a higher point of view.

    That way we also get rid of the “I’m arty so I shoot unfortunate targets out of the normal render range” main, huge problem.

    Although in my vision you wouldn’t be able to zoom in; the camera would be fixed on the X axis, with only the Y and Z axis allowing variables.

    Of course, a new aiming reticle would be needed, also similar to the WarThunder one, but that also takes into consideration the aim time, reticle blood and all that.

  12. I’m not convinced this is a legal mod (even the source claims it’s not), SS please do let us know if it’s legit or not.

  13. The pointer it self is not accurate. You have to learn where to target (lower the pointer a bit to hit what you want)

  14. That site is full of forbidden mods (autoaim for moving targets, mod to extend draw range when playing platoon/cw, tracer mod, mod detecting fallen objects, etc…) IMHO it was a bad idea linking it here….

  15. The issue I see with this mod is that it has to potential to make close-range artillery fire a huge amount easier…

    I also doubt this mod is legal. Just because it won a contest does not mean it’s legal for general use.

    I would imagine you can submit a lot to a contest that wouldn’t be legal for everyday use in the game.

    Kinda like Pwn2Own with WoT.

  16. At first I was like: meh, arty is still random.

    Then I saw the video and I lol’d
    Cursor moves to aim at the side of the tank rather than above. Result: better accuracy.
    Massively overpowering.

    • It does the same thing.

      It only helps players with a brain.
      Basically is showing you where the shell is going to land (around),
      the aiming circle will still being geometrically calculated,
      otherwise the aiming point will not move further if your crosshair is on target.

  17. I looked up this mod and…

    I can only say same thing as one person above me

    - Using this mod will actually cause you to miss a lot more

    Its all because the weird PoV. Lets say that normally you aim the dot onto the center of a tank. While using this view, your dot isnt acutally on the center of a tank – well, visually it is, but not…”physicaly” ? Dunno. Either way, the aim is actually a lil bit behind the tank – if you are shotting behind obstacle aka your shell is flying towards the target on flat trajectory.

    Overall no, it doesnt give any advantage. You can only view the battlefield in different view and thats all – using it will only cause more missed shots than usuall..and since arty acc is already RNG, you probably dont want to have more RNG xd

    The only advantage I can see is when you are shooting on long range and the shell basically flies straight from heavens onto the target – then it probably can come in handy cus the aiming circle is a perfect round circle

    • that’s true. it’s not improving accuracy, may be a little impove on not moving targets

      • Then you were lucky or you are trolling

        This mod doesnt do absolutely anything other than changing camera point.

        You think that you are “aiming” at the side of a tank but you are actually aiming where you would aim normally – behind a tank (in a situation when shell is coming on flat angle)

    • No, you don not normally aim the dot to the center of the tank. That’s only true for the few high trajectory SPG’s like the FV304.
      Flatter trajectories take the height of the target into account and aim the dot off to the far side of a tank/turret to increase the overall hit chance …

      The mod makes this geometry know-how obvious and negates skill (… and yes, I’m aware of the irony : SPG =/= skill ;) ).

      • By “aiming the dot on the center of the tank” I literally meant what I said – pointing your dot at the center of the tank. Not your crosshair but the dot that is at the center of the aiming circle

        If you will put the CROSSHAIR at the center of the tank, the game will take geometry into account and will put the dot behind the tank (unless you are shooting at maximum range where the aiming circle is round and shell flies straight down onto the tank – then your dot will be in the same place as the crosshair)

        • It used to be without the geometric calculation back in the days.

          This mod helps when your target is quite close to a cover, with a different PoV,
          you can see how much of your target being expose to your trajectory.

          But it doesn’t help much for moving target because you moved a little, it is actually a lot. Unless you have a high arc.

    • I dont aim on top of a tank… I aim behind tank so it will actually hit the engine deck regardless of actual tank position (if I aim on the tank and he moves, my rectangle is moving all the time -> bad accuracy and maybe I click in wrong time, so many more misses if I aim so… it’s better to aim ground behind tank, so the trajectory of the shell is in the middle of the engine)… so this mode works the way I aim normally.

      • I’m wondering if this is not the reason for rummor about arties accuracy?… reaiming cost accuracy, and if you aim on tank, the aiming point is still moving :D

  18. No idea if it is banned but it sure should be. The arty have a set pov for a reason. This will allows them to get more information and assist with aiming and terrain in a way they can’t without the mod.

    Simply no reason why it should be allowed.

    • No, it doesnt assist in anything. You are still aiming where you would be aiming in normal view

      Furthermore its just confusing because while in this camera mode you think that your aim circle is round, in reality its just a regular narrow flatted circle. You are aiming at the exactly same spot you would aim in normal mode – physically your gun barrel stays at the same elevation, visually you think that you are aiming at the tank side (or more like you will think that your aim circle dot is perfectly at the tank side)

      • You’re a moron, it looks round because you’re looking at the tank along the trajectory that the shell is traveling in. Therefore you don’t have to guesstimate where to put the dot behind the tank in ariel view , this mod allows you to fly the shell directly in the path of the tank, no guesstimates at all. You still have the same chance of the shell going to the outside of the aim circle but you have just put a lot more of the aim circle on the tank, increasing your chances of a hit. It is a huge advantage, especially when the tank is on a slope where judging the aim point is most difficult.

        • Lel, I’m not the moron here

          First I said “you think that your aim circle is round”

          Second – no. You just think you are aiming your gun at the side of a tank. Switch into regular mode and you will see where are you actually aiming. This mod doesnt change the way the arty aiming mode works. It just changes the view. There is no thing such as aiming at the side of the tank with this mod. The aiming circle just gets obsturcted in this view by this tank and you think you’re prefectly aimed for a side of a tank but in reality your gun elevation is totally the same as aiming from the birds view…

  19. god, this mod work so well with my batchat tier 9 arty… dealing from 2.5k to 4k most of the time now, even when losing.

    Seriously, this mod give ppl with a brain too much advantages

  20. this shit is only ok for clicker players cuz if mode that tells u what shell hits and what tank is not legal i don’t now why this is..anyway if they leave it don’t care i now how to hide from clickers atleast most of the time but this is not wg for giving ”these” moders award

  21. They should just make a mod for clickers where you pick a target from the enemy team, click it on the team table and he dies. I bet that would win “the best mod ever” everywhere and won’t be gamebreaking at all. Because why would you need a brain.

  22. This mod is broken. Once you click to activate arty view mode you can never get back to third person view to drive the tank around. It just goes back and forth between old and new arty view. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BREAK YOUR ARTY VIEW. Arrrggghhhh.

        • I bet your sniper view swich is bound to middle mause button same as me. And that broke your game just like mine. Need to test when I change the bind if it will work.
          Ps. For mod there binds are “G”, and “mmb”

          • This mod has a .txt file where you can change the keybind
            C:\World of Tanks\res_mods.9.4\scripts\client\mods\battle_assistant.txt

            • It is bound to middle mouse button and only goes between old satellite view and new view. Sigh.

  23. So. Much. Butthurt.

    I haven’t enjoyed reading comments on an article this much in ages!

  24. I would get rid of satelite view and just use this one. You could see that he was waiting for targets in satelite view but when he aimed at them, he used this “sniper” view to correct aim. If it would be just sniper view it would reduce tactical vision of the arty by a lot. Would be harder to find right shots but if you eventually find them you would be nicely rewarded. As it is people just get best of both which shouldnt be. I highly doubt WG would be willing to rebalance arty any other more radical way than this.

  25. This is so OP its hilarius, really unfair to all other players, and you should not place this mod here, from now i will not anymore read FTR. Tnx for infos till now but this is too much.

      • Actually im big fan of arty and i play it often,from now on i will play arty all time, so again it will be 5 arty per team with AP, so we will enjoy all, yes it will be yummmiiiii when you see 10arty in matches and all other tank hide and dont move all match. cheers

  26. ARTY SUCH HARD TO PLAY, MUCH CLIKS, MANY SKILL, WOW, 10x harder than any tank…..bullshit

  27. This raise a question, is StrumTiger branch a viable option now ? obviously strumtiger is out of the picture, but the concept of half TD half arty, works well with this mode.

  28. I play A LOT of arty and I have to say straight up this is a mod that should DEFINITELY be banned, it made it about 10 x easier for him to hit his targets and the “accuracy” or rather lack there of is one of the “supposed” balancing factors of arty. He was nailing targets and not even fully aimed on a lot of those shots and also the angle he was looking would make it be able to nail weak spots with almost pin point accuracy.

  29. Thanks for posting SS ! I did expect some kind of casual butthurt, but this shitstorm goes beyond reasoning. :) Good old arty whine going around in circles…
    As many people already stated, I feel this kind of view should replace the existing one. I’m actually surprised to learn that it’s legal. Even though it doesn’t increase paper accuracy it does definitely give an advantage (to people with functional brains) against tall vehicles, especially on a flat shell arc shot.
    I only own FV304 and Obj 212 (out of 48 tanks) but I do enjoy arty games from time to time, so I’ll definitely try it.
    As for the music, its presence on the vid is unfortunate, but I feel “nobody loves me” describes arty quite well in the end. ^^

  30. Lol, my gw e-100 gonna load a lot more ap shells, let the pubbie tears begin…….

  31. Sort of useful mod having used if a couple of times. One thing arty haters cant get their heads round is shell flight time … about 4 or 5 seconds on the larger maps, so predicting a tank’s position with a RNG area the size of a football field is kinda impossible regardless of view. It goes without saying that aiming for weakspots is also impossible (TOG2 excepted…its all weak spot)

    The replay video was also speeded up and on an already small map, so its shown in the best possible light … but in reality not some game breaking hack. Several thousand arty games say I don’t need it, but i will use it where appropriate if its legal. Its not as if arty gets much air time in CW games is it?

    no problems switching between satellite / 1st person / oblique view btw.

  32. Quite nice, especially since it informs you about the most important thing, the angle/trajectory of the shell. The mod must’ve been quite difficult to implement, props to the authors ^^

  33. How did this win? Warpack wasnt nominated or what?

    Actually lemme install warpack or at least the part that makes counterbattery same difficulty as clicking on tenks that atually play the game and well… since 99% clickers are pathetic idiots that never move after a shot and camp in the most obvious spots such as the very corners of the map or small bushes that cannot conceal them only tell you where to shoot.. we’ll see about the tear collecting dear skyebolas. Most difficult part is going to be purchasing a cancerwagon, but meh I’ll bite the bullet for ya on that.

  34. i have tried this mod few patch ago, i can say it make it little easier to aim at targets that are not moving and able to see if anything is blocking your shot like a rock or something. but it useless against moving targets, might as well use over head view to do that.

    i can say, this mod will not make you a better player cause arty is still RNG controlled by the server lol

    It just give you a quick look from diff point of view to see if it worth the shot or you will end up wasting a shot cause something in the way. This mod does not make arty more accurate

  35. For all of you tear eaters(arty supporters here) explain this.If we are playing world of “TANKS” what are “SPG” doing in it.
    PUT ARTY IN A SEPARATE GAME MODE so you can click of those damn clikers!!!

    • In another forum someone argued that the reason for this was that some TDs and what you call arties here in game – have the same description in Russian. As in being self propelled guns.

      Self Propelled Gun . . .

      Note: bog-standard Artillery, isn’t self-propelled.

      Also, that means you would have to remove any Tank or TD that can use a howitzer gun (derp gun).

  36. I wish thay would do a test where you can turn on or off spg like you can turn off encounter mode in settings
    and see how many players would turn it on.Im guessing 2% of all players,maybe.

  37. One thing I really like about the mood is that it will severely reduce the chance of accidental team damage.

    Especially on Himmelsdorf where the hill can have the arty shot arching over the hill so low to the ground as to hit teammates, seeing the angled shot and anyone near the path will help to judge whether allies might be in your cone of fire.

  38. This should be the indirect fire mode for those tanks that could use indirect fire such as the M8A1 (75mm) and the KV-2 perhaps.

    Other than that it makes arty even more OP than it already is. You can aim it with precision and get epic side shots. Makes it even easier to get instakills and accurate turret shots.

    • Download
      go to Games -> world of tanks
      unzip. (if you don’t have any other mod, otherwise put the folder inside your mod folder.)

      press shift in game then press G.
      And enjoy.

      With that i switched for AP shells with my FV207. The mod won’t make your arty more accurate but it will make your understanding of your aiming clearer. (so yes it will make YOU more accurate. ^^)

  39. i think it gives a advantage cuz you can clearly see trhe angles of enem armors you shell hits so you can more accurate decision of the ammo choice or is that shot even woth it

  40. Banable or not is not the question. This mod will hurt World of Tanks in ways not yet imaginable, simply because it makes playing arties FUN. Most people get put off by the retarded bird view and the long reload times. With this mod, you feel yourself being in the action, not an outside observer who gets to click once a minute.

    If this isn’t removed code-wise soon, as in no longer technically possible, it will lead to a ridiculous inflation of arties in World of Tanks. Making it banable will *not* solve the issue.

    This isn’t a simple defoliage or reload-timer-on-map mod. This is a groundbreaking change of the entire gameplay.

      • It’s not Silentstalkers job to censor the World of Tanks playerbase. Holding this mod-information back would have only served Wargamings lazy developers.

    • So its WRONG for one of the classes to be FUN to PLAY ? Are you fuckin retarded? I mean i see you point but the whole point of the entire game is to be FUN. If you are so bad that you cant hide from arty noone will ever able to help you.

      I got 2 Tier 10 arties, and like 10 other tier 10 tanks. And for some strange reason, i cant remember the last game my day got fucked up by arty. Been a while. So please, for the love of god, learn 2 fuggin play the damn game or just quit. Im sick of this “my prefered tank-class has to be the best and easiest to play otherwise i will cry all day and wish cancer to everyone” attitude of a large part of the playerbase.

  41. It shows you the exact dead zone when players are on the downslope of a hill. This makes arty easier to play. It significantly changes the game. The website says it is forbidden, so it should be banned, or blocked. I am curious what wargame says.

  42. Yes, SS, please give publicity to cancerous mods and make braindead clickers with 40k battles and no clue about the game mechanics jizz in their pants cause they can click even easier now like it was so hard before.

    • Normally im ok with SS and while stupid about gameplay sometimes he is still pretty cool….This is just cancer. SS dont show mods like this that give unfair advantages.

      I dont care what WG says this is giving Arty a massive advantage…..Time to bust out the illegal mods that tells me exact arty co-ords from there shot.

  43. I haven’t decided if this should be legal yet as I haven’t tried it yet, but as an avid arty player I think this looks like a significant and quite possibly unfair advantage.|

    As for the rest of the boring arty QQ, if you dont totally suck you shouldn’t be having all that many games ruined by arty tbh, barring the few creative arties that actually move up in the map most players are very static and knowing where they are at should be enough for you to stay safe from them most of the time.

    Someone asked for a “Kick-the-clicker-in-the-nuts mod”… its called RU251.

  44. mods like this are going to make killing arty earlier a much higher priority.

    I’m starting to avoid HT and play more mediums (anyway) since I don’t like playing an aggressive HT game and being one-shotted while holding down a key part of the map. It’s discouraging. I can accept being hammered when I play well, but arty will punish you for not camping. It’s hard to be too assertive in an atmosphere ruled by sky cancer. I’m not anti-arty for WOT, I just think it’s discouraging to play a solid game of forcing the other guy to make mistakes, capitalizing, pushing or holding ground and blammo… shot and you’re done. I think I’d like to see arty as able to hit their targets but not be so decisive and punishing to the players that are making something happen, instead of rewarding players who are crawling in a defensive shell all the time (campers).

  45. This just made a super easy tank line that much easier,

    This is terrible, now there really is no skill using arty. You can see exactly where and how shell goes and now can spew AP rounds all day.

    So unless you want to give us a camera mode showing arty`s camera on us in tanks, this should be illegal.

  46. Tried it, not impressed. For some reason, moving crosshair in this “special” mode was very sensitive for me, but the main thing that annoyed me to no end was the fact that entire view “jumped” when moving crosshair over objects that would block my projectile. I found it much easier to just be in standard arty view and look closely at the colour of projectile line.

    Of course, some people will like this mod and enjoy playing arty more, thus we’ll see more arties in game, which worries me. The only thing a baddie in arty needs to be a real pain in the ass is XVM (no brain needed).

    • And that’s exactly why it doesnt give any advantage !

      Some ppl think that with this you can aim at a tank’s side that is behind obstacle and hit it – plain bullshit. Not only you cant hit a tank behind obstacle but you even cant aim at a tank side. If a tank is lets say behind a small hill in a depression like this


      You totally cant hit it even if you can clearly see it on modified PoV

      Its because if you try to aim at a tank with this PoV, the barrel and the aim wont focus on the tank itself but it will JUMP to the closest point avalivable to shoot at (aka the point where red line changes to green and where shell trajectory is not blocked by obstacle). Basically if you see a tank behind a hill and will try to aim at it, your crosshair+aiming circle+gun elevation will be set above the tank (in this modified PoV).

      TL:DR – this mod doesnt allow you to snipe at a certain tank part (due to the arty shell mechanic that is always lobbed and you are basically always aiming at the ground) and neither it allows you to hit a tank behind a small obsctacle even if its clearly visible on this modified PoV (due to the fact that the obstacle still blocks the shell trajectory). This explanation is probably quite lazy but…I’m too lazy to make the SS’s or paint scheme and upload it.

  47. How did this win a competition? They have just blatantly taken World of Warships aiming system and put it into WoT, which isn’t exactly hard given they’re build on the same engine.

  48. There are so many people posting here about how the standard arty aiming system works who are completely wrong it is sickening.

    When you place the reticule over a tank in the standard strategic mode the point that is aimed for is center of mass, similar to where autoaim aims. This is what makes aiming for specific parts of the tank harder in arty mode because the easiest place to hit, the place with the most tank area around the point you are aiming, is middle of turret. The problem is exacerbated if the target is on a slope, this is why good arty players aim for the ground instead to increase the likelihood the shell’s path will pass through where they want to hit.
    If you install a crosshair mod that shows both the client and server side crosshairs at the same time you should see this in action as the server side likes to point at the part of the tank you are actually aimed on.
    This mod gives you are completely free positioning reticule, it takes away the need to aim at the ground behind the tank because you can see exactly the angle your shell is coming in on (the camera positions itself at the top of the arc so you can see the angle) and allows you to easily pick the exact point on the tank you want the shell to go.

    RNG dictates the shots resulting accuracy, but I have seen video of a player hitting a tiny portion of an E5s turret visible over a rock that would have required searching the ground behind him in strategic mode to find a line onto it because no line would have shown up by aiming at the tank itself. In fact, the majority of arty players would have considered him completely arty safe from strategic mode, only this camera mode showed there was an outside possibility that he could be hit.

    There is also the fact that this mode makes it easier to shoot through windows, into some buildings and under bridges that in the past would have required both hands from the arty player.

  49. SS tried to start flame war on WoT forums with
    “I LOVE it. Two kills with Bison, a vehicle I was hopeless with. It truly gives an edge. It’s awesome :) Made a KV-1 burn by hitting its engine across the entire map and oneshotted a T1. Simply great :)”

    …and failed miserably (except for a few well deserved -1s). Try harder next time.

    • lol I remember a while ago, I was playing the Bison in a fail platoon and I ammoracked a Type 59.

  50. SS I made a thread about it in the NA forums and got a forum ban…lol Reason: Causing Civil Unrest! I guess it didn’t help when I titled the thread, “LETS BURN THIS PLACE DOWN!”

  51. LOL. can’t ban it.

    Or else they admit that artillery is inherently unbalanced / unfair; if the only thing that requires a vastly greater effectiveness in it is POV, how balanced can it be?

    They ban this mod, they admit artillery is inherently broken and unbalanced. So it’s balanced.

    Of course, if this gains widespread, and effective use, then they’ll reap what they sow. They’ll pay for it.

  52. I`m not an arty player, i have fv304 though, cause is kinda troll.. Instaled this mod to try, 2nd game, i got ace tanker, 3000dmg. This mod makes arty much more dangerous, aiming is more prescise.. If this mod will become popular, arty hatters i sugest you just uninstal wot.. Times when there are 5-6 artys in game might return. Its like firing fv183 he to other end of the map..
    Its great mod, but i fear that it will make many of us suffer.